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Other People/Bands

Denise Johnson dies - New album features a Smiths cover version ("Well I Wonder")

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Boy George tweets love and hate

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A bit of 'discussion' in the comments.

RadioX: Doves: The Smiths' art will always be there despite "unsettling" Morrissey

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RadioX: Doves: The Smiths' art will always be there despite "unsettling" Morrissey.

Brief article/video.
Originally May 1, 2020 - updated July 24.

Classic Pop: Sparks on Morrissey - "it's saddening, very disheartening"

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In a new interview in Classic Pop, the Sparks are asked about Morrissey.
"We love so much of what he's done, to see his stance against humanity seems so contradictory. From his music we thought inclusion would be part of his views. When it comes to us versus them,
Morrissey seems to be on the side of them. It's very disheartening."

Scan posted by Famous when dead:

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Smiths ref in the new Jim Bob song "Jo's Got Papercuts"

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At around 0:35

Keith Vanetta RIP

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Rest in peace to my friend and longtime fan Keith Vanetta who passed away yesterday. My condolences to his family and the many who knew him.

Posted in the Book of Condolence Thread:

by Famous when dead:

Alain dedicated this to him in June:


Link posted by Mozmar:

Interview No. 5: Keith Vanetta (2015) - Viva Love Photo Project | Conversations re: Morrissey

Ennio Morricone dead

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Posted by Ketamine Sun:

@ 7:48 in ...

Related item:

Dylan Jones: "David Bowie - A Life" - all Morrissey Mentions

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The book's premise:
"Drawn from a series of conversations between David Bowie and Dylan Jones across three decades, together with over 180 interviews with friends, rivals, lovers, and collaborators - some of whom have never before spoken about their relationship with Bowie - this oral history is an intimate portrait of a remarkable rise to stardom and one of the most fascinating lives of our time."

Specific mentions:


Bowie and Iggy went to see a screening of Taxi Driver in Berlin, and Iggy was so knocked out by the film that he immediately went and got a Mohawk, a Travis Bickle Mohawk. And Bowie went and saw a bunch of Fassbinder films and decided to grow a mustache. They were creating new identities for themselves, pretending they weren’t rock stars, but rather reluctant émigrés. The NME got wind that Bowie had grown a mustache, and we printed this in our gossip column. On the day this issue hit the streets, I was in the office waiting for a phone call...

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