Other Ex-Smiths

Other Ex-Smiths

Watch Supergrass cover The Smiths' 'Please Please Please…' with Johnny Marr - NME

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Shoplifterromo sends the link:

Far Out Magazine: article about Marr & Bragg playing Back To The Old House (Dec 14, 2019)

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Remembering the moment Johnny Marr joined Billy Bragg on stage to play The Smiths’ ‘Back to the Old House’


"In the wake of a devastating defeat of the left-wing in this week’s general election, it feels appropriate that we go back to another equally dark time when Johnny Marr joined Billy Bragg on stage to perform a cover of The Smiths’ ‘Back To The Old House’.

The event took place at the Manchester Apollo in 1986 and was known as the Red Wedge tour. Fronted by Billy Bragg, whose own 1985 Jobs for Youth tour had been a prototype of sorts for Red Wedge, Paul Weller and The Communards lead singer Jimmy Somerville, got together to put on concert parties and made media appearances all in support of the Labour Party campaign."

The writer needs to check their facts :)

Johnny Marr IG: Amplifiers used during The Smiths era

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Johnny sharing some amps associated with The Smiths via Instagram.

One for the musos perhaps.

Johnny Marr tweets response to Smiths reunion rumours

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Link via @ordinaryboy86:

Johnny Marr scotches Smiths reunion rumours: 'Nigel Farage on guitar'


Johnny Marr responds to Smiths reunion rumours with swipe at Morrissey's political stance.


"Nigel Farage on guitar": Johnny Marr responds to The Smiths reunion rumours


Johnny Marr has quashed rumours The Smiths are set to reunite


Johnny Marr commnets...

MEN: Billy Duffy on Moz/Marr, cancer & Real Housewives (8 October, 2019)

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The Cult rocker Billy Duffy on beating prostate cancer, introducing Johnny Marr to Morrissey... and becoming a Real Housewives star - Manchester Evening News

The Cult rocker Billy Duffy on beating prostate cancer, introducing Johnny Marr to Morrissey... and becoming a Real Housewives star


"Billy, who has played guitar since the age of 14, inspired The Smiths legend Johnny Marr to start performing as a guitarist after the younger musician overheard him rehearsing with his high school band across the street from where he lived on Altrincham Road in Baguley.

In 1978 at a gig at the Manchester Apollo Billy introduced Johnny to his friend and fellow fan of the underground New York punk rock scene Stephen Morrissey, who he performed with in the short-lived punk band the Nosebleeds.

Johnny and Morrissey...

Intriguing... Mike Joyce posts about digitising early Smiths tapes

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Image added by Famous when dead:

Johnny - I don't think that's really a surprise that I would disagree with what Morrissey's saying

The Killers and Johnny Marr perform "This Charming Man" on Glastonbury

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