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Found a recent podcast which interviews a musician by the name of Peter Chichon who claims to have been a session drummer for Morrissey "somewhere during the period of 1995-99". This is news to me and wanted to find out the validity of this claim. Could anyone confirm or deny this?

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Boulder -
15 November 2016

Gustavo Manzur collapsed and was hospitalized two hours before the band were due on stage at Boulder in Colorado. Morrissey made an on stage announcement and the sell-out crowd were greatly understanding and supportive. Gustavo is recuperating today. Doctors have advised one week of rest.

Gustavo and the band are determined to make the shows at Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago.

Photograph below is by Mando Lopez.


The three Texas dates are cancelled as posted in the comments by those who received notice from the promoters.

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Post by @mattsebastian / Twitter, link from an anonymous person:

Morrissey's show in Boulder canceled as keyboardist Gustsvo Manzur remains hospitalized following a collapse. Band won't play without him


Link posted by an anonymous person:

Morrissey's Boulder Theater show canceled as band member collapses - Boulder Daily Camera


"It is with great regret that tonight's sold out engagement with Morrissey has been cancelled to due to severe illness of a member of the band," wrote Z2 Entertainment's director of marketing, Darlene D'Agostino Beck, in a statement. " We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to announce a rescheduled date soon."

UPDATE Nov. 15:...

UPDATE Nov. 11:

An anonymous person posted the link with the same photo:

Morrissey Band Busy At Rehearsals -
11 November 2016

Photograph taken in Melbourne, Australia, 2016.
From left to right:
Gustavo Manzur, Matthew Ira Walker, Jesse Tobias, a trapped deer, Boz Boorer, Mando Lopez.
Boz Boorer - Life on the road with Morrissey - Roland UK / YouTube
After 25 years in Morrissey’s solo band, Boz Boorer has seen it all. Now, the rockabilly ace opens up on songwriting, pedal-hoarding, guitar maintenance – and his bad habits on the road.

Boz Boorer teaches Morrissey’s Irish Blood, English Heart - Roland UK / YouTube
As Morrissey’s guitarist since 1991, Boz Boorer has played on all the singer’s greatest solo hits. Now’s your chance to learn one of the best, as Boz gives us a video walkthrough of Irish Blood, English Heart.

Boz Boorer on the Boss pedals in his setlist - Roland UK / YouTube
Boz Boorer’s pedalboard takes some beating. In this exclusive video interview, the rockabilly kingpin and long-standing Morrissey wingman...
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A Heart Is A Spade Interview: Boz Boorer - A Heart Is A Spade
By MATT | Published: SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

Age Of Boom is out on September 23 via Fabrique Records.


You’re about to return to the States for another run of dates with Morrissey. How does performing in the US compare with performing elsewhere around the world?

Well it’s a big place and receptions are different state to state. We’ve always done well in Chicago, and LA is almost a 3rd home for me.

As Morrissey’s right hand man for 25 years, how would you describe the unique musical bond between the two of you?

All consuming! We love a lot of the same records from when we were growing up and saw a lot of the same bands, we both have very broad tastes.

For over 15 years, throughout the 1990s and 2000s, I hosted a radio show entitled 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps'.

Due to work commitments, amongst other things I had to vacate my Friday drive slot for the show some years ago ... but now, the show has returned as a new weekly podcast ... 'Near Perfect Pitch'.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Blubrry, Stitcher, or TuneIn.

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Near Perfect Pitch - Episode XVII (August 26th. 2016) - A Boz Boorer Belter (interview begins around 150:00)

Each and every week the podcast features three hours of ......