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Other Ex-Smiths

The Smiths saluted in Mojo magazine (Aug. 2016)

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The Smiths Saluted In New MOJO Magazine - MOJO
30 years since The Queen Is Dead redefined British rock, the stories behind their 50 Greatest Songs, plus Morrissey movie latest and Marr memoir update.



THE NEW MOJO magazine (MOJO 273 / August 2016) is a Smiths extravaganza, with the stories behind their 50 Greatest Songs plus brand new insights into their art from the likes of Richard Hawley, Hans Zimmer and Elbow’s Guy Garvey.

...Meanwhile, exclusive access to the set and star of the Morrissey biopic due next year brings new perspectives on The Smiths and their singer, including more on the influence of Morrissey’s friend Anji Hardy, who died of leukaemia in 1977.

“Everybody knows about Morrissey’s fixation with the Moors Murders,” says the film’s writer and director Mark Gill...

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