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Releases: 'MORRISSEY / THE SMITHS' - Upset! The Rhythm

UTR034 | 7" | 2 tracks, 7 mins | November 2009

It doesn't get much more obvious than this, does it? Two like-minded experimental pop groups - who share a great deal of personal history and an unhealthy, often frustrating obsession with the works of one Steven Patrick Morrissey - come together to cover a couple of songs. Why hasn't this happened already? Is there an emoticon for "duh"? Because, well, duh!

But sometimes first thought really is best thought. Take, for example, this particularly choice split, right? Celebrating the first half century of our beloved Bigmouth, acclaimed Moz acolytes XIU XIU completely eviscerate one of Morrissey's most effective paeans to righteous self-loathing - the punishing, Gameboy-composed assault of solo weeper "I Am Hated For Loving".

Likewise, you've got Portland, Oregon's premiere pantywaists PARENTHETICAL GIRLS appearing here perhaps at their ballsiest — embracing the muted violence of early, under-represented Smiths masterpiece "Handsome Devil".

If only all things could be this simple.
The Parenthetical Girls cover is currently playable on their MySpace page.
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  • Good Lord... The parenthetical girls sound like Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes being gang-raped over a pickle barrel! That version sums up everything I detest about the Portland Music scene... Whiny little bastards with premature hipster combovers, playing sloppy and under-rehearsed versions of songs best left alone, as some kind of "ironic" In joke to drink Pabst to...

    On the flipside of that, there are dozens of Brilliant bands out of Portland. They just happen to not be one of them!
    Georgissey <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 19 2009, @09:04AM (#344865)
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  • I think this cover is kind of brilliant. This dude/band, along with Jamie Steweart/Xiu Xiu are TRUE "disciples" of Morrissey/The Smiths. All of these other bands citing The Smiths/Moz as influences (cough the Courteeners cough) are NO WHERE near to these guys. These guys have lived the life Morrissey has, at least in some respects, strictly judging from their music. The "Handsome Devil" cover is just as aggressive, if not more so than the original. The "Jack the Ripper" bit is also totally working. Bravo, I say, I SAY.
    TP -- Thursday November 19 2009, @08:19PM (#344945)
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  • []

    I didn't put it there. Just found it.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 20 2009, @08:46AM (#344989)

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