posted by davidt on Monday July 19 2010, @11:00AM
Loathedd writes:
I love love love Morrissey and have since 91, anyway I do alot of recording under the name Loathedd, and of course Morrissey runs thru my veins and my tunes have a slight tinge of our Mozzer in them. so Ive been working on a Morrissey project and just finished what can only be described as a Morrissey parody, it is like a 'How to be Morrissey' lesson, of course no insult intended, but I feel only Morrissey fans will get the joke. Anyway I was thinking this would be the place to tell about it, it is on youtube, is the proper link. hope someone gets a smile from this it was a month of my life!
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  • Stupid, awful and very stupid. You need medication and life, you are pathetic. Trying to get a rise out of people, mommy didn't hug you enough. You need medication or end it all now.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @11:23AM (#354405)
  • I presume that is intended as torture. I made it through 2 dismal minutes. Any increase on 2?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @11:31AM (#354406)
  • I love parodies. I even love that song "Morrissey Rides A Cock Horse" because it's funny.
    This, sadly, is NOT funny. It was soooo annoying.

    Can someone please make a new funny Morrissey parody soon.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @12:05PM (#354409)
  • The funniest thing about this video was the
    "No comments yet?" that the creator left.

    Talk about inviting abuse upon one's self...

    But, I guess if you want to truly be like Morrissey, actively inviting rabid abuse is only one of the many ways to get there.
    Georgissey <[email protected]> -- Monday July 19 2010, @12:59PM (#354412)
    (User #22903 Info)
  • for me to poop on
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @01:05PM (#354413)
  • This video does not have any redeeming qualities. I want to leave the creator with at least some piece of constructive criticism so: your parody video does not need a 75 second long introduction describing what the viewer is about to see and a table of contents. Brevity is the soul of wit.
    There are a lot more problems here, but that's a start. Editing is key.

    headlongintoharm -- Monday July 19 2010, @01:40PM (#354416)
    (User #11071 Info)
  • ...just AWFUL!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @01:57PM (#354420)
  • I laughed (Score:1, Interesting)

    I think it is funny, specially the spoken lyrics part.
    Have some sense of humour people.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @02:06PM (#354422)
  • How is this newsworthy? I couldn't get past 2 minutes either. Most uninspiring. The creator needs a new hobby.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @02:19PM (#354424)
  • BRILLIANT work Lothedd! I watched both videos and they kept my smiling the whole way. I even laughed out loud a few times, which rarely happens when I'm alone.

    So I don't understand the generally negative response on this site thus far. I almost feel like I've heard a new Morrissey album!

    I'd love to see more. I can imagine there are lots of funny points to make about wardrobe and the other topics.

    Anyway, Thank You, this is youtube gold, just like Mozburger and this guy: []

    Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2010, @08:11PM (#354444)
    • Re:Love it!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 20 2010, @05:21AM
  • cringeworthy is an understatement, he'd be good at singing the monster mash though
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 20 2010, @04:32AM (#354455)
  • I'll veer away from personal insults, but it's just not funny my friend. You put a montage of pictures together, created a soundtrack, did a voice-over, worked hard to edit it all and upload it and I respect that. However, it's just not funny. It's pretty tedious and pedestrian. Get to the jokes quicker next time, when you actually come up with funny stuff. If you were a stand up comedian you would've been bottled off the stage by the end of the first minute. Sorry.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 20 2010, @06:12AM (#354460)
  • awful (Score:2, Insightful)

    I made it to about 3:30 minutes. I had truly wanted to like it. But it was terrible. Bad synthesizer all the way through? How un-Morrissey can you get? It was painful. The reverb was just cheesy. It might have been funny if any of it had been remotely true. Ugh. Can I have my 3:30 back?
    not_me_not_I -- Tuesday July 20 2010, @10:06AM (#354462)
    (User #23609 Info)
  • You waster.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @11:47AM (#354484)
  • I thought it was funny- it really brought to mind the cliched image that non-Moz fans seem to have of him and it poked fun of that. I couldn't help but laugh. True, it could have gone quicker and been a bit snappier but funny nonetheless. :)
    ThePoet1745 -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @04:03PM (#354497)
    (User #6364 Info)
  • seriously... (Score:1, Interesting)

    it's funny that he talks about it like it's meaningful. he says the word 'project' like if it's important. Really, he should have just called it community service. I just hate it when people like to fluff things up and then when you watch it, you can't believe how much time they wasted. This was lame, boring and i only needed to see 30 seconds of it to see where it was going.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @11:17PM (#354508)
  • I enjoyed it.
    lg -- Friday July 23 2010, @02:50PM (#354576)
    (User #12253 Info)
    Friendship is the Love that never dies.
  • im glad i can write on here.. sucks...really bad....and i really really love morrissey and you've just...well you just made me angry...i hope you never walk through wythenshawe...cos il be tempted to bang you out..simples! BIGMOUTH STRICKES AGEN PUUUNK!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 25 2010, @07:05PM (#354652)

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