posted by davidt on Thursday July 08 2010, @01:00PM
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  • i loved that shirt - cool dancing on totp
    CMI -- Thursday July 08 2010, @01:28PM (#354045)
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  • how in the world did rick astley get that flat bit of hair sloping down his left side? it does not seem natural.
    Johnny Marr -- Thursday July 08 2010, @01:36PM (#354047)
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    Going Underground
    • Re:magic hair by ThePoet1745 (Score:1) Thursday July 08 2010, @02:56PM
    • Re:magic hair by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 12 2010, @08:56AM
  • This has been on Youtube for ages! Surely I'm not the only one who's seen it?? []
    2-J -- Thursday July 08 2010, @01:37PM (#354048)
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  • Hold me in your Arms: []

    Shucks! : )

    goinghome -- Thursday July 08 2010, @01:43PM (#354052)
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  • Surely the question is, did Morrissey decide to release this picture on TTY? If so, why?

    And knowing True To You, one expects Mozzer had a little hand in this... or maybe I'm mistaken.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @02:13PM (#354053)
  • So put your trust in me lover
    No one's ever gonna take your place.
    My love you are forever within
    my eternal embrace.

    Hold me in your arms
    Hold me in your arms
    Hold me in your arms

    Piccadily -- Thursday July 08 2010, @02:39PM (#354055)
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  • I absolutely love this picture, I'm not sure why but it's made me feel very happy.
    oranges -- Thursday July 08 2010, @03:15PM (#354060)
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  • Did Morrissey just Rick-Roll us?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @05:26PM (#354071)
    • Re:Rick Roll by Spinster (Score:1) Thursday July 08 2010, @07:32PM
  • I love it!!!

    But, what's he trying to tell us? Or, was it posted just because it's a lovely picture? At any rate, it makes me happy!

    I'm NEVER going to get Rick's song out of my head tonight.

    Dancing down memory lane...

    hand in glove -- Thursday July 08 2010, @05:29PM (#354072)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
    • Oh...wait. by hand in glove (Score:1) Thursday July 08 2010, @06:13PM
    • Re:Oh! by wit2wit (Score:1) Thursday July 08 2010, @06:18PM
  • I've never seen Moz looking so happy!

    We have indeed been RickRolled by Mozzissey. Awesome.
    zodismycopilot -- Thursday July 08 2010, @06:33PM (#354076)
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    lighten up, morrissey!
  • .... smiling.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @08:53PM (#354082)
  • ... love this photo!! :)
    HyldaBaker -- Thursday July 08 2010, @09:28PM (#354084)
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  • is prolly the producers trio S/A/W best song

    as said it was for TOTP , other song of Rick

    Read that Rick is busy with a come back

    Maybe Rick and Morrissey meet again at TOTP
    next year, as soon as it seems to be
    [demoos,and Boz back in autumn for recording]

    Anyway I was suprised to see Morrissey and Rick
    smiling , taken a pick, cause, well they both can sing, but they are totaly different,the way
    they came from and made music history

    one a product of a stidioproducer, but a person
    who really can sing
    And Morrissey, the Last of the Famous, strugled
    and made his way in musichistory at his [and Johnny Andy Mike in Smiths time] own way, his
    way, always in full controll of all issues concerning music bizniz
    [sleeve, tour, release,etc.]

    He's never gonna give it up, let us down
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday July 09 2010, @12:24AM (#354091)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • . . . our Morrissey never does anything without it having a . . . deep and meaningful message . . . and this one is . . .

        full of L o v e
    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @01:36AM (#354099)
  • awww look at them!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @01:53AM (#354101)
  • When I see pictures of him back then, he had so much youthful charisma. If he had just appeared on the scene now, as he was then, he would be absolutely phenomenol. Still, I've seen a good few students recently with a young Morrissey emblazoned on their t-shirts. Let's pretend it's all happening for the first time again. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @01:54AM (#354102)
  • I think the release of this picture may be Morrissey's response to some of the "outcry" over the Lady Gaga photo, his way of saying that he has always been snapped with No 1 pop stars and that it's no big deal?

    Had that photo been seen at the time it would have probably provoked similar knee jerk nastiness from Morrissey/Smiths militia that the Gaga pic provoked.

    Just a thought.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @02:27AM (#354105)
    • The Goo Goo Ga Ga has been photographed @ Madison Scare Garden woosh ah *woosh* and his or her ugly pictures have been spilled,splish splashed in all the newspapers aqui. Porque? Oi Dios mio..Que es? Mas importante poque es?

      First of all it could be a coincidence that her/him(I'm still not too sure what he/she is)...I mean I am not being rude, I just don't know what to refer to Lady Ga Ga as! I, personally do not care if someone has a sex change, has both men and woman things, if they are straight, not straight...because I don't care for sex. So like whatever floats ones boat.. Whatever makes them happy then I'm happy. I'm haaaapy hope you'rrrrre happy toooo.

      But then it was funny because two days ago or yesterday or both, that's how much the blond la la matters... The point is before I saw the news the "new" news story on Baby

      On Morrissey. I was thinking when I was reading the post and the News newspapers and reviews on it and seeing La La's pictures, I was thinking it's such a shame that the more gorgeous than Elvis Presley.and the more talented than Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and everone else,literally for that matter...that why isn't he meaning Baby, meaning Morrissey, why isn't he getting the recognition, his strikingly handsome pictures + reviews in all the papers anymore? I know that it's because of the NME and the way,ways they have libeled and slandered Morrissey and still are. The NME have blacklisted him, but then as I was looking at Lady Ga Ga at the Madison Scare Garden, hells no not there per se but then in the newaspapers...then, then...I see THIS.

      I'm like. I always liked that song "never gonna give u up...never gonna something something...never gonna say goodbye and something...I know the game and something gonna play it"? Lol Nearly, I liked Rick, then, I did but no way did I memorize his lyrics."Ask u how yor feeeeeelinnng" something.

      I just would also like to say that even though Morrissey looks so young and "happy" yes happy. He does,I said it...even though it makes me reflect to that time that time when I was graduating college around, I'm like Oh My God, I am so old. Me,not Morrissey.I,everyone around my age, must be thinking "I got so old"..and it's "jealous of youth"kind of thing for me sort of. Even though I'm not. Not really. I just can't explaaaain so I won't even try tooo". But then I just did. Dreaded sunny days, I think I should go home not my home it's their home and I'm welcome no more and get out of the sun, I am dehydrated.

      One more thing, what I would like to add is Morrissey even looks like that guy a tiny bit on my show, a little. However, even though Morrissey looks handsome THEN, here with Rick, and yes, "happy" delirious. No...but then....yeah happy, Morrissey looks soooo much more MAS GUAPO ...Morrissey,unlike Elvis, Morrissey looks more drop dead gorgeous over fifty, right here, right now, on the floor...Morrissey looks better NOW than this picture with Rick, which is the irony of what happened with Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley became less attractive with age..whereby Morrissey looks more Beautiful with age...

      + Morrissey became even more Beautiful both on the inside and out.

      There .

      Kate2828 -- Friday July 09 2010, @02:07PM (#354132)
      (User #12664 Info |
      • Re:Yes as Lady Man La La played by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 09 2010, @06:17PM
      • Re:Yes as Lady Man La La played by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday July 10 2010, @10:10AM
        • The greatest gift Morrissey could give, and he does give --is something that I still maintain...I have said it years ago and I still maintain I still I just 'want' Morrissey to be 'Morrissey'. Yep so I have my gift. All of the gifts that you 'he' gave, can't --com-pare in n e way--to-the--love I 'he' am 'has' haves haves cannot stand have nots -- to the love I am now --giving to you to me right here,right now. K. A few lyric changes but then the gifts are 'always' changing as validated in the beautiful pictures of Rick and Morrissey. Things change, but then the past never really dies..not really. The past..and then... The past is not me. And I "get" them both. More than he shall ever know. I told BrummieBoy, maybe I really have lost my mind...Is it possible to love someone so much and to understand someone so much?

          And regarding Morrissey's looks --I'm still the same underneath. I don't care if he was not as handsome as he IS, was as well. I really didn't even know Morrissey in the eighties. I knew Rick waaaaay better. I just say how I feel... I can't ever not say the truth EVER when it comes to Morrissey. If he was ugly, I'd love him just as much.meaning ugly on the outside...If he was fat,like Elvis got, I'd love Morrissey just as much. Maybe everyone's right and I am just koo koo. But these are the facts, and these facts never change.


          I LOVE him.

          Kate2828 -- Saturday July 10 2010, @11:19AM (#354152)
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          • Re:Yes as Lady Man La La played by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday July 10 2010, @12:40PM
          • The reason people like him just as much as how ever old he is, is because they love him, how he looked say 20 years ago he looks handsome but seems to look a different person from now the attraction just isnt as strong as how he is now.
            if now was 20 years ago you'd like him more than ever at that point aswell.
            love just goes along with age.

            i do Love him aswell.
            Carly_mc -- Saturday July 10 2010, @02:59PM (#354158)
            (User #22638 Info)
            "Im smart enough to know how stupid i am"
          • Re:Yes So Interesting lyThe Truth Is? by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 11 2010, @05:00AM
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      • Re:Yes as Lady Man La La played by Anonymous (Score:1) Saturday July 10 2010, @06:29PM
      • Re:Yes as Lady Man La La played by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 19 2010, @03:01PM
  • . . . I love this photograph of Morrissey smiling, thank you for posting!

    Rick Astley sang at Shugborough Hall recently and sang Morrissey's songs, I wish Morrissey were there too avec moi . . . walking in the Rose Garden where the Holy Grail lies amongst mysterious stones . . .

    merci beaucoup mon beau amor.

    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @02:53AM (#354106)
  • And I thought I've seen everything...
    Moz looks fab tho.
    lg -- Friday July 09 2010, @04:32AM (#354114)
    (User #12253 Info)
    Friendship is the Love that never dies.
  • It is nice to know that our boy,even if it was 21 years ago,had some teeth at one point.And i don't mean literally.
    Rick,surely has kept most of his shows on the schedule,especially at show time,then the other guy.
    Yikes..i mean,Rick Assley..this is pathetic,really pathetic.Who cares,really?
    KEVSTER -- Friday July 09 2010, @12:33PM (#354121)
    (User #18942 Info)
  • morrissey and rick are both from lancashire. i can see how they got along so well.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @12:39PM (#354125)
  • Morrissey really looks glad to be there.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 09 2010, @12:56PM (#354127)
  • perfect desktop.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Friday July 09 2010, @06:59PM (#354135)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • But how come I can't find Morrissey's performance of Playboys ANYWHERE on the internet?
    eugenius -- Friday July 09 2010, @07:24PM (#354137)
    (User #1665 Info |
    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • God, I always hated that fucker. Responsible for some of the worst moments of growing up in the 80s. Moz should have burned this photo.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 10 2010, @12:41AM (#354139)
  • two Happy chaps (Score:2, Interesting)

    What a beautiful photo. Thanks, Moz. :D

    I can't decide what's more appealing, fantasizing about licking Mozzer's teeth or imagining Moz and Rick having an affectionate peck/kiss with each other. Hmm, Happy Thoughts, either way.
    Or could they be just old chums? (And what is that beetle-looking thing on Moz's undershirt? details, details...)

    Thanks for posting the video, 2-J. How can one not smile while watching that and do the Rick Astley shimmy as if it was the 80's again?

    "Never gonna give - you - up
    Never gonna let - you - down
    Never gonna run around and desert you..."

    Never, Moz.
    romeogirl -- Saturday July 10 2010, @11:55PM (#354165)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • . . . for this beautiful photograph. I wished for a picture of you smiling and here you are, handsome as ever now.
    Merci beaucoup mon beau amor.

    Piccadily -- Sunday July 11 2010, @12:28AM (#354166)
    (User #22795 Info)
  • What a sweet picture.Morrissey looks so gorgeous in it.But doesn`t he always.I love it.
    tibby -- Sunday July 11 2010, @02:56AM (#354169)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • I guess the final question is Has he finally given him up?
    Hello Indie -- Sunday July 11 2010, @06:15AM (#354178)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • You Got Moz Rolled! ;)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 13 2010, @05:33AM (#354202)
  • mauve21 -- Friday July 16 2010, @06:50PM (#354372)
    (User #13027 Info)
  • Now THAT was Fookin'funny, mate!
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @07:57PM (#354081)
  • Your an idiot!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2010, @03:39AM (#354175)
    • Re:you are by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 11 2010, @04:05AM
      • Re:you are by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 11 2010, @02:45PM
        • Re:you are by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 12 2010, @12:51AM
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