"In support of Morrissey:

The truth is, there is a hate campaign which is artificial, fabricated and does not reflect the views of real people: people who attend concerts and buy records. 'For Britain' is repeatedly described as a 'far right-wing party', when it isn't. It is run by an irish lesbian who opposes patriarchy.

People are murdered on London Bridge, or children destroyed by nail bombs at concerts, or....the list is legion....There is a very much a problem linked to extremist Islam: its 21st-century core beliefs are still affirmatively anti-feminist, anti-LGBT, and anti-democratic. This is NOT anti-Muslim; it is anti-undemocratic; anti-patriarchy; anti-religious extremism.

Morrissey was a contrarian in the 1980s and 1990s. and who saved many people's lives—as many hundreds avow—through the messages of his songs., In 2019, he is still a contrarian. Yet, in the UK, he is a hate figure whom a...

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Steve Jones, Jesse & Joe et al discuss the track.
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Published on May 21, 2019
Morrissey - Lady Willpower Interview w/ Gary Puckett, Jerry Fuller, Joe Ciccarelli, Jesse Tobias, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Produced & Directed by:
Chelsea Christer
Chris Heinrich


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Boz Boorer will be playing a special one-night only gig in Brooklyn on March 29th at Gran Torino. Boz will be backed by Laura and Brian From Screamin’ Rebel Angels on Bass and Guitar, and by Bobby Moller on drums. The Dixon’s and John Howie Jr. will be on the bill as well, and Tom Ferrie from Maker Park Radio’s Nowhere Fast Show will be spinning vinyl between sets.

Boz will also be selling records and drinking beer at the Maker Park Radio Record Fair at Flagship brewery on a Staten Island on March 30th!
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'I feel like I've been had': Morrissey's collaborators respond to his politics - The Guardian
The former Smiths singer’s new album features guest spots from Billie Joe Armstrong and Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste. Are they not put off by his increasingly unpleasant right-wing stance?


As US music magazine the Fader asked: “What possible reason could any of these people have for lining up behind Morrissey now?”

Droste declined to comment. The only artist willing to speak with the Guardian was Canadian vocalist Ariel Engle, who performs with cult indie outfit Broken Social Scene. She...
Posted on 17 Feb, 2019.

"As part of 6 Music Loves Berlin weekend, Matt Everitt chats to acclaimed producer Tony Visconti about working with David Bowie on the Berlin album trilogy, plus other fascinating key musical moments from his life. It’s hard to underestimate Visconti’s impact on the evolution of ground-breaking music, having worked his sonic magic on not only Bowie’s records but for artists as diverse as T Rex, Badfinger, Iggy Pop, Thin Lizzie, Rick Wakeman, The Boomtown Rats, Adam Ant, Ralph McTell, The Moody Blues, Sparks, Morrissey, Kaiser Chiefs, The Good, The Bad & The Queen (and many, many more).
In this candid chat, Visconti reveals – with the help of many a colourful anecdote - his musical upbringing in New York, his first band (and its terrible name), what drew him to producing, and how that career grew and grew. And hasn’t stopped – including reuniting with Bowie for his...