posted by davidt on Thursday October 15 2009, @10:30PM
pepsilizrd writes:
I went to The Airborne Toxic Event show on Tuesday at The House of Blues in Boston, and on the last song of the evening, Missy, was played by them and halfway through the song they did a Smiths medley including Panic, Ask & Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, kind of a treat to hear that the classic Smiths song still being played to this day by the new bands that are out there. He said "in case you don't know who does those songs, it's a great band called The Smiths"
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  • It's sad that the Smiths need any introduction when covered by a mediocre band. First Katy Perry, now this. If they are the standard of popular or edgey, then keep the Smiths/Morrissey anonymity intact.
    charmingjeane <{aidabetz23} {at} {}> -- Friday October 16 2009, @06:14AM (#340337)
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    "But don't mention love!"
    • Re:Ughhh! by hisamia (Score:1) Friday October 16 2009, @11:59AM
  • This is hard for a music snob for me to say BUT..

    This is actually a good band so there should be no comparisons to Katy Perry, Hillary Duff, ect...
    I can't remember the name of their single, but alot of you would like has a smiths/bright eyes sound...
    I'm gonna go find it right now and download it illegally.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 16 2009, @12:57PM (#340381)
  • Me too (Score:2, Interesting)

    Yep they did the same thing when I saw them in Denver. They didn't really cover the songs per se. In the middle of the last song the singer sang a few bars of each of the songs mentioned. It was kind of like what we all do in the shower. I appreciated the homage to The Smiths, but the reason for ATE pulling this out didn't make much sense.
    David Rich -- Friday October 16 2009, @01:16PM (#340391)
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    • Re:Me too by Suswa (Score:1) Saturday October 17 2009, @07:28PM
  • Again, some more great news on Morrissey-solo.
    Cafe Tacuba AND Airbourne Toxic on the same page... It's too much to bare 'cause their both great bands.

    Nice to break away from Russell Brand and Katy Perry.
    Hello Indie -- Saturday October 17 2009, @03:01PM (#340437)
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  • They did the same at the Fox Theater in Pomona (where irronically I'm seeing Moz in Dec.) No Please,please,please though. They do it durring the drum solo part where they introduce the band members. When I saw them before Moz at Coachella they didn't do it because he was there I'm sure, but the singer did say, "Hey I heard the fucking beatles are supposed to play later tonight!" It was funny because the line up was Morrissey then Paul McCartney (who sucked btw)
    VerySharpBreadKnives -- Tuesday October 20 2009, @03:48PM (#340548)
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