posted by davidt on Sunday October 25 2009, @03:00PM
Morrissey's Quiff sends the link:

Morrissey - O2 Academy Bournemouth

This show will not take place on medical advice. This follows Morrissey's hospitalisation on Saturday night in Swindon. Morrissey has now been released from hospital and under instruction to rest. Ticket holders are advised to retain their tickets and await further news regarding a potential rescheduled date or refund.

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  • Sorry Moz, but I just want my money back. Think it's time to hang up your gloves and stop wasting your fan's time.
    joyce -- Sunday October 25 2009, @03:07PM (#341150)
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  • Yikes...get better chuckles.
    KEVSTER -- Sunday October 25 2009, @03:14PM (#341153)
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  • well his heart is closed to you. But keep your wallet open and please please please let him get what he wants.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 25 2009, @03:18PM (#341155)
  • I was driving from Manchester and booked tickets specifically to see Him because it was my birthday and would have been a fitting time for my tenth show. The level of ignorance on here disgusts me. He collapses, is UNCONSCIOUS and 'fans' on here have the audacity to criticise cancellations. You have a choice; I hear Take That are stoic performers. SoLow indeed.

    If you read this Moz (and I hope to God you don't) then get well, ignore the doubters and take as much time as you need. The real fans will be here when you are ready to receive us once more.

    Keep the faith. x
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 25 2009, @04:39PM (#341174)
  • A drunk guy is walking down the street. He sees this nun, runs up and knocks her over.

    He says, "You don't feel so tough now, do you, Batman!?"
    goinghome -- Sunday October 25 2009, @05:06PM (#341183)
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  • Cancel them all (Score:1, Insightful)

    Please don't make the mistake of last time and keep coming on stage, then canceling, then coming back on stage. It really screws everyone up. It's possible for people to change their plans if they have notice but the day of a gig is not enough notice.

    You need to rest and sort out what the problem is now. The problem is not what people will think about you if you cancel the RAH or anywhere again. It's not about what the press will write or think. It's not about what losers or uninformed people embellish with their "holding onto chest" stories.

    None of these things are now important. It is now about you and only you. You were unwell and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital after falling on stage. Please don't even consider going to the RAH or anywhere until what is going through your mind is the gig and how you want to enjoy and give your all in that gig. Don't go on that stage if the reason for it is money, insurance, loyalty or whatever.

    I will follow you as so many people will when you are well. Stop now, go somewhere you can relax, get any medical advice and help you need but focus on you. That is what we want. We need you to be strong, happy and healthy. Forget everything else. If anyone is advising you for any other reason to carry on working then tell them for fucks sake to fuck off.

    We need you but above all You need You and you can only do that if you ignore everything and sort you out.

    Get well. I love you now and always. You gave and give me so much. Time for you to forget the mundane issues here and look after number one.

    Rest and get well now, not Wednesday but now.


    Anonymous -- Sunday October 25 2009, @05:27PM (#341191)
  • Swindon 24.10.09 (Score:1, Interesting)

    I was at his gig on Saturday the 24th of October. I am 14 and I had been looking forward to this for a long while. Morrisey is my idol. His voice sends me into a little world of my own. When he collapsed that night at roughly 9:34pm GMT I was shocked and deeply concerned. The morning after I had heard that he was submitted to hospital, however, was in a stable condition. This lightened my worries slightly however, I send my best wishes for Morrisey to return to the best of health.
    He truly are a Living legend.
    thank you for your beautiful music....
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 25 2009, @05:43PM (#341195)
  • The quality of the comments posted on this website really has reached rock bottom. Who gives a fuck about money and concert tickets. This is a person's health we are talking about. Moz - get well soon, we love you.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 25 2009, @05:44PM (#341196)
  • I do not have tickets for any of the upcoming shows, but I was hoping when he made it back to America there would be shows in or around NC. But, you know what? I am NOT concerned about that anymore. In fact, if Morrissey needs to stop touring altogether, I'm fine with it. I want him to get well. I want him to feel better and be healthy. That's all that matters to me. There is obviously something going on because he's been sick on and off since February. What happened last night was an eye opener for me. I learned that I can feel at peace with the music that he has already given us, but I cannot imagine, nor feel complete, if HE wasn't still here with us. I mean, I'd go on, of course, but there would be a vast emptiness in my heart that could never be full again. So, whatever it takes to make him well, I'm all for it.
    hand in glove -- Sunday October 25 2009, @07:12PM (#341205)
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    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Get well MOZ.
    ImAPoet -- Sunday October 25 2009, @08:05PM (#341213)
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    Do Something New...:)
  • SO sorry to hear of what happened to Morrissey on Saturday; I truly hope he is resting and feels better soon. His honesty of emotion and open sharing have meant a great deal to me...

    Sending warm and good wishes to the Mozza!!!!
    Rebekah11 -- Sunday October 25 2009, @11:38PM (#341225)
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  • If anyone knows of any pubs or bars that were planning on having a Moz night tonight in Bournemouth, please let us know... would love to have something to do this evening (it's not exactly Las Vegas here). Thanks
    Anonymous -- Monday October 26 2009, @02:35AM (#341236)
  • don't pull another Michael Jackson on us :(
    Anonymous -- Monday October 26 2009, @02:45AM (#341237)
  • now official statements on


    maynardmorrissey -- Monday October 26 2009, @03:10AM (#341240)
    (User #21173 Info)
    To be finished would be a relief.
  • I was there at Swindon and was gutted that it turned out the way it did. I've seen him a few times before and been a fan for twenty odd years. He's amazing. What's amazing me now though is the lack of compassion amongst you lot. I've had my tickets for 6 months now and this was the highlight of my year, but at the end of the day surely his health is the most important thing. I am amazed he made the effort to come on at all. He was obviously unwell and those saying that he walked off stage are clealy mad. I was right at the front and he collapsed not more than 4 feet in front of me. God bless you Mozza. Get well soon. (Please re-arrange when you are well enough, can't wait to see you again.)
    AndiKibble -- Monday October 26 2009, @03:39AM (#341245)
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  • Is there any real speculation as to what is wrong with him? I hope it's not serious.

    Praying for you, Morrissey.
    McQueen -- Monday October 26 2009, @06:21AM (#341279)
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  • a few too many cancelled shows about Morrissey's
    voice/throut and physical condition.

    The Man is 50, he has toured and rehearseled,
    studio time

    I hope after a few days,the coming weekend at
    last, he's fit to do the tour, or else cancel all
    and get rest, 2 years, you've been too busy Morrissey, it's also time for a musical time out.

    Anyway,whatever happens , or what you decide, we
    love you, take care Morrissey
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Monday October 26 2009, @08:32AM (#341288)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • why are you always here posting that stupid link? I don't give two shits for your shitty products.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 26 2009, @12:37AM (#341230)
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