posted by davidt on Saturday July 24 2010, @11:00AM
stevie writes:
Morrissey comes home
Morrissey shopping at Unicorn vegetarian supermarket in Chorlton Manchester today.
An anonymous person writes:
Morrissey Reference on Eastenders
Gay couple Christian and Syed can be seen perusing a down and out furnishing supplier. The shop front reads 'Dagenham Dave's'
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  • seems a little too happy for Morrissey
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2010, @11:55PM (#354612)
  • with the list I handed him.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 26 2010, @06:03AM (#354665)
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  • 'Dagenham Dave' was a Stranglers title before it was a Moz one. I think it's more likely to be a Stranglers reference.
    Stu Walsh -- Monday July 26 2010, @02:29PM (#354676)
    (User #2312 Info)
  • Eastenders characters have bought stuff from Dagenham Dave's in the past. Given that you do quite often hear Morrissey songs playing in the background in the cafe and in the Vic I always assumed it was a Moz reference
    Richey <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 27 2010, @07:23AM (#354683)
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    • Re:Eastenders by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 03 2010, @06:35AM
  • I shop at Unicorn quite a lot. Pity I wasn't in that day.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 29 2010, @07:12AM (#354716)
  • I too was spotted shopping for a lettuce and Quorn sausages. I bought the Quorn because they were on special offer, and appeared to be much cheaper than Asda's own, so I saved fourteen pence in doing so.

    Just saying...

    hello indie
    (**Can't log in because I've moderated a few of these items and I'll loose my 'Moderation Points' if I do so)

    P.S - Chorlton? WTF. Maybe there's hope for me bumping into Morrissey at my local veggie shop.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 29 2010, @03:43PM (#354724)
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