posted by davidt on Sunday August 08 2010, @02:00AM
An anonymous person writes:
I heard that Bernard Butler has said that he originally wrote the 1995 hit single "Yes" for Morrissey. Morrissey loved the song but said it was very clearly out of his vocal range and therefore passed the song on.

Bernard Butler then went on to form McAlmont and Butler and have two hit singles.

I wonder if Morrissey regrets not working with Bernard Butler...
Update: 08/08 14:26 GMT: Kewpie sends word that the source is BBC Radio 2: Record Producer as posted in this forum thread started by Uncleskinny.

post with more details by joe frady:

Excellent programme.
Did anyone else hear David McCalmont say that Butler had told him that he'd offered the song 'Yes' to three people before him ~ Morrissey, Kirtsy Macoll and Julianne Regan? They all knocked it back.
I'd never heard this before. I wonder just how close we came to the possibility of a Morrissey/Butler collaboration.
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  • Maybe it wasn't specifically for Morrissey. I posted a message about this in the Forums' Other Music section.

    Tingle -- Sunday August 08 2010, @05:26AM (#355031)
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  • Wasted chance (Score:1, Insightful)

    I hope for the better, Morrissey meet by accident
    Butler again[at a gig,pub,hairdresser], he can definately use Butler as
    new inspirition for new work,wether it's for 1 or 3 songs on a whole album, and after that they go separate ways

    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Sunday August 08 2010, @08:38AM (#355039)
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    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I heard that he was approached for You Are The Quarry, but knocked it back because the deal required him to tour the record. Having seen Bernard play live with David McAlmont and look miserable the whole time, and hide behind his fringe during his Suede days, I suspect that he actually doesn't like touring or playing live. I think he dragged out the recording of Dog Man Star for months and months because he knew finishing the record meant he had to tour again, and this is the real reason he left Suede.

    Just an idea.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 08 2010, @08:25PM (#355057)
    • If I remember correctly, Bernard was asked to step in when Alain left during the Quarry tour but declined... He then recommended Barrie Cadogan for the spot.
      Toaster -- Monday August 09 2010, @12:07AM (#355064)
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  • If only (Score:0, Interesting)

    If Morrissey selects the only musician in Bitrain with a genius to rival (but not truly match) his own then he has a chance to recapture the zeitgeist and reinvent his own career.

    Butler and Morrissey would be perfection itself. Imagine Morrissey singing to early Suede, a few wall of sound pop numbers and some feather-light ballads with Bernard's impressing songsmithery and production skills.

    I still believe Morrissey can release the geatest albums of his entie life... but only if he does what marr did for him in the early 80s. Mozza, go and knock on Barney's door!

    The Bailiff

    Anonymous -- Monday August 09 2010, @04:37PM (#355080)
    • Re:If only by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday August 12 2010, @05:37PM

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