posted by davidt on Tuesday June 22 2010, @12:00PM
Mud writes:
Fun times tonight!
Pix album here

Here's some video I took:
Also from Mud:
L.A. Club Vanguard with DJ Andy Rourke and Miss Lady Kier 6/18/2010

"On Friday, June 18th, Gloss VIP invites you to the ACID WASH 80’s Party at Vanguard in Hollywood featuring music legends DJ Lady Miss Kier from Deee-Lite (Groove is in the Heart), Andy Rourke from The Smiths, and DJ Paul Ryder from Happy Mondays."

So I went last night and I hung out with Andy Rourke quite a bit- and afterward dropped him off at his hotel downtown L.A. along with Lady Miss Kier of DEEE-LIGHT.. bizarre driving around with them and I just happened to have several songs The Smiths on my mix CD with a few hindred MP3's on it... he would talk about the recording sessions as The Smiths songs came up! And Miss Lady Kier sang a few bars from "Groove Is In The Heart" for me- from my backseat ;^)

Pix from the night here.
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  • All of my Pix from the L.A. Smiths / Morrissey Convention 6/20/2010 are here:

    Cheers and Viva Moz!

    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
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    • Re:My Pix From Smiths / Morrissey Convention 2010 by Kate2828 (Score:1) Wednesday June 23 2010, @11:15AM
      • Re:My Pix From Smiths / Morrissey Convention 2010 by Mud (Score:1) Wednesday June 23 2010, @01:28PM
        • Re:My Pix From Smiths / Morrissey Convention 2010 by Kate2828 (Score:1) Wednesday June 23 2010, @02:02PM
          • Oh yes I was there with my lovely friend Andrea! We saw all of the Florida shows on that leg of the tour! I remember missing the mad dash to the front as Kristeen Young ended her set and the front instantly became a "pit"... of course I was coming back from the men's room the moment it happened so instead of being "on the rail" I could only get as close as right behind Andrea at he front! I remember it was like a sauna that night with the thick humidity- and Moz was drenched by the opening song!
            Sorry again I couldn't hear you call out to me in all of the chaos!
            Here are my pix from Moz in Florida 2007:


            I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
            • Dear Jay,

              Lol No worries... Yes it was soooo hot+humid that night. Strangely though it was one of theeee Best concerts. Even the guard at the end said to me something like "And had TOO good of a time we should charge you twice" something like that when I was walking to the girls room lol after the show. Morrissey was in my opinion better than ever (do I ever not say that) lol But then seriously...He really was exceptionally adorable that night. I remember reading the reviews on here, and thinking "were these "fans" some, in Boca...from a lot of the beginning views. Hmmm.

              I remember you, Mud, were right near us. We did have front row, much much less pricey than so many others like C.H. And Foxwoods, as of my more recent ones. I hated Radio City, I mean the Security, at Radio City shows even having first and second rows.Thank God those were passe...Anywhooo I saw you in Boca and you were talking to whoever you were with. You were not just standing there by yorself, sooo... I felt too shy to swoop myself into yor conversation and be like Lol "Hi I am Kate from Morrissey Solo"! Can u imagine?? I mean I did vividly recall yor picture, but still...People have look alikes..And I, being the meek, shy, frail lol...

              Again, yor so right about Morrissey being drenched and the hot weather...It was probably the hottest night of my life..."So Far"... The guards brought me like three rounds of the.bottled Poland Spring waters which I owe them my life for. They were so nice, that never happened at any other Morrissey concerts. It's so much better when security is know.

              I am in a video on youtube that night. The x got deleted, my heartfelt thanx to whoever deleted him! Oh btw Jay, on a more pleasant mentioned yor lovely Andrea. I have been hoping for several months now to encounter a girl named Andrea aka Andrea isim or isom (something like that)..Because a while back I was being trashed on an internet journal by people I don't even know and interestingly +these same people were saying that I was.., well comparing me kind of to an "Andrea" isim isom..cannot remember the isim reference...only way I remember that after "Andrea" is from everrrereeeey ist and everrrrreey isim...don't know if that's what they meant though...

              Well Jay to make a long story short... Yeah right! Me make a long story short lol well I'll try...because to me it is important... Apparently in the middle of these people ripping and trashing me...they kind of compared me to a woman named Andrea..who they maintained was a stalker to Andy now mind you these people "fans" also maintain that I "stalk" Morrissey. Meanwhile I am not the one who ever went to his house in California... I never even waited for Morrissey to come out of a show...even when I utilised personal drivers, even Limo drivers... I never never had them wait for... Or follow.... Or anything Morrissey. Nev-Ahhh. But then these people said Arturo needs to sleep with Morrissey in his bed...because of their accusation that I am a danger!can u imagine?

              Therfore, I am going to have to, well I have for a while... Have and had empathy for this woman Andrea. And so...If she likes Andy.. well then I would never go and meet him. If she likes him, is what I mean. Because I like her even though I don't know her, it's just how I am. She is a Morrissey person from what I gather... As am I would like to know if she still likes Andy. It just hit me...two Andys...Ohhh..that's cute.

              I just hope that somehow I could let her know how I feel and to convey this to her.

              Thank you Jay

              Kate2828 -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @04:04PM (#353680)
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  • I think there should be a Jay Tando
    superfan convention !
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 22 2010, @03:03PM (#353634)
    • Re:Jay Tando by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday June 24 2010, @03:45PM
      • Re:Jay Tando by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 25 2010, @11:59AM
  • You have more pictures of Lady Kier??? I love that woman :) Do you know if she likes Smiths or Morrissey?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 22 2010, @09:55PM (#353644)
    • Re:Fantastic by Mud (Score:1) Wednesday June 23 2010, @01:54PM
  • Im in love with the first girl in line at the morrissey covention. Hello Ana.
    Mozhitsback -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @08:47AM (#353662)
    (User #23540 Info)
  • We look to L.A. (Score:2, Informative)

    A good time was had by all, as recorded by the pics and video, and the Irish boys worked their magic.

    Y'all get the thumbs-up here too - []

    goinghome -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @01:10PM (#353672)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Was Andy Rourke really there getting down with the kids?
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 24 2010, @08:02AM (#353690)
  • Wish they could organise something like this for Dublin.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 25 2010, @06:09AM (#353705)
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