posted by davidt on Friday November 26 2010, @10:00AM
charles byron writes:
Dum Dum Girls Announce New EP, Tour

Dum Dum Girls Announce New EP, Tour - Pitchfork

He Gets Me High EP:

01 Wrong Feels Right
02 He Gets Me High
03 Take Care of My Baby
04 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)
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    Your so angry about it but your comments are not contributing to anything either, and im sure Morrissey would react how you are saying he would to you...
    so whats your purpose then exactly? to bash other's with no purpose? hypocrite.
    PinkFloyd -- Saturday November 27 2010, @03:32PM (#359442)
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  • angry man you iss the while fucking point hahahahaha!!!!! joke's on you!
    kittenboss -- Saturday November 27 2010, @04:49PM (#359444)
    (User #20817 Info)
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