posted by davidt on Tuesday June 22 2010, @12:00PM
Little Frank writes:
Manchester comic legend, Frank Sidebottom has died after being found collapsed on the floor at home. he had been undergoing treatment for cancer.

Frank - real name Chris Sievey, had performed as Frank since 1984. Prior to that he was the main man with The Freshies who had the song in the chart with the longest title in pop history!
'Im in love with a girl on the Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk'.

Amongst his many songs was a cover of Panic (Panic on the streets of Timperley)

and Mike Joyce / Andy Rourke were regulars on his TV show

Thanks for the memories Frank, we will miss you - you know we will, we really will.
Evans Lyonnais also writes:
Not a scoop - just wanted to share the terrible news that Frank Sidebottom, Manchester Legend of comedy, has passed away today following a fight with cancer. He regularly covered Smiths and Morrissey songs in his Manchester Medley routine - one short trip to Youtube will unearth a treasure trove of Morrissey related clips. RIP Frank AKA Chris Sievey
Dickie also writes:
Sad news from Manchester this evening. I think Moz will be sad to hear of this:

Creator Of Cult Comic Frank Sidebottom Dies - Sky News

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  • Truly sad news
    In a day and age where idiots like James Corden seem to be hailed as comedy superstars it is a sad loss to hear of Frank's passing
    Seen him a number of times live and although his act was pretty much the same over the last few years he was always hilarious
    His Manchester medley included a version of Little Frank strikes again

    Somehow doubt we will see his like again - in Frank's own words not too good at this computer gubbins but if I was would post on here the picture from his website earlier this year of him dressed as Morrissey outside Salford lads Club

    You'll be missed Frank - you know you will , you really will
    Bradder68 -- Tuesday June 22 2010, @01:02PM (#353627)
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    Tony Pulis Barmy Army
  • the title (Score:2, Interesting)

    I appreciate the broadcasting news jargon, but surely "died" or "passed away" sounds better.
    starless -- Tuesday June 22 2010, @02:13PM (#353632)
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  • I rememebr when (Score:2, Interesting)

    I first discovered Frank (I was 17 - 17?!) and in my first job. I bought his double LP and felt quite radical. I lent it to my colleague, Roy, who was in his 50's and had had polio as a young boy. He wouldn't use a wheelchair though - he used to hobble about with the aid of crutches. He used to make me laugh because he'd tell everyone in the office how I used to enjoy going to the garage with him to get my 'Pointers' hamburger every Friday dinnertime. 'Paul', he used to say, 'It's time for your Pointers'. He didn't tell anyone that while we were at the garage I filled his car with petrol, pumped up his tyres and got the token for the carwash for him! I think that specially modified car was his surrogate pair of legs. He could effortlessly reverse into the tiniest of parking spaces and weave in and out of slow-moving traffic. Anyway, the upshot is, he loved Frank's LP and I'll always associate Frank with Roy and my first job, and being young and naive - because Frank's humour was good, old-fasioned silliness and naivety. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 22 2010, @11:42PM (#353647)
  • Will be missed... (Score:1, Interesting)

    ...must admit, this news brought a tear to my eye....check out Frank's topical World Cup song 'Three Shirt's On My Line' for an example of the guys genius...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @12:58AM (#353649)
  • manchester has lost a legend! frank will be missed.
    playboys -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @01:23AM (#353650)
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  • but as frquently visitor of this site, I was aware of him

    too young, another true Bittian icon dead

    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @08:01AM (#353657)
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    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • Luckily saved from a pauper's funeral - what a way to possibly end up.
    More info here:

    RIP Frank.....
    Famous when dead -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @03:46PM (#353678)
    (User #981 Info)
    Some of us is turning nasty
  • Holy Shit!! I just read this news...didn't know much about him...i'm a yank. But yet news of his death is making me cry so...
    I fucking hate is truly a demon in this world.
    God bless ya Sidebottom!
    Spinster -- Wednesday June 23 2010, @06:43PM (#353685)
    (User #2887 Info)

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