There Is A Light That Must Be Switched On - Morrissey talks to John Riggers Apr. 2018 - M. Central

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A huge interview - brace yourselves. Bowie, politics, animal welfare, more politics...
Album underway... Possible gigs (Austria/Finland) in July and much more:
(copied here in full incase it vanishes and as it's easier to read).


JOHN: Thanks for talking to me because I know you don’t talk to the press anymore. I can guess the reasons why, but can you explain them now?

MORRISSEY: Yes. There is simply no point. They don’t print what you say, and they print what you didn’t say. There’s hardly any point in me being there! The function of reporting has disappeared. Now, all journalists are megastars and the only aim of their interview is to express and establish their own personal views, and to hell with whatever the interviewee says.

JOHN: So why have you agreed to talk to me?

MORRISSEY: Because you’re not from The Guardian.

JOHN: SPIN magazine have...

Morrissey interview (American Songwriter, Feb. 2018) posted - Official FB

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Unfortunately, the pictures have been subject to FB's image compression.
Photo by SER. Interview by J.Beviglia (who I believe writes for American Songwriter Magazine).

Posted by dotmatrix522

FYI- the interview is from the current issue of American Songwriter magazine, the “Legends” issue!

Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube

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(posted on SER's YT channel).

This is definitely a never seen before, direct to camera discussion from Moz.
Chart position, Der Spiegel, questioned by the American Secret Service as a result - possibly no free access to the US!?
"Whatever will be in 2018 will be..."

Media coverage:

Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - interview in Rolling Stone

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Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - Rolling Stone
The outspoken songwriter also talks lust, adolescence, "animal slaughter" and why he doesn't vote

by Rob Sheffield

Morrissey interview in The Sunday Times Magazine 26th Nov. 2017

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*Full interview now in thread*

Talking about Hollywood scandals - should be fun :)
He's interviewed by the person recently pictured with him:

(Well predicted Brummie).

UPDATE Nov. 27:

Posted by an anonymous person:

A slightly different version of the interview

Morrissey (Sunday Times Magazine, Nov. 26, 2017) - Chrissy Iley

Morrissey interview + Polaroid photo in German Spiegel magazine

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"Ich bin für Klartext" - Spiegel Online

(Excerpt before paywall via Google Translate)

Morrissey's worldview "I'm for plain text"

"Morrissey praises the Brexit referendum, defends Kevin Spacey and calls Berlin a "rape capital" because of its open borders. seriously?"

Whether the Briton Steven Patrick Morrissey, 58, a musician just Morrissey calls, now Genius is or Schrat, self-actor or choleric poet, will probably never settle final. Certainly the man from Manchester, who became famous in the eighties as a singer of pop band The Smiths, is a great eccentric of pop. Whether concert or interview, he maintains the pose of the diva. The meeting took place on the occasion of his new album "Low in High School" in Los Angeles; It was arranged...

Morrissey interview in Billboard - new album, police brutality, why music Is 'like a dating service'

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Morrissey Talks New Album 'Low In High School,' Police Brutality & Why Music Is 'Like a Dating Service' - Billboard
11/14/2017 by Joe Lynch

On Nov. 17, Morrissey returns with Low In High School. As the cover artwork – which shows a young boy standing in front of Buckingham Palace toting an "axe the monarchy" sign as well as an axe – indicates, the former Smiths frontman hasn't mellowed with age. In fact, Low In High School is one of his most political musical statements in an already outspoken career, tackling everything from blood-for-oil wars to resistance to corporate media over the course of 12 tracks.

Ahead of the release of his 11th studio album (and first since 2013's World Peace Is None of Your Business), Morrissey answered a few questions from Billboard via email about his new record label Etienne, the kid on the cover of his LP and why...

Inside the head of... Morrissey - Daily Mail

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'Who would I like to say sorry to? Myself. I put myself through torture': Inside the head of... Morrissey - Daily Mail

The Daily Fail with an 'interview' with Morrissey - zero indication of where or when. With him being very low key, it would have been nice for a bit of background.
Article by Olivia Buxton. 20th, May, 2017.

For those not wanting to give the rag any 'clicks':

Born Steven Patrick Morrissey in Lancashire in 1959, the frequently outspoken former Smiths frontman, singer and author turns 58 tomorrow. His bookish song lyrics were hailed as the finest in rock music, yet his novel ‘List Of The Lost’ won the ‘Bad Sex In Fiction’ award in 2015.

What is your earliest memory?

Being carried on my mother’s shoulders… up and down the living room… nothing’s changed since then.

What sort of child were you?

Perfect in every way.

What is the worst thing anyone has...

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