posted by davidt on Thursday January 21 2010, @12:00PM
jimmotherwell writes:
Morrissey mentioned in William Gibson novel
Morrissey is mentioned in the William Gibson novel Spook Country. The fictional heroine is the former lead singer with the band Curfew, she has since became a journalist and is caught by Cuban spies whilst investigating a story, one of the protagonists on realising she is a pop star exclaims `at least it`s not Morrissey`

I think Morrissey would have approved.
zieggla writes:
Morrissey on WRS
WORLD RADIO SWITZERLAND has chosen "When last time I spoke to Carol" for its playlist. The song went on its "On the edge" section, which means it can be heard aproximately ten times a week.

All the best songs of Morrissey solo and The Smiths are also played regularly on the station programmes. To go and check it out :
An anonymous person writes:
SnowWatch on TV - "Oscillate Wildly" played
It's hardly a "scoop" - but turned on SnowWatch for a bit of wildlife news and was chuffed to hear Oscillate Wildly!!!
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