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the related bit:
Nardwuar:Here is a letter from June 18, 1976 from the New Musical Express, and it says, "I'd love to see the Pistols make it. Maybe they'll be able to afford some clothes which don't look like they've been slept in."

John Lydon:[Laughs] How sweet. The point being, yes, many of my clothes on tour I do sleep in because you can't be lugging huge suitcases of stuff around with you. It slows you down. When you have to leave very early in the morning from one hotel to the other and travel great distances, the last thing you want to be doing is remembering where all your different accruements are.
And so you know, it's nice, but unless you're volunteering to carry my suitcases around for me, I'm going to look like I've slept in my clothes and that's it, period, the end.

Nardwuar: And do you know who wrote that letter? Steven Morrissey. He was the one that wrote that letter, Steven Morrissey.

John Lydon:Who?


John Lydon:Oh, him with the flowers?

Nardwuar:Yes, he wrote on June 18, 1976.

John Lydon:How sweet. He'd do anything to get famous [laughs]. Send that man a dandelion. [laughs].

Nardwuar:Did you ever see him around L.A. at all?
He came to a Pistols gig I did here, at the Greek Theatre.

Nardwuar:He didn't mention the letter that he wrote, then, from 1976?

John Lydon:No, that would be utterly ridiculous. It's very, very difficult to meet people backstage because you're full of angst and care about your own gig and you can't be getting involved in distracting conversations. I've never found it easy to socialize at my own venues. I'd much rather leave, you know, as soon as I come off the stage because it's too hard. You're not in any fit frame of mind to debate anything at any serious level because you're exhausted.

full transcript of interview here:
Nardwuar Vs. John Lydon - Chart Attack
from April of this year, comes courtesy of the zany and restless Nardwuar (The Human Serviette) who painstakingly deluges Lydon with a laundry list of trivial inquiries and anecdotes. Does our man lose his cool? Have a listen and find out for yourself.

Nardwuar interview (2010): download - Wilfully Obscure blog (original post)
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  • If you don't know Nardwuar, try and find out about him.
    crunch -- Tuesday July 13 2010, @06:22PM (#354257)
    (User #23478 Info)
  • Lydon speaks (Score:2, Interesting)

    I love listening and reading interviews from him... I know the crassness is coming, I know what and how he is going to reply to each question but still I get a laugh.

    To this day, 2nd Edition or Metal Box depending on the format, is clearly in my top five desert island releases.
    Lemmy -- Wednesday July 14 2010, @09:12AM (#354292)
    (User #6587 Info)
    Nearly injured my pride
  • i have an issue of Creem magazine from either 1991 or '92, where Johnny Lydon/Rotten says he "couldn't believe that Morrissey was popular in America". It was rather insulting towards Morrissey, unfortunately. Don't have the article readily at hand, but i'm sure it can be found online somewhere.
    Hopefully since this article both parties have made amends with each other.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 16 2010, @09:44PM (#354375)

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