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6 months before I joined Morrissey I would see the poster for Our Frank everywhere. I walked in a pub or in a restaurant I would hear Suedehead. Turn on the radio Our Frank. I loved this song mainly because of the outro lyrics. Somebody please stop me from thinking all the time. I went to a careers office they asked me what I wanted to be. I said I want to be a rock star, well of course the guy said I can't help with that i.e. dream on pal. Quite rightly so. I was tired of dead end hard working jobs. All the careers opportunities office could help me with is cleaning up Wembley Stadium. I was depressed out of my mind. I couldn't drink my pain or drug my pain away thankfully I'm not like that. I wished I didn't think so deeply but I do and that song epitomized exactly how I felt about life. Why can't I be shallow. I went for a walk in a really off the beaten park, on the ground below me someone had written out Morrissey set in concrete....
„Platten sind wie eine Krankheit“ - Die Presse
Pop. Im Hauptberuf komponiert Gitarrist Boz Boorer die Musik von Morrissey. Daneben sammelt er fanatisch Platten und veröffentlicht Solomusik – in Wien.
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Excerpt (Google Translate to English):

As a musician against the Brexit
Speaking of beer, the title song "The Age of Boom" tells of a retired babyboomer sitting all day in the pub doing little else than explaining the world to the others. Boorer himself is not ready for anything like this. After 30 years, both daughters are finally out of the house, "more time is left for gigs". Even if the sleeping on the bus does not seem to be glamorous and he finds traveling increasingly cumbersome. In the spring, he was with Morrissey in the US. His voice stimulus was not serious, but was due to a sand storm at a concert in Mexico. "We were still wondering why the singer had a mask like a Japanese...
Blurb..."Have not played this song since I tracked it in the studio. Here's a snippet but maybe when I finally crawl out of my rock and go solo, I'll play this song. Bring out the lads."

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He comments: "The Queen Is Dead was by far the best album of the 80's. 31 years ago but this song was not on it. Got 2 amps rigged up I wish I had this set up in Moz when I played in the band. Nothing I can't tackle now. When I finally come out and play solo I'll be back with a vengeance. Got a lot of material in the works. Maybe Stadium covers this one."

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This is top-notch. and no mistake.

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Con Gustavo Manzur, tecladista de Morrissey, muy muy amable, agradable y sencillo!!


Con el mismísimo #Morrissey Muy agradable y sencillo.Con el mismísimo #Morrissey Muy agradable y sencillo.