posted by davidt on Wednesday June 30 2010, @09:00AM
Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by Jones (via Morrissey reddit):

Moz at Patti Smith last night

...We can see Morrissey side of stage at Patti! Duet duet duet duet....
...Just spotted at Patti Smith ....... MORRISSEY ... like 20 yards away!
Also posted in the thread by Sharron Needles:

Yep. Nobody has mentioned that she dedicated Redondo Beach "To Morrissey, who was hanging out backstage with us" or something very similar. He was watching from the wings. She was great as always, gig had to end right at 10:05 because of the stupid curfew at Hyde Park, but she played Land this time, so I was happy.
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  • Two of the most influential people! I envy all those people who attended the show!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 30 2010, @11:04AM (#353858)
  • . . . constantly surrounding our Morrissey, this is great news, he is surrounded by pure love. :)
    Piccadily -- Wednesday June 30 2010, @02:03PM (#353865)
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  • That's so neat Morrissey went and saw Patti! How great! He really is so amazing! I want to see pictures!
    sellers -- Wednesday June 30 2010, @04:04PM (#353874)
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  • ahhh to be young famous rich and handsome
    here's to lower middle class
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 30 2010, @07:27PM (#353879)
  • Where did he have his pee?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 30 2010, @09:22PM (#353884)
  • Moz should socialise more with the likes of Patti Smith than Russell Brand.

    Patti Smith is second only to Siouxsie in my list of greatest ever female singers.
    Strutting Rooster -- Wednesday June 30 2010, @11:13PM (#353888)
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    • what a stupid thing to say by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 01 2010, @12:11AM
      • Re:what a stupid thing to say by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 01 2010, @05:13AM
        • So you are in The Doors 'mode'? .Mister m ++mo jO

          This is the end... A blast from.the past.

          Bro played drums...he was good. He stepped on my missing turtle who escaped from his cute little open plastic like tank thing--we coudn7t find my turtle for days. Mr.Schaffer who gave Jimmy drum lessons every week discovered my brother stepped on my missing turtle with the pedal on the bottom of his drums set. He killed my turtle...who made it from my room in my tank, on the third floor and the lil turtle, he had spots for his age when I turned him upside down kicking his little tiny legs to show him off --he must have made it downstairs to the basement where Jimmy's silver drums were those symbols mmmm My turtle wanted to be a musician. Jimmy killed him.Why are so many drummers evil? The band my brother was in played Styx you know it's youuuu Babe, Boston, more than a feeling. He was like seventeen. And I was in love with the singer Paul. They played sweet sixteens and parties. Not mine, mine was at Cartoons.

          Kate2828 -- Friday July 02 2010, @09:57PM (#353927)
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          • Re:Usual Useless Garbage... by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 04 2010, @01:32PM
          • Yet you seize every opportunity to read my "useless garbage". Isn't it?

            You are anon. Which in and of itself makes your spineless jellyfish coward comments of one seriously bitter, poor, soon to be homeless isn't it.. Reundant banter to only me and time time again even more showing your bitter, then again who could blame you hi! Btw with your arrangements over there or should I say soon lack of? Or are u done yet? But please continue to make payback not feel not justified. Keep.clicking my name though, I know who you are.btw do you always answer yourself in your shack as much as you do on here? And quit being "nice" with your alter IPs, ...Tracking and tracing, how does it feel when it comes back and bites know what I mean...ha ha.

            Wow man--people I don't like on here, I tell them and not hide,not that there's always someone somewhere...could even be your "friends" who well you never meet of course. I'm actually flattered that someone actually continues to read my messages just so..just.. Why? Oh right.. Yor priors say it all. Ha ha

            Kate2828 -- Sunday July 04 2010, @06:49PM (#353969)
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  • What? (Score:2, Funny)

    Patti Smith is great? "They should do a duet?"

    Are you serious?

    Morrissey should do a duet with Lady Gaga. Now there's a great artist!

    Eric Hartman -- Thursday July 01 2010, @06:48AM (#353896)
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    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • smith always bored me.
    so did dylan.
    and most american writers save for paul simon.

    paul might be the best american writer we've ever had. I'm sure he's and ass in real life, though.
    Most creatives are.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 01 2010, @06:50AM (#353898)
  • he is spending more and more time over here, hope that will influence his next album.
    and i don;t want any silly yanks replying!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2010, @01:49AM (#353912)
    • Re:PLease by Carly_mc (Score:0) Monday July 05 2010, @02:51PM
      • Re:PLease by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 06 2010, @11:08AM
      • Re:PLease by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 06 2010, @12:54PM
  • I spotted Morrissey in our local offy, he was buying Creme Dé Meths and 20 silk cut light...
    Anonymous -- Friday July 02 2010, @03:19AM (#353914)
  • i saw Patti live a few years ago in the lake district and she was amazing. only morrissey concerts have topped that one for me. sounds like a great night in hyde park!
    playboys -- Friday July 02 2010, @03:38AM (#353915)
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  • The gig was amazing but did not see morrissey !
    aunty Patti was in perfect voice and did great
    encore of "Horses" with Gloria mixed as she over ran
    wonder if morrissey will be at Rebellion the Dolls and slaughter ,rejects etc playing
    we know he is an old punk at heart !
    "people have the power!"
    COLLNUIN -- Friday July 02 2010, @07:32AM (#353918)
    (User #18040 Info)
    if you can not help dont hinder !
    • Re:Patti Smith by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 02 2010, @09:45AM
      • Re:Patti Smith by goinghome (Score:1) Sunday July 04 2010, @08:52AM
        • Re:Patti Smith by Piccadily (Score:1) Sunday July 04 2010, @01:34PM
          • Re:Patti Smith (Score:2, Insightful)

            A bit like William Blake's artwork, I thought; the eye of the seer applied. I also recall an amount of untidy writing around some of the images. If you google, you should find some examples.
            goinghome -- Monday July 05 2010, @11:27AM (#353991)
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  • I saw Morrissey at the zoo...he was playing with the snakes...
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 03 2010, @03:26AM (#353930)
  • Honest!!! (Score:2, Funny)

    I saw Morrissey on the high speed train between London and Folkestone west this morning, he was reading that book by Jimbob ''on the road with Carter USM'' - no joke
    screen2 -- Wednesday July 07 2010, @05:07AM (#354016)
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    • Re:Honest!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 07 2010, @06:24AM
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