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Gift Guide 2010 - page 2 - Pitchfork

Mozipedia: The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and the Smiths

Veteran UK music writer Simon Goddard has already written one of the definitive books about the Smiths-- the song-by-song guide The Songs That Saved Your Life. Now he takes that same attention to detail-- cataloging both the trivial as well as the seismic-- to Morrissey's entire career. This new encyclopedia features entires on each in Morrissey's catalog, but more engagingly it also touches on themes, locations, inspirations, and villains, creating as full of a picture as we're likely to get into the enigmatic mind and world of one of independent music's most important figures. --Scott Plagenhoef

Gift Guide 2010 - page 3

The Smiths go with vintage Penguin paperbacks about as well as horn rims pair with thrift-store cardigans-- that is, unquestionably. So if you know a Smiths obsessive, there's about a 100% chance she'll want the prints of British design collective Hunting Bears. The limited editions illustrate key lyrics of three classic anthems ("How Soon is Now", "This Charming Man", and "What Difference Does It Make?") with mid-century-style-referencing drawings and Penguin's iconic color blocks. They're available separately, but if you can spare the cash, buy all three. A framed set could transform the walls of even the dreariest bedsit. ($35 each or $90 for the trio). --Amy Granzin
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