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Nalinee Darmrong interview in Parklife DC

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Another interview - the article mentions that it's possible to buy prints of Darmrong's photos from the gallery.

Don’t Miss: The Smiths: 1985-1986 @ Studio 1469 - Parklife DC
by Mickey McCarter

Nalinee Darmrong with some pix in her exhibit at Studio 1469 at an opening reception on June 17. (Photo by Mickey)

Chris Gethard’s Morrissey fandom is put to the test in this song-naming challenge - The A.V. Club

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Mike sends the link:

Chris Gethard’s Morrissey fandom is put to the test in this song-naming challenge - The A.V. Club

It’s no secret that Chris Gethard is a huge fan of The Smiths. After all, he’s got Smiths lyrics tattooed on his arm, as well as the signature of the band’s singer, Morrissey. It’s why, when he came to Chicago to perform at our comedy festival, we figured we’d put that knowledge to the test. Facing off against two Smiths/Morrissey fans, Gethard attempts to become the undisputed superfan that all others should bow to. Can he do it?

TTY: Chiddy Bang video - 'All Over'

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Chiddy Bang video 'All Over' - true-to-you.net
25 June 2016


From 2011. Samples "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris'

Chino of Deftones Performs "Dial a Cliche" in an Icelandic volcano

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Link from Jamie:

cjh51109: Chino playing 'Dial-a-Cliché' by Morrissey live and acoustic in a volcano.

"I Will See You In Far Off Places" by Aine Ni Cheallaigh released (June 12, 2016)

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A memoir of following Morrissey's 2015 South American Tour

I Will See You in Far Off Places - Amazon
by Aine Ni Cheallaigh

Blurb..."Áine and her wife Nora, self-described introverted bookworms, were happily ensconced in their small-town-with-cat life when everything changed. Faced with the death of Nora’s beloved mother and new twists and turns in Áine’s unfolding spiritual path, they both wanted more from life. More what? More of their beloved Morrissey. Two (quietly) raving fans with some U.S. shows under their belts hit upon a life-changing idea: follow Morrissey for his South American tour. These non-Spanish-speaking, comfort-seeking, fortysomething non-adventurers joined throngs of screaming twentysomethings in opening up to the mysterious, enthralling embrace of The Real and Proper Poet Laureate. Braving floods and medical emergencies (including one late-night trip to a jungle ER), searching for...

Nalinee Darmrong interviews in Washington City Paper, WAMU

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Links posted by I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer (original posts):

Nalinee Darmrong Discusses Her New Photobook of The Smiths - Washington City Paper
Before she was 9:30 Club's house photographer, Nalinee Darmrong spent some years on the road with the legendary U.K. band.

‘There At A Special Time’ — A D.C. Punk On Her Teen Years Touring With The Smiths - Bandwidth / WAMU

Take Me Back to Dear Old Jersey: Chris Gethard on the Smiths’ ‘The Queen Is Dead’ - SPIN

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Take Me Back to Dear Old Jersey: Chris Gethard on the Smiths’ ‘The Queen Is Dead’ - SPIN
The comedian and longtime Smiths megafan discusses 'Queen' in advance of the album's 30th birthday

Related item:

TTY: Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream ...; Buzzcocks for McDonald's

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Please, somebody, tell me it's just a bad dream ... - true-to-you.net
16 June 2016

Pete Shelley has allowed McDonald's to use Buzzcocks' What do I get? to TV advertise McDonald's new Big Flavour (the flavour being sawdust) Chicken Wraps?!
In the words of another Buzzcocks song: oh shit...

June 2016

above picture used with respect to owner (unknown)

About a tv ad apparently from the UK using Buzzcocks "what do i get ?"
I can't see it , it's not available in my region

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