Other Ex-Smiths

Other Ex-Smiths

Johnny Marr video - Nowhere Fast

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JM plays a bit of 'Nowhere Fast.'

Johnny Marr wins 2021 Boss Lifetime Achievement Award

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(Video stills from Marr's IG, Jan. 30th).

Article from 10 days prior:

Johnny Marr receives Boss Lifetime Achievement Award at NAMM Believe in Music Week

The Smiths legend and CE-2 Chorus pedal devotee is honored for “inspiring a generation to pick up a guitar”


Rockonteurs Podcast: Johnny Marr (Morrissey mentions - January 24, 2021)

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Short excerpt from an upcoming podcast with Johnny Marr. Guy Pratt was briefly set to replace Andy on the 1986 US tour. He and Morrissey didn't get on though and Andy eventually got his visa.

"It's a romance when guys meet like that and fall in love with each other [...] and the love making is the music."

Interview with the Fifth Smith, Craig Gannon - C-86 Show

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The ever good C-86 show hosted by David Eastaugh interviews Craig Gannon. Interesting bit about how Morrissey and Marr had been thinking of adding a second guitarist after watching Easterhouse. Interview with Craig Gannon C-86 Show


Craig Gannon in conversation with David Eastaugh

Gannon had played in bands with friends since he was 12 years old, and in 1983 joined Aztec Camera after replying to an ad in Melody Maker. In 1984 he briefly joined The Colourfield, and went on to join The Bluebells.

After another brief stint in The Colourfield, when bass player...

Tim's Twitter Listening Party - "The Queen is Dead" with Mike Joyce (Sep. 12, 2020)

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On Saturday September 12th at 9pm, Tim Burgess's #TimsTwitterListeningParty will feature 'The Queen is Dead,' with commentary by Mike Joyce.

Posted by Nobody of importance:

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here is a replay of the listening party in case you missed it live and want to read the tweets as you listen to the record.

Win Mike Joyce's Queen Is Dead Platinum Disc

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Raising money for the Back On Track charity


A message from Mike:
"Hi folks, I’d like to invite you to be in with a chance of owning a unique piece of music memorabilia whilst also helping a charity I am involved with. I’ve been working with Back on Track for the last few years and I’m taking this opportunity to try and generate some much needed funding for the people they support in Manchester. Every penny that is raised from this venture will go towards the fantastic work that the charity does.

So here’s the story... I’ve been invited By Tim Burgess to play 'The Queen is Dead’ in its entirety at his now infamous Listening Parties and that was the catalyst to attempt to raise some money to coincide with the event.

The platinum disc was presented to me by Warner’s Music. It’s an extremely rare piece of music memorabilia and as such, it’s virtually impossible to quantify...

Johnny Marr: "Cemetry Gates" snippet - Radio X FB (April 22, 2020)

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There are also a lot of clips (including Smiths ones) on his IG page from his archive of lockdown Q&A sessions.


Johnny Marr teaches how to play The Headmaster Ritual

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