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largactil writes:
"YOUR LOSS JEW BOY" - Alleged fax from Morrissey.

Co-dependent Relationship Junkie Scott Matthew Is Happy To Be Single - BUTT Magazine


Did you get to ever meet Morrissey through Spencer?
No, I mean, they’d been feuding for ages. Still are.

Do you have any good Morrissey stories?
(laughs) Yeah, I got one. I don’t know if I should be telling this...

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  • Take these personal stories with a grain of salt but interesting nonetheless. I also have a personal story from a friend of Boz and it sort of gives you tiny insight into Morrissey.
    SOUTHPAWmuse -- Sunday June 13 2010, @10:39AM (#352970)
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    Southwest six with someone like you, keep thieves hours with someone like you...
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  • I always get my critical news about the world from "BUTT" magazine... this story is devastating. I'm gonna go and burn my morrissey records... er.. CD's.

    Oh, the horror!! The horror!!! LOL!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @10:50AM (#352971)
  • Just when I think that this site cannot get any worse--or go any lower-- I get shocked.

    This is awful, and an all-time low. This story is totally without merit. This is ugly defamation-- desperation for money and attention.

    Am I wrong? NO.

    sycophantic_slag -- Sunday June 13 2010, @10:52AM (#352972)
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    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • "NME gig ad -"Jed Skullcap"?" Thursday October 12 2006 []
    2-J -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:26AM (#352976)
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  • i've always thought morrissey to be a real asshole behind the scenes. i have a friend who tried to buy him a beer once at a bar to which he shrugged off. i'm just going back to all the missed gigs and tv appearances. it makes you really wonder if he was ever "sick" or just didn't feel like doing it?
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:37AM (#352977)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Wow. (Score:1, Interesting)

    The story about anti-semetic remarks regarding Spencer have been going around since the Your Arsenal days. Of course, that makes this story a bit interesting, in that an actual quote was produced all of these years later, and it was related to anti-semitism. This claim is not new; however, it doesn't seem widely known amongst the current fanbase.

    Also, during that time, Morrissey's actions suggested that he had an, at the very least, aesthetic relationship with British Nationalism. This can't be denied, and obviously lead to his self-exile from Britain. Siouxie Sioux even said that she hated Morrissey for standing her up at their "Interlude" video shoot, and for requesting that the cover of the record have a British Bulldog with a Union Jack draped around it.

    This really set her off, since the symbol is associated with racist, British Nationalism, or "Bulldog Nationalism.

    It makes you wonder about Morrissey's influences at the time; especially considering that he quickly became interested in boxing during the Jake years.

    So, if it is true, all of this is an interesting corroboration.

    Also, there were rumors that Morrissey liked Spencer. There's even pictures that Linder Sterling took during the Your Arsenal tour, where they can be seen frolicking under the covers. These photos were in the old "Morrissey Shot" book that Linder produced.

    Also, Anti-semitism is fairly common amongst even comparably "Liberal" Brits, and Europeans. It's woven into the fabric of their societies.

    One last thing: When Spencer was asked about this issue in an interview, he refused to talk about it, but left a hint that something was up. The interview is out there.

    From the evidence, at the very least, something damaging occurred between the two of them.

    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:40AM (#352978)
  • So pathetic. Now the people on here will go back and forth debating this and of course attacking Morrissey as always.
    Based on not a second hand account but a third hand one. Without any context as to why it was said, if it even was. Perhaps it was an in joke between Moz and Spencer or something further that who's to say this guy was privy to.
    Not to say it makes it totally fine but does change the importance of it.

    But lets jump all over this story based on some nobody's third hand recollection published in such the top quality publication as BUTT.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:46AM (#352980)
  • This really is a non-story; I have no reason to believe this remark from Morrissey was meant with any malace at all, and presumably this guy, whoever he is was to know that as soon as he bought it up with Spencer!
    I'm not one of the 'sycophants' who hangs on Morrissey's every word, but do you really think that he would call Spencer 'Jew Boy' in a derogitory way. I mean.. why would anyone think that? It was just a joke I'm sure, maybe Spencer's nick name within the band at the time... This guy, whoever he happens to be, is obviously stirring up trouble for the sake of it..
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:56AM (#352983)
  • "NME gig ad -"Jed Skullcap"?" Thursday October 12 2006 []

    (Yes this is a re-post, I fail to see why my original post was marked as 'redundant' so this is getting re-posted with a 1 score. Have fun wasting your mod points on me. I will repeat as necessary or until given an explanation for the "Redundant" tag)
    2-J -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:59AM (#352986)
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  • Another point... (Score:2, Insightful)

    The music that was used for the song "It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small" was the music that Spencer wrote. The supposed fax occurred when Spencer inquired about using of the song in what turned out to be Elva Snow's "Could Ya."

    Interestingly enough, Morrissey released the song as well, and form the lyrics, it seems to be a jibe towards Spencer, as was suggested in this interview with him: []

    "Ever since Spencer left Morrissey's band, there's been rumours popping up occasionally which haven't been particularly savoury (or sweet, for that matter). I won't air them here, as you'll have read them before elsewhere. But I had to ask... what does he make of the rumour that last year's B-side 'It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small' is about him? "Well, if so, there's nothing quite like being kept alive in the writings of a master wordsmith." Don't you just want to give Spencer a great big hug?"
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @12:10PM (#352989)
  • Calm down. (Score:2, Insightful)

    I think some people need to relax...
    As somebody else has said, it could have been a long running 'in-joke' between Morrissey and the band which, once relations had soured between the two, Spencer no longer found so amusing. Also, who is to say that Spencer wasn't overdoing his 'sensitive' side a little for Scott Matthew's benefit?

    Nobody on here will ever know the truth of any other the rumours that surface now and then, it was just a mildly amusing little story.

    largactil -- Sunday June 13 2010, @12:47PM (#352991)
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  • As much as I adore Morrissey, I believe this story to be true.
    Disappointed Jew.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @01:45PM (#353000)
    • Re:oh well by marred (Score:1) Monday June 14 2010, @04:50PM
  • I go out drinking and doing drugs? That seems like the logical thing to do. I liked Spencer, but this is no better than any other "used to work with Moz" story (because they're almost all lies).

    Until and unless Spencer can produce this fax in a manner that leaves zero doubt that Morrissey wrote it, I call bullshit. (My bet? He and his mate there smoked it.) I hope Morrissey has his attorneys standing by.

    I suppose that every time Morrissey gives me the cutesy little "gay handshake" (it's on page 69 of your Gay Agenda) he's actually physically assaulting me!?!?

    Someone look up the number for the GayPD. I've got a Viva Hate crime to report!

    Adam_Atl <{adam} {at} {}> -- Sunday June 13 2010, @02:29PM (#353002)
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    So suddenly meaningless...
  • Its all there in Mozipedia under the entry for Spencer Cobrin. (Albeit without wwhat was actually said, obvioulsy SPencer has more scruples than this bloke) Thats what all this relates to. I believe the songs in question were around the time of Maladjusted B-sides?

    As an atheist Jew I've been called far worse by people I regard as friends. And I humour them by being self-deprecatory about it.

    Once me and a few friends watching a documentary about white supremacists in the States. They were interviewing some of these lovely people. Lo and behold the black "jokes" and insults were met in hushed silence as one of our party was/is black.

    As soon as the Jewish jokes and insults came out of these white supremacists' mouths then all sorts of laughter emanated from the others I was with (and I'll admit even myself!)
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @02:42PM (#353004)
  • "God Bless Israel" (Score:1, Insightful)

    That's what Morrissey said a few years ago in a promotional video for an upcoming Israeli gig. Boy, did he catch a lot of crap for that one.

    He also had writing on his arm - if I remember correctly, it was the word "Israel" in Hebrew.

    There are anti-semites out there who support Israel, but they tend to be either apocalyptic Christian fundamentalists or hardcore neo-conservatives. Morrissey doesn't strike me as either one of those, so I'm guessing that this is some kind of personal thing between Morrissey and Spencer.

    It's disturbing, but goodness only knows what goes on inside the man's head...
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @03:35PM (#353006)
    • Video Link: by Anonymous (Score:1) Sunday June 13 2010, @04:41PM
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  • I’m a mixture of Hungarian, Romanian, Irish, and Russian. And other things. I think the last time I was in a Synagogue was my Bat-mitzvah. My Roommate in the dorms and it was all girls, not coed, because I was a freshman, the first few days said in bed that night “I was so scared to get a JEW for a roommate. I can’t stand Japs (Jewish American princess, for those who are on the other side of the Atlantic). I thought you were one because of all your Benetton shirts, and that your grandmother sprayed Lysol all over your mattress a few days ago because she was worried you were not sleeping in your own bed anymore”. And probably because my grandmother also asked my roommate “Are you a gentile?” LOL What a word. What a word, she actually said that to my roommate. At the time I told her “Oh she’s old, she uses words like that.” I just pulled the covers up and was like “Oh Great”.

    This Scott Matthew. What’s in a name comes to mind and then there were two. Whoever this man is, kid, whoever it is … Was it a public, social, and moral responsibility to launch this to the whole wide world? I mean, it seems everything these days, especially pertaining to celebrities like Morrissey, everything gets sent to various websites, innumerable entities, etc. on the internet. And so here it is nonetheless. One of the hundreds, thousands stops on the internet probably before reaching it’s final destination … called “let’s continue to ruin Morrissey’s life”. Haven’t they had enough? I think, I think the Court must resolve “all” ambiguities. Then again too many to mention. The article published by the NME in 2007 that libeled Morrissey was orchestrated and pre-planned to injure Morrissey’s profession and occupation. It Bulldozered him into the ground. When does it end? It seems “there is no end”.

    And who cares if he was under the covers or whatever with Spencer? When I was like ten, I used to be in my bed with my best friend. We would say to my other friend “this is how you’re supposed to do it”. And she’d kiss me and I’d kiss her. And we did it more than that. The other girl took pictures with a Polaroid camera. And we are not gay. Is it on the internet? Probably. A qualified privilege does extend to a communication made by one person to another upon a subject in which both have an interest. However, I do not use Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    This alleged fax in this thread that Morrissey allegedly sent by his fax machine … and is now all over the internet, demonstrates that whoever this guy is who sent it, splattered it, which is the end result obviously all over the internet, that the statement contained in the fax; along with all the other innuendoes in the story here, were communicated with malice or with knowledge of their falsity or reckless disregard of their truth or falsity. Shouldn’t whoever this man is have consulted Morrissey first. The NME first began to allege problems with Morrissey approximately three years ago, and even before the article about immigration and Morrissey being a Racist etc.. It was the NME that suggested all of the other innuendoes, along with their Morrissey is a Racist campaign. This article was published with actual malice. Any reasonable reader would come to this conclusion.

    Just can’t wait until the whole thing blows up in their faces.

    Kate2828 -- Sunday June 13 2010, @03:55PM (#353008)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Usually stories appear on the forum first and then get posted onto the main site as News. As far as I can tell in this instance it hasn't been and has come straight to the main news section?

    Hence an editorial decision was made to submit this as a "news article." A story about an alleged fax which is at least 10 years old accusing Morrissey of being anti-semitic!?! Told by someone who wasn't directly involved in the argument.
    And we wonder why we delve so low?

    (I believe the fax and its contents may be true judging by past interviews with Spencer Cobrin, but its at least 10 years ago.) IS THERE ANY POINT IN SUBMITTING THIS ARTICLE apart from to create a shitstorm?

    Truly disappointed
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @04:08PM (#353009)
  • you most certainly shouldn't, but you did, and now you've accused Morrissey of something you can't prove. Unless you have the original fax? And even if you do, people will believe what they want - and I for one am sick of the "Morrissey is a racisit" bullshit spew that's been tacked to him for years. It's simply NOT true.
    hand in glove -- Sunday June 13 2010, @05:42PM (#353016)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • The Mozipedia book tells a different version of the "Spencer fax" story. In this version of events Spencer is with his wife when the fax arrives (not a boyfriend.) I've taken the liberty to type it up, here's what the book says:
    torr <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 13 2010, @07:08PM (#353027)
    (User #227 Info |
  • Very Interesting. (Score:1, Informative)

    This site has a reference to the story in Mozipedia. Spencer's account differs in that he claims it was his wife that was in the room with him when he received the fax.

    "The Mozipedia book tells a different version of the "Spencer fax" story. In this version of events Spencer is with his wife when the fax arrives (not a boyfriend.) I've taken the liberty to type it up, here's what the book says:

    Morrissey was angered enough by Cobrin's financial grievances against him to send the drummer an abusive fax message. "The fax came through and my wife, at the time, picked it up first,' says Cobrin. "She said "I don't think you should read this." When i read it, i stayed in bed for a week. I couldn't move. There's no point repeating what it said because it's all water under the bridge now, but at the time it wasn't trivial. That was it, he'd crossed the line. It was the cruelest thing you could say to anyone after working together for so long. It still upsets me, but i realise that I'm one in a long line of people who've been treated like that. If there's anything that gets Morrissey upset more than anything else, it's money." A second fax followed. "A much longer one," claims Cobrin, "but there was no apology. It was just more blame, more pointing fingers and being very childish. That was the end of it. I was persona non grata after that."
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @07:12PM (#353028)
  • i wanna know why alain is not in the band and if and moz get along.
    rooneyred -- Sunday June 13 2010, @07:52PM (#353030)
    (User #17066 Info)
  • Is this an effing fan site or isn't it? Now, I don't mean we should fellate Moz at any given moment, but maybe watch the snark factor?
    mozsmonster -- Sunday June 13 2010, @09:01PM (#353032)
    (User #22784 Info)
    • Fax you by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 14 2010, @03:07PM
      • Re:Fax you by mozsmonster (Score:1) Monday June 14 2010, @06:24PM
  • didn't morrissey play a gig in tel aviv awhile back?
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:12PM (#353034)
    • differences by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 14 2010, @12:50AM
  • did people still say things like "jew boy" even in the late 90s?
    i think not
    then again it seems late to be faxing a lot
    se repenti fort <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 13 2010, @11:56PM (#353036)
    (User #15856 Info)
  • I think this story is likely to be blown all out of proportion on this site. It was just an anecdote and quite frankly ... so what.
    However, I would say that Scott Matthew is a terrific musician/ /singer/ writer and well worth checking out. The concerts he played last year with his current band were extremely intense and moving.
    Tomi -- Monday June 14 2010, @01:24AM (#353039)
    (User #15918 Info)
  • I would say this story is most likely true. Though I think it's more indicative of Morrissey's sometimes childish sense of humour (a bit like a five year old enjoying saying "bum") and difficulty in judging what is appropriate than any genuine racist views. He maybe needs to realise that comments like that are accepted (just) when you are good friends with someone, but when there's a falling out the "joke" no longer works.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @02:03AM (#353041)
    • Re:My opinion by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 14 2010, @01:43PM
  • "Poor Spencer, he was just devastated. He’s very sensitive, too. I think after that he and I just went to a bar, did some drugs, drank beer for ten hours."

    So we take the word of a drunken drug user and accept this drug/alcohol induced hallucination as fact?
    We all know how reliable and trustworthy those people are right?
    This site should be shut down. Permanently.

    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @02:36AM (#353043)
  • it's not only negative, it's offensive and hurtful to Morrissey. Just remove it. This is asking for trouble!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @03:16AM (#353044)
  • and I just don't. Even if the story is 100% accurate this is how my friends of various races talk to each other constantly. Granted, they're not fighting, but it wouldn't suddenly indicate a history of deep seeded racism on all sides even if they were.

    In a word, meh. This is nothing but trouble stirring (for Morrissey in the original article and especially for it to be posted here).
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @04:16AM (#353048)
  • Butt Magazine (Score:1, Interesting)

    This site is only quoting an article from Butt attack them for publishing it...Morrissey may not have know about the article if not for this site, so he should be thankful to solo. Now Moz..bring on the lawyers, we are gonna kick some butt!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @06:58AM (#353062)
  • says it all

    Spencer and Morrissey were more than bandmates

    [remember he 'ever'spoke about pictirus taken
    for fun when touring in a hotelroom, some
    pics like the 'arse'one on the sleeve, seemed to be made]

    Spencer wanted more artistic input,which it seemed he didn't get, or was iritated,and so not asked for the Oye Esteban Tour [he was passed
    for recordings also,like Gary on Vauxhall]

    Both are now ex Lads

    Anyway Matthew story doesn't have full prove, or
    doesn't mean a thing,as he comes not from camp Moz, and he can tell anything for some money,
    he desperately need for his next fix

    the BUTT story is bullocks, sorta eNeMEy but lower
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Monday June 14 2010, @07:45AM (#353065)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • yeah, I think the combination of a drug addict and a magazine named BUTT should be the source for all news.

    I think this is more like, joking around and calling your black friend the n word or your gay friend the f word . . . I don't see the big deal if it did happen- the context can be altered too easily.

    Everyone is racist to some degree. Yes, EVERYONE- even YOU . .. and yes, you.

    Overall funny story and I kind of wanted to hear that guys album til I saw the title was a paragraph- that is always a bad sign about the content of an album- usualy means the artist realized that the album really says nothing so they want to be clever with the title
    Moz's milk -- Monday June 14 2010, @08:39AM (#353069)
    (User #23073 Info)
  • I think that is funny. A fax coming from Morrissey telling Spencer his loss. Who cares if he said Jew Boy. He can call me a honky white cracker and I wouldn't care.
    Roky74 -- Monday June 14 2010, @10:34AM (#353077)
    (User #23477 Info)
    • Re:Very funny by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 16 2010, @08:57AM
  • The only time I've ever heard the JB moniker is in a joking context*, but obviously it's one of those highly-charged words and you need very good rapport skills to carry it off. Personally, I wouldn't have used it in a fax or email context where your meaning could be misunderstood.

    *such as the comedian/actor Richard Belzer, who is Jewish himself.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @11:01AM (#353079)
  • Morrissey on racism (Score:3, Informative) []

    I abhor racism and oppression or cruelty of any kind and will not let this pass without being absolutely clear and emphatic with regard to what my position is.

    Racism is beyond common sense and I believe it has no place in our society.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @01:00PM (#353086)
  • This is probably the best tack to take on the recollection recounted here, without more knowledge of the communications and relationship. A personal tiff between the two of them is hardly anyone else's business anyhow. They're big and ugly enough to sort it out amongst themselves if they want, so let's just pass over it, for the next great wound...

    As a general rule, faxing barely-articulate epithets with an ethnic or religious tag seems neither wise nor sensitive. Someone other than Spencer however, might have dealt with it by sending one back in kind e.g. 'fine, you mongrel Paddy Brit pretender!!' This kind of banter does go on between people who know and like eachother well enough, even if it's always a bit risky. Still, bottom line: sticks and stones... , and we weren't there.

    Is Morrissey making music and when is he going to tour again?
    goinghome -- Monday June 14 2010, @04:12PM (#353139)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Didn't go through every last comment above, but wasn't a racial epithet uttered in the studio one of the reasons Spenny left in the first place?

    Talented drummer and song writer -- too bad.
    king leer -- Monday June 14 2010, @05:00PM (#353145)
    (User #80 Info)
  • On another note... (Score:2, Interesting)

    The bigger story to me here is yet more corroboration that Morrissey is a manipulative asshole, who seems to think that people are supposed to work for free. He doesn't seem capable of dealing with even minor disputes in a mature manner.

    Sometimes I am convinced that he is a fairly harmless sociopath, who has an almost autistic like incapability of understanding the feelings of others. Maybe it's his sociopathic nature that makes it seem that way, and the reality is, he really doesn't care. Either way, his bitterness seems to have a large tent.

    He's a legendary miser, and when someone is involved in so many bad professional, and personal relationships, at some point, you have to stop pointing the finger, and look at yourself.

    It's not a coincidence that the man has had so many legal issues regarding finances.

    Morrissey is a blame addict, whose life is so cocooned that he can afford to treat people with a callous disregard, and then play the victim.

    Anyone who has been in, or witnessed a bad relationship, can see the signs in his behavior.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @06:16PM (#353151)

  •     I reckon this goes down as worthy of a libel
        This guy's gonna be sorry for what he said.
    mauve21 -- Monday June 14 2010, @09:24PM (#353157)
    (User #13027 Info)
  • jew boy is a term of affection between two old friends. be careful when you start wielding the "anti-semitic" chain. The jews are very organized about discrediting. But being hispanic, I've noticed that countless numbers of jews are quick to disparage "mexicans" when it comes to the slightest faults.
    i don't blame morrissey at all.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @09:27PM (#353158)
  • Their agenda (like this Scott Matthew clown) only involves three words:



    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @01:31AM (#353166)
  • Let's hope Moz slags off Jesse and forces him to leave too. Moz is desperately in need of a new band. Anything would be better than the fools he is surrounded by now (with the exception of the ace Boz). The Wombles would be a better backing band.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @05:29AM (#353173)
    • Re:Wombles by Kate2828 (Score:1) Tuesday June 15 2010, @02:33PM
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        • Re:Wombles by Kate2828 (Score:1) Wednesday June 16 2010, @01:27PM
    • stupid fool by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 16 2010, @03:18PM
      • Re:stupid fool by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 16 2010, @05:43PM
        • Re:stupid fool by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 16 2010, @06:53PM
  • Shame on people. So easy to judge others, when no human being on this earth is perfect. It's a hypocritical world, a laughable world. There's no proof that Moz said this in the first place. If he did so what. He's not a bad person. Moz is a nice bloke. Didn't he play Israel a few years ago? So there you go.Moz is an honest bloke, he has praised Spencer for his drumming.Moz does to like Spencer.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @05:34AM (#353174)
    • Re:mad world by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday June 15 2010, @05:37AM
  • Give me Spencer and Gary over that Walker kid and the Simon Gallup wannabe any day.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @08:39AM (#353180)
  • From the Southpaw reissue:

    "A great personal joy for me on Southpaw is Spencer's drumming, which was largely the result of Lillywhite jabbing away at Spencer almost to the point of cruelty. Spencer was pushed and pushed without mercy, and although his best emerged, he could not be befriended..."
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @09:29AM (#353186)
  • after that JEW BOY! remark.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @09:32AM (#353187)
  • []
    ThinkOfMeKindlyLV -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @07:24PM (#353207)
    (User #18284 Info |
  • "and you have to be careful who you talk to about it. I mean it’s such a terrible thing in so many cases, just that idea of being an adult and taking advantage of a child, ruining someone’s entire life for your own sexual gain. But it’s not all black and white, either. In no way do I condone something like that, just I know there’s a massive grey area. It’s such a bizarre, complicated thing to try to discuss."

    I can't believe anyone is giving the slightest bit of credence to this guy. He begins his interview with the above comment... why even bother to read on? Am I missing something here? "There's a large grey area when it comes to ruining a child's life for your own sexual gain?"
    ThePoet1745 -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @07:51PM (#353208)
    (User #6364 Info)
  • ...but you are. Look, i'm a 20 plus year fan. During this time, i've come to realize the man has flaws (as we all do), and that he's human, even if he protests this fact sometimes.
          The fact that this guy says; "oh, i shouldn't be saying this.." but does anyway, suggests to me that he had every intention of "saying this", otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned it at all.
          Hey, I love Morrissey, and am not a synchophant (sp..sorry, it's late here), but the drivel that's been posted on here as of late makes me wonder if this is a fansite anymore...and can understand why Moz thinks a lot of his fans hate him.
    Spinster -- Tuesday June 15 2010, @10:31PM (#353212)
    (User #2887 Info)
  • I'll give it to Moz. The music industry is worse then the movie industry. He must have to deal with on a daily basis numb skulls who have their heads so far up their arses. Imagine coming up against red tape all the time when you are a true original like Moz. I imagine its endlessly frustrating. I can see why he gets others to do the work for him. I would do the same if I got malicious "no's" on a frequent basis from pompous industry a-holes.

    Where would Moz be if he didn't have this stubborn attitude? It's the only way he's survived and been revelant his whole career. I can't compare him to anyone.

    Viva Moz!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 16 2010, @12:52AM (#353215)
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