When The Smiths were fronted by a 1960s era female popstar -

"Morrissey and Marr having the strong desire to be recognized professionally as great songwriters not unlike Burt Bacharach and Hal David who wrote Shaw’s first hit, began writing her letters asking if she would cover their song I Don’t Owe You Anything, which they had written and composed in the hopes that Shaw would agree to perform it.

Shaw was initially reluctant to accept the offer being averse to the controversy surrounding The Smith’s track Reel Around the Fountain.

Despite this, Morrissey and Marr persisted in trying to recruit Shaw to perform their music, and Shaw was eventually won over by Morrissey’s praise of her in the press by the intervention of Rough Trade label founder Geoff Travis."
Interview: Hit songwriter on 'shy' Morrissey - Harrowgate Advertiser
by Graham Chalmers.


What working with Morrissey was like

A restless but likable soul, Mark landed on his feet quickly, co-writing and playing most of the guitar on the former lead singer of The Smith’s second solo album in 1991.

Mark said: “I’d sent him a cassette tape of some of my songs to his home in Manchester and the next day he sent me a postcard saying “Perfect”. “That went on for a while and eventually I was invited to join him in the studio. “He was an odd character. He was sitting there in his glasses with his quiff looking like a Smiths cover, “We all had to eat vegetarian food. He was very shy and awkward, not a comfortable person to be around. “Before I met him I thought he was whinging in an ironic way on his lyrics but he was just whinging.” The end result...
Star Interview: Home is where the art is for pioneer Linder Sterling at Chatsworth - The Star - Sheffield News


"‘Film portrayal was identity theft’
Linder Sterling was portrayed in a film last year about the early life of Morrissey – but she refuses to watch it. The biopic England Is Mine, directed by Mark Gill, showed the singer-songwriter struggling with life before meeting guitarist Johnny Marr and forming The Smiths. Linder was played by Jessica Findlay Brown; there are scenes of her producing collages and meeting Morrissey for walks around Southern Cemetery in Manchester – excursions later referred to in the Smiths song Cemetry Gates. “I have very little interest,” she insists. “It’s a...
UPDATE Jan. 29:

YouTube video has been removed but Oh My posted earlier:

He says: "We've done 2 and a half albums together and we are about to go back in the studio and finish that half of an album that we didn't finish".

Also, Oh My posted the link with some similar information:

A producer’s dream’: Joe Chiccarelli on working with Morrissey on brand new album Low In High School - PSNEurope (Nov. 16, 2017)
Renowned producer Joe Chiccarelli recently returned to the studio to produce a second consecutive album with Morrissey in the form of Low In High School. He tells Daniel Gumble what it was like to work with the enigmatic star and why he is a “producer’s dream"…

From Dominic:

LIHS producer Joe Chiccarelli discusses recording Moz and in particular walking through the recording of 'Spent the Day in Bed', at NAMM 2018 (music merchants conference). Approx 45 mins....
From Dominic:

LIHS producer Joe Chiccarelli interview in Feb Sound on Sound mag:

"I've said my piece and I have nothing else to say." - Morrissey

Article online (paywall for full version):

The Morrissey Effect - Sound On Sound
Joe Chiccarelli & Maxime Le Guil: Recording Low In High School

Team photo: producer Joe Chiccarelli (right) and engineer Maxime Le Guil were reunited for Low In High School, having worked together on Morrissey’s previous album in 2012.

Scan from Dominic: