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"The Smiths" name thought in Tom Hingley biog "Carpet Burns"

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Am not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere. I did a search and couldn't find it. In Tom Hingley's autobiography "Carpet Burns: Life with the Inspiral Carpets" (Amazon link) he mentions using a rehearsal space "Out of the Blue" in Blossom Street, Ancoats. He mentions that the word was that The Smiths had also used the rehearsal space. Nearby in Sherratt Street there was an old pub named The Smith's Arms. The place was apparently decorated with pages from the "Daily Record" newspaper recording moments from WW2 including D-Day and VE Day. One headline there, says Tom, was 'Louder Than Bombs'. Now I understand that "Louder than Bombs" comes from Elizabeth Smart. Am just reporting what Tom wrote.

TTY: Damien Dempsey discusses Morrissey at 8:20

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Damien Dempsey discusses Morrissey at 8:20 - true-to-you.net


Tony Visconti - My top 6 productions - Team Rock

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Tony Visconti: My Top 6 productions - Team Rock

Includes Ringleader Of The Tormentors

Nice words from Tony, even after the Kristeen fallout and what was said back then.


MorrisseyRingleader Of The Tormentors (2006)

“The one and only Morrissey album that I produced. The title alone is fantastic, and I assume that Morrissey is the ringleader who is tormenting us. That album, like "Heroes", was done in a very special place. It was recorded in Rome, and like David, Morrissey brought Rome into the studio. The songs were written about Rome, all of us were doing things in Rome, we'd go out to have dinner together at Italian restaurants, I don't drink, so I wouldn't join Morrissey and the band when they would go to nightclubs, but everyone was completely immersing themselves in the city.

The atmosphere in the studio while making the album was such that what...

Melissa McCarthy says she would do a duet with Morrissey - Daily Mail

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Melissa McCarthy says she would do a duet with Morrissey (video) - Daily Mail Online
Melissa McCarthy was caught off-guard when arriving to LAX for a flight when a paparazzo asked if she would ever do a duet with Morrissey. She says she would but she can't sing. Melissa wears camo green fedora and...

Link first posted by dotmatrix522 (original post).

Smiths exhibition at Siroco Club (Madrid, June 6, 2016)

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To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the launch of The Queen is Dead, Siroco Club in Madrid has scheduled an exhibition of 15 Spanish artists whose works are related to Morrissey and The Smiths. It will be on June 6 and will also be performances by local bands that will make versions of the songs.

More information http://www.siroco.es/


T-Pain plays Morrissey in shot for shot remake of "Stop Me…" video

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T-Pain Plays Morrissey in Classixx’s Remake of the Smiths’ “Stop Me” Video: Watch - Pitchfork
“Whatever I Want” is a shot-for-shot update of the Smiths’ visual

Classixx have shared the video for their Faraway Reach song with T-PainWhatever I Want.” It is a shot-for-shot remake of the Smiths’ 1987 video for “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.” It features T-Pain as Morrissey, leading a group of people on bicycles, brooding, rubbing his...

Status Quo singer Francis Rossi on Morrissey (2010)

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This is a few years old now (2010) but I'm not sure that it's been reported here before:

Status Quo-zanger Francis Rossi laat zijn kloten zien - NU
(translation via Google translate)

Francis Rossi was not a fan of The Smiths . "I could not stand Morrissey ," admits Rossi . " But I find him in recent years indeed good."

Rossi doet een boekje over een aantal collega’s. Zo was hij geen fan van The Smiths. “Ik kon Morrissey niet uitstaan”, bekent Rossi. “Maar ik vind hem de laatste jaren wél goed.”

Sinead O'Connor has been found safe; staying with Matt Walker

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An anonymous person posted the links (original post):

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor found safe, Wilmette police say - Chicago Sun Times


Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, missing in the Chicago area since she had not returned from an early Sunday bicycle ride, was found safe Monday, Wilmette Police said.

“She is safe and no longer listed as a missing/endangered person,” according to a statement from the Wilmette Police Department, which earlier Monday said O’Connor was missing and that police were trying to check on her after receiving a phone call from someone worried about her well-being...

...O’Connor, 49, who reportedly has been staying in Wilmette for several weeks, went for a bicycle ride about 6 a.m. Sunday but never returned...

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