posted by davidt on Thursday June 17 2010, @11:00AM
Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by joe frady (via Morrissey reddit):

Re: Strange/unexpected Moz references?

In the latest issue of 'The Word' magazine there is a Christopher Eccleston interview conducted by Andrew Harrison (Moz-favoured journo). The actor is promoting a forthcoming BBC film about John Lennon . CE talks a little about his own musical background, leaving Manchester in 1983 for London but 'carried The Smiths down with him' (not literally. Emotionally.) Saw them twice at Brixton Academy, '85 and '86, two best nights of his life, etc.

At the close of the talk Harrison asks, having played Lennon, would he consider playing another Northern legend ~ Morrissey. He then replied, according to Harrison in a 'thrillingly perfect Mozzvoice', "I'd like to think I could, but I'm afraid I'm slightly past it'. Harrison replies 'You've been practising the voice then' to which Eccleston, still in 'character', says "All my life."
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  • Chris Eccleston (Score:1, Interesting)

    Didn't Chris do the narrating on "The Importance of Being Morrissey" in 2004?Loved that documentary .And i'm sure i read in Manchester's City Life magazine that Morrissey mentioned meeting Chris in Manchester in that year as well.I think they got on well.
    I must admit Chris is a great actor.Saw some old Doctor Who the other day he was brilliant in that.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @12:34PM (#353290)
  • stupendous actor (Score:1, Interesting)

    Mr Eccleston is nothing short of fabulous. From Cracker and Our Friends in the North to Second Coming and quite possibly his best performance in Strumpet. Go to youtube and search for Strumpet Chickentown for his rendition in Strumpet of Cooper-Clarke's "Evidently Chickentown". Quite superb, I could watch him recite the phone book and would love to see him perform on stage.

    "20 digit combination"
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @01:02PM (#353291)
  • The best ever Doctor Who, I would so watch him play Morrissey...

    --- Geoffrey D. Wessel []
    Geoffrey D. Wessel -- Thursday June 17 2010, @10:03PM (#353330)
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  • My two favorites in one post! I loved CE in "Jude." And in just about everything else he's ever done, I guess.

    I could say that I feel the same way about Morrissey.
    shiftlessbody -- Friday June 18 2010, @04:52PM (#353477)
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