A very nice interview with Linder Sterling in today’s The Guardian:

How the artist Linder went from Orgasm Addict to Chatsworth House - Observer Design


She also became known as Morrissey’s muse and went on to photograph him extensively in the early 90s as he toured the US. “We shared the same taste, liked the same books,” she says. “We shared a house for a brief period in Whalley Range – it was a red-light district then.” With his counterintuitive views on the far-right For Britain party, Morrissey is a touchy subject these days, but Linder is loyal. “We’ve always disagreed,” she says. “It’s a healthy disagreement, the sort that comes with unconditional love.”

Just a shame about the unnecessary...

I'm happy to share this as I listened at the time - a very interesting interview with Alain.
Kudos to him for how open he was.
Very much worth a listen.
Alain chats in between music choices.
Particularly struck by how "Tell Me" sounds like a Morrissey era track.
I wish he'd write a book.

Thanks to Boogaloo radio.

(Placed in General due to the amount of Morrissey content).
'Getting To Know Alain Whyte" interview with Darin Vega - January 5, 2020:

This was just posted on Alain Whyte's facebook page: "We did a one off performance of this Smiths classic. I only do my songs normally or the ones I wrote with Morrissey but in tribute to Johnny Marr and Morrissey here is a version recorded live from the Altadena Country Club a few months back as they are not that familiar with Morrissey or Smiths songs and I knew they would know this one. I played on all the backing tracks. Enjoy!
will probably never do this song again as it was a one off. Please feel free to comment or share."

Links to:

"The fantastic Andrew Paresi joins Julie this week to discuss drumming for Morrissey on Viva Hate, Bona Drag and Kill Uncle. Expect a big load of early Moz tracks and some of Andrew's favourites that he played on as well as some insights into the singer."

2 hour podcast featuring music tracks and an interesting interview with Andrew Paresi.

The Cult rocker Billy Duffy on beating prostate cancer, introducing Johnny Marr to Morrissey... and becoming a Real Housewives star - Manchester Evening News

The Cult rocker Billy Duffy on beating prostate cancer, introducing Johnny Marr to Morrissey... and becoming a Real Housewives star


"Billy, who has played guitar since the age of 14, inspired The Smiths legend Johnny Marr to start performing as a guitarist after the younger musician overheard him rehearsing with his high school band across the street from where he lived on Altrincham Road in Baguley.

In 1978 at a gig at the Manchester Apollo Billy introduced Johnny to his friend and fellow fan of the underground New York punk rock scene Stephen Morrissey, who he performed with in the short-lived punk band the Nosebleeds.

Johnny and Morrissey...