posted by davidt on Wednesday January 06 2010, @03:00PM
Some Totally Random Moz Fan writes:
In case you missed it on TTY:

Statement from Morrissey
6 January 2010

Statement from Morrissey:

Following consultation with my lawyers, I wish it to be known that I have terminated with immediate effect my association with Front Line Management (Irving Azoff, Andy Gould and Lil Gary), who no longer have any rights to issue any statements on my behalf. I would also like to stress that I have no association with accountants appointed by Front Line, namely London & Co.
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  • I'd get him a record contract too.
    devout -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @04:14PM (#348783)
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  • Hasn't Morrissey toured before without a manager or a record deal? Who knows in a few months' time?!

    That's the end of so, presumably. The bonus reference to the accountancy firm is intriguing. There's some discussion on the forums about this news - []

    Best wishes to him, whatever the inclination is now.

    goinghome -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @04:22PM (#348784)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • . . . of content, reference to lawyers and accountants . . .all very ominous.

    Love you M. 2010 will be a beautiful time pour vous. Keep warm mon beau amor, was to be in the city tomorrow but am not driving in -7 degree skaterinks . . .

    Piccadily -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @05:11PM (#348790)
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  • Is he having another bout of what Jo Slee (ed- I think it was her but I could be wrong) who said in an interview that Morrissey just fires everybody and leaves everybody in the lurch for no reason.

    Who knows? But hopefully he's left a post-it-note on the window screen of his P.A Pitbull reading 'DO ONE'

    Hello Indie -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @06:18PM (#348798)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Which is nearly a decade in Morrissey years.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @06:36PM (#348800)
  • one of the hardest things my students can do is take responsibility for themselves - at times I feel that Morrissey has this same problems

    It is always everyone else's fault - now this is total speculation but come on morrissey - what did they do?

    moho -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @06:55PM (#348801)
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  • At REAL management. No one of any skills or quality is going to go anywhere near him now.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @07:46PM (#348805)
  • It needed to be done.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @09:17PM (#348807)
  • Wait. (Score:2, Insightful)

    We need to know why. Jumping to conclusions doesn't make matters any better. There's probably a very good reason...

    I hope he can work this out quickly. It saddens me that he's without management and a record deal.
    hand in glove -- Wednesday January 06 2010, @09:40PM (#348808)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
    • Re:Wait. by orlando (Score:1) Friday January 08 2010, @02:08AM
  • No doubt (Score:1, Funny)

    There is some revenue stream that is about to come to him that he doesnt want to give up 20 percent of!
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @02:04AM (#348815)
  • So the CEO of the repulsive Ticketmaster is gone, and not before time...ever wondered about the endless tours that put Moz in Hoz? Azoff.

    Good riddence to the shyster and his vile team.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @03:20AM (#348818)
  • New start (Score:3, Insightful)

    Well, maybe he simply wants a new whole team. Some artists do change managers, record labels, web designers, etc after a while, so they can start a new page in their carrer. I'm not that surprise.
    Gejo -- Thursday January 07 2010, @04:59AM (#348823)
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    • Re:Oops! by Gejo (Score:1) Thursday January 07 2010, @05:02AM
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    • Re:New start by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday January 08 2010, @03:34AM
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  • And thus, the saga of Morrissey gets even duller.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @05:08AM (#348825)
  • Hilarious. (Score:1, Interesting)

    How long have people here been clamoring for Moz to dump Azoff...? Now that he finally has, you're berating him, accusing him of tantrums, suspecting ulterior motives. The man simply can't win - and doesn't deserve "fans" like you bunch of hypocritical whingers.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @07:26AM (#348830)
    • Re:Hilarious. by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday January 08 2010, @03:24AM
  • His finances have got to be a mess at this point.
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @10:18AM (#348833)
  • New Morrissey blog:

    it's updated daily

    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @11:31AM (#348837)
  • yet another change
    no contract, no management
    great oppurtunity to call it a day
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @11:53AM (#348842)
  • wander through life living lavishly for a while and cash in on the Smiths reunion tour
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @12:07PM (#348843)
  • right on. (Score:3, Insightful)

    Moz is forever fighting the good fight. it must be the punk rocker in him. hopefully we have another epic era without a record label, and a tour with the best lineup and setlists. spike smith, or spencer return?! maybe the pearl jam bro's will jump ship now for a better deal and moz can get back to work with the real band....
    Mikeidge -- Thursday January 07 2010, @04:13PM (#348856)
    (User #108 Info)
    • Congratulations by king leer (Score:1) Thursday January 07 2010, @07:37PM
    • Re:right on. by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday January 08 2010, @03:37AM
    • Punk Rocker? (Score:2, Insightful)

      I am not really sure that our old man ever fights a good fight,but he will carry on,he will carry on.He never fights,he quits with no problem,but carries on nonetheless.Fighting is not his style.He will be fine however.
      KEVSTER -- Saturday January 09 2010, @02:22PM (#348912)
      (User #18942 Info)
  • Don't know what else to say but that I'm sorry honey. :(
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @10:26PM (#348871)
  • SJM's Mike hinc is his closest person for the media to contact MORRISSEY

    whose got his faxmachine nmbr

    [its not handy carrying a fax with you all the time, so he must have a good mobile with twitter
    and that stuff]

    040-2111732 is my nmbr, I'm free for the job
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday January 08 2010, @08:21AM (#348888)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • Signing up to sing (Score:4, Informative)

    Other media outlets have picked up on this news. Prefixmag added the following positive observation:

    "Morrissey has endured other label-less periods in his career, and it’s unlikely he will remain unsigned for long -" From: []

    goinghome -- Saturday January 09 2010, @02:13PM (#348911)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • as i clicked onto this announcment, 'stop me if you think you've heard this one before' is the next tune to play on pandora
    judefolly -- Sunday January 10 2010, @02:47AM (#348920)
    (User #21304 Info |
    'sick to the back teeth'
  • Now, finally, there's time to get those remastered Smiths-cd's done in a decent way. Call Johnny, Moz!
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 10 2010, @04:39AM (#348921)
  • me where Morrissey is someone. I don't want to think of him as being as far away as America.
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 10 2010, @02:35PM (#348928)
  • I suggest to the “fans”, especially the ‘anonymous’ ones, “fans” -- If you don’t like my messages, don’t read them. Nobody is forcing you to scan my posts. If you don’t like me, don’t look at me. Get your hands off me. Haters, you must be bad luck. I find my sentimental heart hardens. I know it’s gonna happen someday. What happens if someone hates life but they fear death. Instead of sympathy I find my sentimental heart hardens.

    There’s all this hate mail directed at me as usual and most of them are jumping out of surprise cakes with missing pieces and mysterious cars of the police’s.

    First of all, to the anonymous caller who said Morrissey admitted Swords was crap whereas I thought it was wonderful. And then you proceeded to state that my world caved in. My Baby’s assessment. Ok. That, that anti-Kate note, I’m going to address. Because I said to the flat mate over here, the one who doesn’t love Morrissey and, who returned Swords because I wouldn’t accept the one he got me. That’s right, then he wrecked it. Yes because the one who said that only The Smith’s TQID is good, well he returned it. Can you imagine. Instead of keeping it for himself. Oh no, he returned it!. Ok. Now, in his car he doesn’t have it. Right. So do you see what I am dealing with. That you’ll agree. He returned his Swords. Enough is enough. My heart is too lost to find. So I said to him “how could Morrissey think this. That Swords is such a meek disaster.” Mind you, after I bought three versions with Live in Warsaw because the store had three with Live in Warsaw when we went after he returned it. And they had one of the regular Swords in the Morrissey section, lane. No, the rack where it says “Morrissey”. He goes “That’s not what Morrissey meant” He said “Morrissey loves it. He means because it didn’t sell”. I told the Jackson Browne/Don Henley, Haaaa Henley what a name, stupid name that “no, no, he said it” . I made it clear to him that Morrissey said Swords was such a meek disaster. He told me that I misinterpreted it completely and that’s not what Morrissey means. So to answer your question whoever you are -- yes, yes. I was. Because it’s the first time that I didn’t have the same assessment. My world didn’t cave in as you so eloquently put it, but I am rattled. I wondered how such things become possible. Because I’m looking at all the hate mail from you all and it’s difficult to keep your mental balance and to remain unclouded at such times. Life has come to this?

    I am repeatedly honored and speechless by you all and your kindness. I am. Look at this.

    But then, I’d like to say thank you to Davidt, Kewpie and Peter because they lowered a lot of you all to -1, flamebaits, etc. etc. Davidt has the final say, the last word. This much I know. I see many of the hate mail directed at me, many of these collapsed under a mound of -1, flamebait, etc. where they rightfully belong.
    Even though you see the death of culture all around you, you also want to raise whatever it is you do to a higher plane, yet there is no one, it seems, who can inch the manager thing forwards. As we all now know, the web site of Morrissey-Solo is purely full of conformists -- not even individualists - anymore. And it only makes you feel more lonely. She’s happy so leave her alone with her baby.

    I was delighted at the cloud over certain anonymous’ post . I’m throwing my arms around Paris. However, I’m throwing my arms around Paris did not chart in France! … but everything has its time and place. i.e. David and I were up front right at the stage in NYC with Morrissey. Yes. David had a beautiful camera. David loves Morrissey. It happened, and unlike England, Piccadily. Yes. I was there.
    To the other anonymous caller who said, you said it’s not going to happen is it. Isn’t it.

    And psychotherapists see psychiatrists. But then my psychiatrist, he just has two chairs. No sofa. Except in the waiting room. I’m mentally ill.. But meanwhile I knew I was next and …

    Next on the list who couldn’t even spell their own name. To the next hater
    Kate2828 -- Sunday January 10 2010, @10:46PM (#348935)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • The statement I'd love to read next is this:
    "I know, tragic, but I've often found myself on The vast majority of people who write on it are complete idiots of whom, frabnkly, I'm surprised have the coinage in which to buy a computer - nevermind use the actual thing."
    Anonymous -- Thursday January 07 2010, @11:47AM (#348841)
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