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R. Totale sends:


For the first time ever, all of Morrissey’s singles - including all b-sides - from his seven-year tenure on HMV/Parlophone Records will be released on a 3-CD set.

Following the break-up of The Smiths in 1987 at the height of their creative powers and popularity, Morrissey lost his co-writer Johnny Marr in what is considered one of the most productive partnerships in British pop, leaving many to doubt his ability to continue. In February ’88 Morrissey silenced his doubters with the release of his debut solo single ‘Suedehead’; a slice of urgent, shimmering guitar-pop, featuring the Durutti Column’s Vini Reilly and produced by Stephen Street. It went to No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart. This was followed by the No. 9 single ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’, considered by many his greatest song and described by the NME, in its Year in Review, as "The best No. 1 '88 never gave us." Morrissey’s inimitable solo career had begun with two timeless, Top 10 singles.

Beginning with ‘Suedehead’, HMV/Parlophone Singles ’88 – ’95 runs chronologically and consists of 19 incredible singles - 10 of which were non-album releases - b/w not just brilliant b-sides, but some of Moz’s most-loved songs ever. As well as his first two singles, it also includes the highly acclaimed ‘The Last Of The Famous…’, ‘November Spawned A Monster’, ‘Piccadilly Palare’ and ‘Pregnant For The Last Time’, the first single to feature his ongoing collaborator and musical director Boz Boorer who, along with guitarist Alain Whyte, added an American Rockabilly sound to Moz’s distinctive jangle pop.

After the success of these singles, Morrissey recorded an album – 1992’s Your Arsenal - with one of his heroes, Mick Ronson, former David Bowie collaborator and member of The Spiders From Mars. The three singles from this album – ‘We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful’, ‘You’re The One For Me, Fatty’ and ‘Certain People I Know’ – are all included. This was followed by what’s considered by many his greatest album - and final for Parlophone - Vauxhall and I, with singles ’The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’ and ‘Hold On To Your Friends’. Also included is the 1994 duet with Siouxsie Sioux, ‘Interlude’, and non-album singles ’Boxers’ and ’Sunny’, which indicated the direction Morrissey would take on his next album, Southpaw Grammar.

All the b-sides released in this seven-year period are included: 35 studio recordings and seven live recordings. They include the fan-favourite ‘Sister I’m A Poet’; the self-deprecating ‘Disappointed’; Moz’s witty jibe at The Rolling Stones, ‘Get Off The Stage’; his tribute to The Jam in his reworking of ‘That’s Entertainment’; an exquisite cover of indie-skinhead band Bradford’s ‘Skin Storm’; the gorgeous ‘Used To Be A Sweet Boy’; Moz’s exploration of London’s underbelly, ‘Have-A-Go Merchant’ and ‘Black-Eyed Susan’; an affecting version of ‘Moonriver’, and many, many more. There are live versions of The Smiths’ ‘Sweet And Tender Hooligan’ (recorded at Morrissey’s first-ever solo concert), T-Rex’s ‘Cosmic Dancer’, and Viva Hate’s ‘Alsatian Cousin’, amongst others.

HMV/Parlophone Singles ’88 – ’95 will be released on 12th October. In addition to this release, on the same day a limited-edition box set of Morrissey’s 7” singles – The 7” Singles ’88 – ’91 – will be released. The boxset is housed in lift-off-lid box, with a cover-image taken from a photograph by Anton Corbijn. The singles’ artwork, all of which were originally conceived and controlled by Morrissey himself, will be faithfully reproduced for each sleeve and the singles themselves will be on heavyweight vinyl for improved sound quality. A second box set, The HMV/Parlophone Singles ’91 – ’95, will be released on 2nd November.

Disc 1:

I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
Hairdresser On Fire
Oh Well I’ll Never Learn
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Sister I’m A Poet
Will Never Marry
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Lucky Lisp
Michael’s Bones
Interesting Drug
Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
Sweet And Tender Hooligan (live, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 22/12/88)
Oujia Board, Oujia Board
Yes I Am Blind
East West
November Spawned A Monster
He Knows I’d Love To See Him
Girl Least Likely To
Piccadilly Palare
Get Off The Stage
At Amber

Disc 2:

Our Frank
Journalists Who Lie
Tony The Pony
Sing Your Life
That’s Entertainment
The Loop
Pregnant For The Last Time
Skin Storm
Cosmic Dancer (live, Utrecht, Holland 01/05/91)
Disappointed (live, Utrecht, Holland 01/05/91)
My Love Life
I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty
There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
Suedehead (live, Hammersmith Odeon, 04/10/91)
I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty (live, Hammersmith Odeon, 04/10/91)
Pregnant For The Last Time (live, Hammersmith Odeon, 04/10/91)
Alsatian Cousin (live, Hammersmith Odeon, 04/10/91)
You're The One For Me, Fatty
Pashernate Love
There Speaks A True Friend

Disc 3:

Certain People I Know
Jack The Ripper
You’ve Had Her
The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get
Used To Be A Sweet Boy
I’d Love To
Hold On To Your Friends
Moonriver (extended)
Interlude (Morrissey with Siouxsie)
Interlude (extended)
Interlude (instrumental)
Have-A-Go Merchant
Whatever Happens, I Love You
Black-Eyed Susan
Swallow On My Neck
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  • I should think Morrissey will be furious about this release as well.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:03AM (#337948)
  • cheers..Moz
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:13AM (#337950)
  • He ll be going mad, like he has never been...
    Cheers Moz
    Stoned -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:22AM (#337951)
    (User #15689 Info)
  • He's gonna have blood shooting out of his eyes!
      And all released a week before "Swords"!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:26AM (#337952)
    • Re:Crikiey! by Stoned (Score:1) Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:29AM
      • Re:Crikiey! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 11 2009, @03:43PM
  • says (Score:1, Funny)

    I'm Rich Bitch!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:37AM (#337955)
  • profit profit profit and morrissey wont get a penny.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @12:15PM (#337957)
  • Sorry Moz, but this is better than your last album:(
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @12:50PM (#337959)
  • I was looking at this list of songs and rembered how hard it was to get these 20 years ago, when I was 19 and a student at Michigan State. The singles before Oujia Board, Oujia Board were not released in the U.S. I got them by obtaining an import copy of the NME and ordering them by mail from some record store in the U.K. This was after Viva Hate was released, but before Bona Drag, so it was hard to get Moz's new material. When they arrived, it was like finding a crisp $100 bill on the sidewalk. With Oujia, Sire started releasing his singles in the U.S. It was always a delightful suprise to walk into the record store and find a new cd single. This was 1989/90, so pre-internet. The record store is gone now. I had to get my Moz information by waiting for the import only NME to arrive. Now I'm 39 and still checking in on Moz.

    If enough of us by this, maybe it will pay off the judgment and Moz can start getting paid again; he deserves every penny.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @01:04PM (#337963)
  • Wow! The record company wants to sell Morrissey's singles four (4) times over? 1. When they came out 2. CD singles boxes 3. "Limited" box of 7" singles 4. The whole lot on 3 CDs.

    Perhaps HMV is a bit short of cash and therefore looking to back-cataloque releases?

    Most of the fans have these singles already.


    Boxers71 -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @02:48PM (#337970)
    (User #20608 Info)
  • Moz has always been bad with contracts. How many record labels has he been on so far? Managers coming & going. So it really wouldn't surprise me if this was a cash hungry attempt by HMV/Parlophone.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @03:09PM (#337972)
  • For a new fan, this is a great way of gettng all those tough to find tracks. The long-converted will probably not need this. Like others have mentioned, I would have liked to have seen this 10-15 years ago. God only knows how much money I spent on the individual singels. I'm thinking of getting this and selling all my originals. Don't know if I'm getting old or if it's Moz's recent prima-donna behaviour but I no longer feel the urge to own every version of every release. I might start selling off my collection (make a nice little bundle) and only keep the studio albums and this set.

    Born In 1975
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @03:34PM (#337975)
  • The double ciggie pack had all or most of these songs on it. Only difference is they were separate singles and these are spread across 3 discs. What would be nice would be to have a 12 inch box set released. Now that I'd buy just because I have a few scratches on my Twelves after all these years and yes I still play vinyl :)
    marred -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @04:31PM (#337986)
    (User #16308 Info)
  • Record industry are desperate, hang to whatever they can, if the could clone Morrissey they surely would! pathetic.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @04:43PM (#337988)
  • This early period of Morrissey's solo career is a blur to me because I was still grieving the demise of the Smiths. This will now be the ideal opportunity for me to revisit this period and reassess. This is a very important release for me. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 11 2009, @11:22PM (#337994)
  • There are now more re-re-releases of Morrissey's back catalogue than there are of Michael Jackson's.

    I kid you not.

    And don't give me that "the record company does it without his consent" bullshit.

    He made his bed and now he has to lie in it.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @01:12AM (#337998)
  • Why would Morrissey not get performance rights and song writing royalties from these releases?

    It seems a bit odd?!!
    presley1 -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @04:00AM (#338007)
    (User #13663 Info)
  • Does anyone know if this will be remastered? If so, some nice crisp sound would be half a reason to buy (for those of us old enough to spend £70 on them the first time round).

    Sad to think that because Moz tried to be devious and avoid paying the 1997 court order, now his precious royalties are in limbo, and the fans are deprived any decent reissues of his better albums. Though he doesn't seem too bothered about that.

    In fairness to EMI, at least this makes the rare bits available without having to waste money on their own CD single sets. Just a shame it's missing KROQ and Let The Right One Slip In...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @06:04AM (#338011)
  • BitTorrent...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @07:09AM (#338013)
  • they'll be in the 'cheap 3 cd take away'box outside the musicstores
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @07:09AM (#338014)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • With all these b-sides now on a compilation, the Maladjusted b-sides added to the album, and Swords soon to be released, poor old "You Must Please Remember" might be the only Moz b-sided never to be compiled!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @09:44AM (#338023)
    • Don't forget by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday August 12 2009, @11:08AM
  • Why are they treating Moz like a cash cow? Sure, he's a legend and I'm sure he sells plenty of records, but not enough to make a that big difference in the record companies' profit margins.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @10:41AM (#338026)
  • So does Morrissey get any money from this? []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @10:42AM (#338027)
  • So that's the reason I wont buy it...not cause Morrissey tells me not to.

    Really, who is this set for? Too much for the casual fan, nothing new for the hardcores. The artwork and the completist nature is cool, but...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @12:06PM (#338036)
  • Are they expecting a retirement after the concerts in November?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @12:26PM (#338039)
  • I may be very mistaken (well I'm not actually) but I'm sure all his HMV singles were released in 2 boxsets a few years ago.

    So its available for the first time in 3 boxsets... COCKS
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @02:53PM (#338051)
  • Anyone else feel tired of enabling Moz?

    So he doesn't make any money off this release. There are many possible reasons for this. He may have sold off his back catalogue prematurely. He may still be paying off his debt to Andy and Mike. Regardless of how you feel about this, it is a debt HE owes. And if you don't think Andy and Mike deserve their share from The Smiths you've either a. never been in a band, or b. are an egomaniac who's been in a band.

    Moz needs a swift kick in the pants. How many of his fans has he disappointed because he didn't 'feel' like performing that night. As fans, we've let him become the egomaniacal monster he is. I"ll buy this set because I like the idea of having all these songs in one easy package. I could care less what he gets out of it. He's burned every bridge with every person who's made him who he is today, with the exception of his current band.

    Funny how all these tracks are beloved and before this band.

    Flame on.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 12 2009, @10:26PM (#338063)
  • How is this better or worse? Takes up less shelf space, I guess but didn't the box sets let you see all the artwork of the original singles. Will this include that somehow? (a double-sided card for each one would be nice).

    king leer -- Thursday August 13 2009, @01:29AM (#338069)
    (User #80 Info)
  • With consent from Morrissey, A singles box set should be re-released.

    Otherwise, looks like I'm spending possible college money on Moz collectibles.

    - zacksfansite

    Anonymous -- Thursday August 13 2009, @10:57PM (#338116)
  • I'm a sucker for live versions and know the ones
    on it,sorry you don't seserve a penny on it, well
    I lost some money on yer 1995 bowie guest european dates, no-one interested for buying it
    [every Morrissey fan sold it, and Bowie fans didn't care they got their tickets]
    but I'm gonna buy this disc if it's easy avaible,
    read europe mainland, not via amazon with etra delivery costs,no just in a Dutch store

    I'll promise you to buy Swords when it's released

    are we OK M?
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday August 18 2009, @07:23AM (#338175)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I've bought all Smith and Mozzer's full album cassette tapes, then cd's. But to drop $10-$15 on a cd with three songs of which one is on an album and one is live... sorry my man. A collection like the Parlophone Singles is long overdue. Between this and Swords, one only needs to get a hold of the singles between '96-'03. For these I'm buying used on Ebay. Enough is Enough!
    crosask -- Friday October 09 2009, @08:04AM (#340033)
    (User #22958 Info)
  • and it's hear Moz's voice when it was young and still strong, worth every penny
    thewizardofmoz -- Thursday November 05 2009, @12:38PM (#342410)
    (User #22156 Info)

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