posted by davidt on Thursday June 17 2010, @11:00AM
Adam Krause writes:
Carnivores + Destructores is a self produced series. My subjects are obsessed with the singer Morrissey and I documented the various dimensions of their obsession.

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  • Nice one (Score:1, Interesting)

    This is the singer from the Californian Smiths/Morrissey tribute band.

    I met him on their UK tour in 2001. A thoroughly decent man.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @11:26AM (#353282)
    • Re:Nice one by zodismycopilot (Score:1) Thursday June 17 2010, @07:23PM
  • why? why? whyyyy?
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @12:01PM (#353286)
  • The only one that comes half way close is the last guy. Most of these are comical. The girl/guy in the wife beater is HORRIBLE...
    Roky74 -- Thursday June 17 2010, @12:17PM (#353287)
    (User #23477 Info)
  • Welcome to Farts in ya eyes. Yep, he looks like Mozza...from a mile away.
    Nah, ya can't beat Harry Hill's attempt at bein' Moz. He's a genius. Get back on TV soon Harry!!!
    If you're a yank then you'll probably won't know what the hell i'm goin' on about. Well...erm, never mind.
    Spadge -- Thursday June 17 2010, @01:09PM (#353292)
    (User #21338 Info)
  • Lookalikes? (Score:2, Funny)

    If all it takes to be a lookalike is a devout obsession and undying love, then I must be humping rocks in death valley.
    Georgissey <[email protected]> -- Thursday June 17 2010, @02:09PM (#353296)
    (User #22903 Info)
  • Truly great portraits of truly great men. Some familiar torsos and quiffs here. These are really superb shots. I think this is great. Are they due to be published in book form? And is that "Chaynne is the name" in the blue motor? Looking good kid!
    Yeah, I'm really quite taken with these. Lovely colours, nice. Beautiful even.
    Dick-van-dyke, Liverpool (where else?)
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @02:29PM (#353297)
    • Re:Photos by Suswa (Score:1) Thursday June 17 2010, @07:44PM
  • One thing is to see is middle age Morrissey without a shirt but to see Maldonado without a shirt is really, truly disgusting. Please Jooosé, you are soooo not sexy. Put your shirt back on, you pervert.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @02:45PM (#353298)
    • Re:Huhghhh! by uncleskinny (Score:1) Thursday June 17 2010, @02:52PM
  • Great photos Adam! (Score:2, Insightful)

    As Adam explained, he is not trying to find lookalikes if not people influenced by Morrissey. I think they are very good portraits. The artist and models deserve some respect. I found the insults childish and extremely coward. A real Morrissey fan wouldn't be unrespectful to others. You are even scared of writing your names.
    Gejo -- Thursday June 17 2010, @02:49PM (#353299)
    (User #15707 Info)
  • seriously, jose, DROP IT. your desperation is pathetic and i'm tired of you forcing your face in front of the camera
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @03:08PM (#353301)
    • Re:really? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 18 2010, @03:36AM
  • Oh the horror!
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @03:35PM (#353303)
  • Pathetic...
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @03:45PM (#353306)
  • The headline shouldn't be lookalike. It should say something more the lines of ("For 10 cents a day u can help Jose Maldanado eat a bag of chips or have a t-shirt, for 10 cents a day you can help this child").
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @03:47PM (#353307)
  • these guys seriously freak me out.

    they're all NOTHING compared to fauxmoz aka the mozposter. we saw him at morrissey's most recent portland show. it's uncanny. i have a pic! where can post it? he puts these guys to shaaaame.
    zodismycopilot -- Thursday June 17 2010, @07:26PM (#353317)
    (User #22900 Info)
    lighten up, morrissey!
  • Why on earth is Jose Maldonado without a shirt on. Seriously Jose, you're not Morrissey and your obsession is becoming disturbing. Go ask your wife if she wants to bang you anymore looking like Morrissey. She's probably more depressed because of you whoring around with the skanks at shows. Whatever!

    As for the other goons in the shots, seriously? One looks like the Mexican Kool-Aid man and the next like a Bizarro version of whatever he's going for. And don't even get me started on the dyke! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhitttttt that's ugly.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @08:53PM (#353323)
    • Re:No way by zodismycopilot (Score:1) Thursday June 17 2010, @09:48PM
      • Re:No way by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday June 17 2010, @10:45PM
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  • Thanks,I love reading stuf on Moz fans.
    lg -- Thursday June 17 2010, @09:46PM (#353326)
    (User #12253 Info)
    Friendship is the Love that never dies.
  • If I looked half as good as Jose I'd be thrilled. Lay off him. He looks fab as do the rest of the models. It's the old "someone dares to do something different so lets crucify them".
    The ugly comments from most people on here are shameful.
    Jose is a top guy: lifeguard! Singer! DJ! Among other talents.
    Jose runs marathons. The detrators among you run bullying campaigns.
    Most of you won't put your name to the comments - cowardly but expected.
    Dickie, The Day I Met Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @10:00PM (#353329)
  • Wow, I am really thrilled by the great photos on your website, Adam! Not only the Morrissey-Fan-series, but also your other photos (alligators!). Really outstanding!!!

    So sad the Morrissey-Fans here can't appreciate the quality of your photos, because they think it's about lookalikes...

    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @10:04PM (#353331)
    • Re:Great! by Gejo (Score:1) Friday June 18 2010, @02:58AM
  • why would he have a Morrissey photoshoot on his site? its full of everything Morrissey hates! like cruelty to animals, there are some dead gators on his site. Honestly anyone who features that as part of their portfolio should never mention Morrissey's sacred name. fuck you and dont mention Morrissey on the same site as one that showcases the killing of animals
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @10:16PM (#353332)
  • These are fantastic photos. Thanks for posting. I'd totally buy a coffee table book of this series.
    suburban_ennui -- Thursday June 17 2010, @11:50PM (#353337)
    (User #23560 Info)
  • ...The Nazi Skinhead photos he has also taken much more!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 18 2010, @02:44AM (#353354)
  • People are so quick to be critical from the convenience and anonymity of their computers. How can we hate on people who love Morrissey when that's why we're all here? I mean, Moz is always on the side of the underdogs, the hated, the misunderstood, the unloved, the disrespected... Has everyone lost sight of that?

    Jose is a really good guy and I am proud to call him a friend. He is a talented performer, musician, DJ, marathon runner, and life guard. He's doing exactly what he wants with his life. We should all be so lucky!

    -Janice, The Smiths Project
    Anonymous -- Friday June 18 2010, @04:22AM (#353371)
  • This photos are great! Good for Adam Krause and the people who posed in front of the camera! But I've to say they are not lookalikes apart from the guy in the balcony! Charming man!! Can I have his number?
    Anonymous -- Friday June 18 2010, @06:20AM (#353390)
  • looks fit, and , or swimms a lot, or he's a the
    fitness club, a few times a week

    he's also not that young anymore,I guees around 35,for that age he looks good

    all those who're moaning,please put up their pic!
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday June 18 2010, @08:12AM (#353415)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Listen.... by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday June 18 2010, @03:32PM
      • Re:Listen.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 18 2010, @04:52PM
  • But you look nothing like Morrissey!
    Yet, you are very good looking.:)
    I hope you are having a blast! life, love, and just keeping focused is truly a struggle, Live is way to short. Hang in there with your passion.
    Viva Morrissey!
    Marisela -- Saturday June 19 2010, @10:47AM (#353534)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • ...I think they're very intense, very respectful and yet very intimate. I recommend to look at his other sets too, some are disturbing but still very good!
    sweetnesss <[email protected]> -- Saturday June 19 2010, @11:58AM (#353539)
    (User #4385 Info |
    Life can only be understood in reverse.
  • This guy's thinking:- "Maybe now I'll get
    some attention from Morrissey."
    I'm thinking:- "Morrissey's not interested
    and is having a chuckle."
    mauve21 -- Sunday June 20 2010, @04:14PM (#353580)
    (User #13027 Info)
  • i AGREE. nothing but promoting hatred towards people and animals. fuck that guy
    Anonymous -- Monday June 21 2010, @03:39PM (#353610)
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