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Link posted by dothewatusi in the forums (original post):

In video: Marr's guitar - BBC Radio 4 Today
Johnny Marr will attend the 'Inception' UK premiere at Leicester Square 8th July 2010
Kewpie sends the link tipped by a friend (via Morrissey reddit):

Johnny Marr Twitter:
Johnny Marr attending the Premier of Chris Nolan's Inception movie on Thursday in Leicester Sq
Johhny Marr on BBC 6 Music 'The First Time' (July 11)
Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by george barker in the forums (original post):

Johnny Marr on "The First Time With..." - BBC 6 Music (July 11)

The First Time examines the Mancunian maestro's earliest musical memories, his first fumbled grapplings with a guitar and his initial, and crucial, meeting with Morrissey leading to the formation of The Smiths.

The programme also explores his post-Smiths career and collaborations with The Pretenders, Electronic, Modest Mouse & The Cribs.
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