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"I Was Bully, Do Not Forget Me" - One-Way Song imagines unreleased song

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From One-Way Song:

We are a young Manchester group 'One-Way Song'.

While perusing on this site through unreleased Morrissey songs the title "I Was Bully, Do Not Forget Me" particularly struck us, hence we penned this song "When I Was Bully" to imagine, through our own sound, what Morrissey may have done with that title. We hope it stands as a humble but original and creative tribute to Morrissey.

The video for the resultant song can be viewed here, filmed in Manchester:

The lyrics are here:

'Watching the world burn
I once was so moral in my immoral way
my cold Irish heart had a name
When I Was Bully

"Every-time I moved, I'd quash something"
said loathsome

There are diseases, worse yes than diseases
aches which don't even ache in one's soul
my cold Manchester heart had a name
When I Was Bully

Every-time I moved, I'd quash something loathsome
for you!

As the bombs get bigger
but the brains they burn stay the same
despite every threesome...

Boy George mentions The Smiths on Twitter

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Boy George was on a Twitter bender and rapid fire answering multiple tweets.

In response to "Hi @BoyGeorge you like The Smiths?" he responded "What kind of person wouldn't? A human disgrace!".

You can see original Twitter exchange here.

Johnny Marr plays ''Last Night I Dreamt...'' with The Last Shadow Puppets in Manchester

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Uploaded by richie hoy
Published on Jul 10, 2016

Alain Whyte's band, Stadium, play 'This Charming Man', interview - SoundCheck Live

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Comment from Alain : "Been getting asked what Morrissey song did we do. This is the track we covered. Sounds pretty great considering it is live and not our own back line. The amps belonged to the Lucky Strike house band who are red hot. Please share and let everyone know. We will be playing really soon so keep a eye out for Stadium."

Also, an interview at the link posted by Jimmy / Facebook:

SoundCheck Live at Lucky Strike Hollywood with Stadium - KTLA 5

TTY: British politics this week

Johnny Marr on Tony Fletcher Smiths book - excerpt from Mojo (Aug. 2016)

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An anonymous person posted the tweet (original post):

Some love for @tonyfletcher 's Smiths book from @Johnny_Marr in the new @MOJOmagazine #MozArmy

Related item:

Nalinee Darmrong interview in Parklife DC

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Another interview - the article mentions that it's possible to buy prints of Darmrong's photos from the gallery.

Don’t Miss: The Smiths: 1985-1986 @ Studio 1469 - Parklife DC
by Mickey McCarter

Nalinee Darmrong with some pix in her exhibit at Studio 1469 at an opening reception on June 17. (Photo by Mickey)

Chris Gethard’s Morrissey fandom is put to the test in this song-naming challenge - The A.V. Club

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Mike sends the link:

Chris Gethard’s Morrissey fandom is put to the test in this song-naming challenge - The A.V. Club

It’s no secret that Chris Gethard is a huge fan of The Smiths. After all, he’s got Smiths lyrics tattooed on his arm, as well as the signature of the band’s singer, Morrissey. It’s why, when he came to Chicago to perform at our comedy festival, we figured we’d put that knowledge to the test. Facing off against two Smiths/Morrissey fans, Gethard attempts to become the undisputed superfan that all others should bow to. Can he do it?

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