posted by davidt on Thursday December 10 2009, @11:00PM
sibyl vane writes:
Morrissey dominates business questions. But the good life is out there somewhere.

Sketch: The Commons debates the Smiths -
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  • So the House of Commons is kinda turning into a Smiths website, then.

    Now the Smiths-inspired nicknames, perhaps later they'll be quarreling?

    Où sont les neiges d'antan?
    MILVA -- Friday December 11 2009, @03:47AM (#346983)
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  • Do you think in 10 years time, parliament will be talking about which Suede / Blur / Oasis / Radiohead song best represents their character? Or in 20 years time, which Franz Ferdinand / Libertines / Interpol song? (Although at Copenhagan, Obstacle 1 might be apt) I don't think so. Morrissey's lyrics had an astonishing impact (although I still love hamburgers - sorry)
    Anonymous -- Friday December 11 2009, @04:49PM (#347111)

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