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Since Alain Whyte stopped touring with Morrissey, a lot of people wondered what he was up to and whether or not he was going to disappear. That is anything but the case. It turns out he was trying his hand at pop and hip-hop music, and he is now building quite the resume outside of Morrissey. His most recent co-writes are:

Kelis - "Carefree American" & "Song For The Baby"
Rihanna - "Photographs"
Kid Cudi - "Up Up & Away"
Kid Sister - "Daydreaming"
Blake Lewis - "I Left My Baby For You"

He also has a project coming out called Setting Fires and a rumored co-write on the new Nick 13 solo album. I am hoping there is more to come from him. Its so rare that a musician can go from being a prolific songwriter in one genre to being so successful in another one that is present day and so different. Good for him!
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  • Brings all the boys to the yard
    And they're like
    Its better than yours

    Has LA got to Alain? Was the real reason he left Morrissey's band "musical differences?" Is this the end of co-writing for Moz.

    Good luck Alain, great to see you try to diversify.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @11:58AM (#354033)
  • Am I the only one who is more than a bit sad to see this? I just don't understand how you can go from helping to create music with substance to...



    I know it has to pay better, but I really miss seeing him on stage with Moz. He's far better than the new guy will ever be.
    Georgissey <[email protected]> -- Thursday July 08 2010, @12:03PM (#354034)
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  • Leaves The Smiths/Moz plays with The Pretenders,Modest Mouse,The Cribs,The The
    the list goes on.
    Alain leaves and it's Kid Cudi,Kill Hannah,Kid Sista, I can't write anymore it's so disgusting.
    How could Moz call him back after a walk of shame like that ?

    Good thing Marr's wife isn't picking his projects for him.

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @12:58PM (#354037)
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  • People,this is 2010, Hip Hop and Club music are now. Moz is not. Good on Alan for daring to think outside the box! But same old predjudices on this site,if anyone who has ever worked with Moz does anything different they get a slagging for it. Or should Moz's band and co writers sit at home and never go out or do anything until he 'faxes' them?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @02:22PM (#354043)
    • Re:Now (Score:2, Funny)

      Alain's nearly as disappointing as Moz, who reeled in Morricone, Jeff Beck and Red Hot Chilli Pepper guitarists, and - horror! - dallies with the likes of Lady Gaga and Rick Astley!

      Seriously, that they can rise above the slagging sewers and produce anything listenable, would already be a credit to them, not to mind that they excel. Let me i-in...
      goinghome -- Thursday July 08 2010, @02:34PM (#354046)
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  • it this life he chose

    the song is called "Gambler's Life" and its not a rumor, he co-wrote it with Nick 13

    ever since you don't look the same your just not the same no way
    thevoice -- Thursday July 08 2010, @05:46PM (#354068)
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  • I find it so funny that everyone cuts Alain to the core the minute he actually strays away from Morrissey and starts working and building a career on his own. The people he is writing for sell 200 times the albums Morrissey does, and their music is actually heard. It's sad how small peoples minds are, especially when it comes to anything having to do with Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @05:49PM (#354069)
    • Re:Ridiculous by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 08 2010, @06:19PM
  • I good songwriter is a good songwriter is a good songwriter. So many of you have praised Alain and his songwriting ability in the past. Here he is plying his trade and because it isn't solely for Moz (who really has painted himself to be a real 'pleasure' to work for) you jump all over him. Good songs sell. Music is an industry like any other. Alain is making an honest living. I doubt he cares who buys his songs as long as someone buys them. If some piece of trash like Keisha wants to pay him, more power to him. From Moz's past track record, I wouldn't want to write for him either. There is a growing list of people he's stiffed on royalties. Bravo to Alain for moving on.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @08:56PM (#354080)
  • Morrissey fans never change. They're still the same myopic shut-ins who feel that they live in a world of limited, yet impeccable taste. If anyone betrays it, not only have they sinned artistically, but suddenly they've become sub-human.

    Only individuals with little to live for invest themselves in this manner.

    I used to think that the snarky, "everything is crap" attitude was a product of the bored punk generation, but it seems to be part, and parcel of depressed individuals who probably imagine that they're scoring points with Morrissey.

    Either way, it's predictable, narrow-minded, and clearly pathetic.

    I guarantee you that Alain doesn't care, nor should anyone expect him to. He's actually doing something, and not merely adding to the negative chorus that has grown out of the ADD/Consumer generation.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 08 2010, @11:31PM (#354086)
  • Personally, I think Kelis is OK. 'Millionaire' feat Andrew 3000 is a little gem, 'Trick Me' and 'Caught Out There'

    'Aint nowt wrong with diversity Alain. If only one of your previous work colleagues could do the same with certain guitarists *sigh*
    Hello Indie -- Friday July 09 2010, @02:28AM (#354097)
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  • 'Flesh Tone' is easily one of the best albums of the year. Total shock as I hated her previous to this.

    Looking at the booklet though, no mention of Alain writing on 'Song For The Baby' in their, though he does play guitar on 'Brave'. Can't check 'Carefree American' as its not available in the UK.

    Either way, typical Morrissey snobs judging everything without ever having listened to it. Which explains why some people on here thought 'Years Of Refusal' was anything better middle of the road dross.
    THE_dizzywhore_1804 -- Saturday July 10 2010, @06:00AM (#354144)
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  • funny (Score:1, Interesting)

    people are open minded only when it comes to their needs and concerns.funny how that works out...
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 11 2010, @11:44PM (#354191)
  • Why is your post marked as troll?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 12 2010, @03:37PM (#354200)
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