posted by davidt on Saturday July 24 2010, @11:00AM
MyFilms2010 writes:

Following on from our full interview with Morrissey favs "Sons and Daughters" MyFilms2010 are delighted to be able to bring you a Q&A with Boz Boorer.

Q&A with Boz Boorer - Film2010

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  • Great interview! Boz has excellent taste! ;) Love him!
    hand in glove -- Saturday July 24 2010, @04:01PM (#354603)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Hullo

    as the "author" of the site and a Morrissey fan to boot can I make a plea that if you take a look at the blog you take just a few seconds to register as a "follower"?

    You don't receive emails or updates but it helps me in my quest to get "recognition" from film festivals when I'm applying for press accreditation.

    I know many of you have read the interview and if even half of you registered as followers it would make a huge difference.

    I hope you like the reviews on the site.

    MyFilms2010 -- Sunday July 25 2010, @03:03AM (#354617)
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  • One might wonder if "Catholic guilt" even exists, because do Catholics not sin and then just simply ask for forgiveness? Why else would Morrissey advocate homosexuality, prostitution and blasphemy?

    Esekiel 18 is his way
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 25 2010, @11:07PM (#354661)
  • they spelled madison incorrectly.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 27 2010, @10:58PM (#354697)
  • ha ha made me laugh
    someraincoatedlovers -- Saturday July 24 2010, @10:08PM (#354606)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • It was brief!

    That's why I had to bill it as a Q&A and not an interview.

    I thought that my funny and quirky questions deserved better!

    Adele Bethel was much more was the brilliant Duglas T Stewart from the BMX Bandits. You should find those on the blog...may be more to your taste.


    MyFilms2010 -- Sunday July 25 2010, @02:57AM (#354616)
    (User #23515 Info)
    • Delighted, are you? (Score:2, Interesting)

      So...exactly what did you expect? One of Morrissey's musicians, one of the very few people he trusts and who has been with him the longest, grants you a small Q&A, and all you can say is you thought your "funny" and "quirky" questions deserved better answers...AFTER you deliver it to us with the expression "delighted"?

      It's quite obvious you don't give a damn about anything Morrissey just need people to sign up and support your piss poor website. Sad really. Boz's answersare good enough. You don't deserve anything more.
      hand in glove -- Sunday July 25 2010, @11:38AM (#354639)
      (User #827 Info)
      "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
      • Re:Delighted, are you? by MyFilms2010 (Score:1) Sunday July 25 2010, @12:15PM
        • It just seemed that you were overly concerned with people signing up, and not your Q&A with Boz. Perhaps I sounded a bit harsh. I'm very protective of how people use Morrissey and those associated with him. Maybe you are a fan and you're reaching out to the Morrissey community. I look forward to the interview with Alain.

          Some days (and Dames) are better than others.
          hand in glove -- Sunday July 25 2010, @12:38PM (#354641)
          (User #827 Info)
          "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
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