posted by davidt on Saturday July 24 2010, @11:00AM
Kewpie sends the links (via Morrissey reddit):

Link / transcript posted by thecondy in the forums:

The Times 23/07/10: Johnny Marr on the rise and fall of The Smiths

Link to the article in The Times (subscription / day pass required)

Johnny Marr to appear at Kirsty MacColl tribute concert at Shepherds Bush Empire 10th October 2010
Link posted by i am mine in the forums (original post):

10 October - A Concert for Kirsty MacColl


Alison Moyet, Amy MacDonald, Andrea Corr, Billy Bragg, Catherine Tate, Clare Maguire, David Gray, Eddi Reader, Ellie Goulding, James Walsh, Johnny Marr, Jackie Clune, Kim Wilde, Phill Jupitus, Omar Puente, Shane MacGowan
Plus special guests

Sunday 10th October
O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
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  • Luv the pic (Score:0, Insightful)

    Moz was such a pretty gay boy...
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2010, @07:23PM (#354605)
  • so simple and acceptable to read how it come to an end, it must be simple to knock again on Morrissey's door, but Johnny forget 1 issue, a
    certain Ken Friedman, who was on Johnny side,and somehow manager of the band at the last months,
    he indeed should have brought the 2 together and
    say to Morrissey, I want a break, looking for other sound, doing session work...but the eNeMEy
    smelld fire and posted about the split, which was
    news for all the 4, and too late cause Johnny was
    allready busy with the Talking Heads/Pretenders/Brian Ferry

    IMHO he just don't want to kick back, and sees
    the Smiths as his way into making good money in the the musicbusiness, put on Rank if you want a reunion, cause if it happens, it'll be a greatest hits tour,both have made a carreer on ther own

    I for one, am waiting on the details from the other alliance, and that Joyce by going to court
    ans sue his 'mates'for 1.2 mil was and always be the reason that there never will be a reunion
    or even M&M together,knowing that Johnny is as
    hurt as Morrissey is about Mike's acions

    Look for a good singer m/f and create a new band
    mr MARR, I wish you all the best...
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Sunday July 25 2010, @02:05AM (#354614)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • Anybody who watched:
    "Who Killed Kirsty MacColl?" ( [])
    in 2004 will realise there has still not been justice applied in this case - which the authorities have deemed 'closed'.
    It is beyond sad for her family and close friends (Lyn etc) and her army of fans and I hope this gig will not only be a celebration of her but remind people some of us still want justice for Kirsty even if it seems impossible.
    Please visit: [] and keep her memory alive.
    I seldom do politics et al, but the travesty of justice in this case is staggering.
    I'm sure Mr.Marr not be the only highlight of the night - Mr.Bragg will be there and there could be some scope for a Smiths tune amongst them all.
    There is a link for tickets on her site 'Free World": []
    Kind regards,
    Famous when dead -- Sunday July 25 2010, @08:20AM (#354630)
    (User #981 Info)
    Some of us is turning nasty
  • Mr. Boorer played with Kirsty and did some production work for her. Surely, they plan on bringing him aboard, non?
    The book notes that Boz, Lyn and their children were all good friends with Kirsty as well.
    Let's hope that who ever is booking this thing contacts him and he accepts.
    Johnny Marr -- Sunday July 25 2010, @08:13PM (#354653)
    (User #1113 Info)
    Going Underground
  • the best there was.
    the best there ever will be.
    full stop.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 25 2010, @10:28PM (#354658)
  • What do you reckon are the chances of El Moz joining Johnny on stage for such a special occasion? Probably zilch I suppose.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 26 2010, @11:01AM (#354673)
    • Actually by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 27 2010, @10:19AM
  • (and trolled for it) ty drop dead
    No smiths or morrissey news
    = no marr in news
    markmustb1 -- Wednesday July 28 2010, @10:47AM (#354704)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • Johnny says that he wanted to change the musical direction of The Smiths. Although he did some great work with The The (and on first Electronic EP), I don't think any of his subsequent work has been great. In a way I'm glad The Smiths broke up, if the alternative was to make them sound crap. Moz has done very well for himself and I can see why Moz would feel no desire for a reunion. He doesn't need it. Maybe we don't need it either.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 29 2010, @05:05AM (#354715)
  • This is a very sad story.

    I imagine that for some of her very close friends, even now, there is not one single day that goes by when they do not think of Kirsty. But it is so difficult to talk about this because it is an absolute tragedy.

    It is jaw-dropping to learn and read of the efforts these past few years from the family side, just to attempt to try and bring some justice. And her mother has had to do all of this on her own.

    In a world that can be forgiving, where we are taught to forgive, why should we forgive ? I am sorry but in my opinion the Mexicans who are responsible for this tragedy should be tracked down because they are cowards and disgusting creatures.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 11 2010, @05:10PM (#355119)

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