UPDATE Jan. 29:

YouTube video has been removed but Oh My posted earlier:

He says: "We've done 2 and a half albums together and we are about to go back in the studio and finish that half of an album that we didn't finish".

Also, Oh My posted the link with some similar information:

A producer’s dream’: Joe Chiccarelli on working with Morrissey on brand new album Low In High School - PSNEurope (Nov. 16, 2017)
Renowned producer Joe Chiccarelli recently returned to the studio to produce a second consecutive album with Morrissey in the form of Low In High School. He tells Daniel Gumble what it was like to work with the enigmatic star and why he is a “producer’s dream"…

From Dominic:

LIHS producer Joe Chiccarelli discusses recording Moz and in particular walking through the recording of 'Spent the Day in Bed', at NAMM 2018 (music merchants conference). Approx 45 mins....
From Dominic:

LIHS producer Joe Chiccarelli interview in Feb Sound on Sound mag:

"I've said my piece and I have nothing else to say." - Morrissey

Article online (paywall for full version):

The Morrissey Effect - Sound On Sound
Joe Chiccarelli & Maxime Le Guil: Recording Low In High School

Team photo: producer Joe Chiccarelli (right) and engineer Maxime Le Guil were reunited for Low In High School, having worked together on Morrissey’s previous album in 2012.

Scan from Dominic:

Pro Sound News Europe.

A 2 page digital article discussing Morrissey and the recording of LIHS.
There were about '20 songs'.
He likes Home is a Question Mark and Israel.
My Love... was almost cut.
Nothing at all like the Moz song.
Circa '96 - featuring Alain, Gaz & Spencer.
Also noted to have been performed by Alain 2 years prior in '94 as part of Red Lightning.

The video as MP4 download:

The Smiths and Blur producer Stephen Street talks Hackney, Morrissey and guitar music’s ‘last hurrah’ - The Hackney Gazette.
By Sam Gelder.

"He hasn’t spoken to Morrissey for “four or five years”, since they met-up during the re-mastering of Viva Hate. Street was surprised to see him endorsing Brexit and Nigel Farage in recent interviews.

“I must admit I’m a little bit shocked by some of the things he’s said,” Street continued. “It could be for shock value – he did like a headline or two. It could be down to the fact he doesn’t spend much time in this country and he’s a bit out of touch with the general feeling."

Street discusses aspects of working with The Smiths & Blur.