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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by Danny_ in the forums (original post):

Interview: Douglas Coupland - GQ

In 2006 you interviewed Morrissey, whose song "Girlfriend In A Coma" inspired the title of your 1997 novel of the same name. What was that meeting like?
I'd actually never interviewed anyone before. With Morrissey, there was this shocking amount of money behind it—flying first class to Rome. I thought, give me some of those [sleeping pill] thingies or whatever, that make it so easy. I took one on the flight there and got to the hotel at like eight at night and took one and woke up at four in the morning and took another one and I woke up and thought, "Gee I feel alert and awake!" I had a coffee and the phone rang, and the woman on the phone says: "Morrissey's bored. He wants to know if you'll do the interview now." That's so Morrissey. So I went there and then I walked in the lounge area and everything started changing proportion—and then suddenly I was on the phone with my agent and I was like What Time Is It? I had this drug-induced, complete ... I kind of remember his hand being like, [gestures widely with arms] this big, and I kinda remember I was talking about the Creature from the Black Lagoon, I have no idea why. I don't know what happened for almost all of it— He well could have suggested we open up a seafood restaurant together, I don't know. And then I had to write around the fact. Morrissey if you read this: sorry.
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  • The "interview" was a disgrace.
    One word comes to mind IDIOT.
    vicarinatutugal -- Wednesday September 16 2009, @12:20PM (#339203)
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    • Re:Rubbish by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday September 16 2009, @12:44PM
    • Re:Rubbish (Score:2, Insightful)

      I respectfully disagree. I think it was a good article. I have the impression he (Douglas) is now exaggerating how out-of-it on pills he was. I think, even if he was negligent in this respect, he recouped in an intelligent way.

      If more people - for example - realised that Morrissey is neither an arsehole nor "the Dalai Lama", his life would probably be a lot easier.

      boredhousewife -- Thursday September 17 2009, @02:18AM (#339232)
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      • Re:Rubbish by Leopold Dilg (Score:1) Saturday September 19 2009, @10:46AM
  • That really was one of the strangest articles about Morrissey that I've ever read.

    It seemed like a rather nasty put-down piece, in which Morrissey was rude, inarticulate and bizarre, with a large head and prone to tourettic outbursts.

    Now we find out that it was Coupland who was (temporarily) out of his mind.

    I suppose Coupland couldn't tell his editors that he totally botched the job, so he went ahead and printed some gibbrish that, nonetheless, made a strange kind of sense.

    Morrissey really does have more than his share of bad luck with interviewers...

    Anaesthesine -- Wednesday September 16 2009, @01:17PM (#339210)
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    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • "I'd never actaully interviewed anyone before."
    Me too.Probably the reason why i do not work for a place to interview folks.This is his first line...That is how he starts!But i go to shows...
    Now,why we are all feeling sorry for ourselves,can we talk to the cat who actually books concerts for a man who won't play them?
    Which is to say,what happened to the first 4 shows of Florida? What happened to being honest?
    He is taking "some sort" of responsibilty for his 3 year old lame ass article,why can't Moz take his?
    C'mon Moz,you keep booking new shows but cannot quite seem to keep old shows.
    Save the "i am sick crap or "the equipment did not fit through the door or "the venue sold meat",save me,oh save me!
    I am sick too,but still que up hours before,buy the tickets months before...
    oh,but don't mention love,or integrity.
    KEVSTER -- Wednesday September 16 2009, @01:45PM (#339211)
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  • Pills would be a good excuse for that interview. []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 16 2009, @01:59PM (#339215)
    • Re:Pills by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday September 16 2009, @02:09PM
  • Haha, what a moron. But at least you gotta give him some credit for admitting it? I mean, I really don't think many people would have. Seafood restaurant, lol!
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 17 2009, @02:37AM (#339234)
  • Totally bizarre interview which was a disappointment after the huge build up. Having said that, it roused my interest in Douglas Coupland enough to read Girlfriend in a Coma which was an excellent novel. If you like Smiths references dotted throughout a book, then this is for you....
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 17 2009, @10:54AM (#339253)

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