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An anonymous person sends:
For the first time in 14 years, some Morrissey’s best-loved singles will be made available in limited edition, 7-inch box sets.

Beginning with ‘Suedehead’, The 7” Singles ’88 – ’91 runs chronologically and consists of 10 incredible singles, six of which were non-album releases (though some appeared on the 1990 compilation ‘Bona Drag’). As well as his first two singles, it also includes the highly acclaimed ‘The Last Of The Famous…’, ‘November Spawned A Monster’, ‘Piccadilly Palare’ and ends with ‘Pregnant For The Last Time’; the first single to feature his ongoing collaborator and musical director Boz Boorer who, along with guitarist Alain Whyte, added an American Rockabilly sound to Moz’s distinctive jangle pop. B-sides include the self-deprecating ‘Disappointed’, Moz’s witty jibe at The Rolling Stones, ‘Get Off The Stage’, his tribute to The Jam in his reworking of ‘That’s Entertainment’, and an exquisite cover of indie-skinhead band Bradford’s ‘Skin Storm’.

The HMV/Parlophone Singles ’91 – ’95 consists of nine singles. Beginning with ‘My Love Life’, it moves through three singles from the Mick Ronson-produced ‘92 album Your Arsenal – ‘We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful’, ‘You’re The One For Me, Fatty’ and ‘Certain People I Know’ – on to what’s considered by many his greatest album - and final for Parlophone - Vauxhall and I, with singles ’The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’ and ‘Hold On To Your Friends’. Also included is the ’94 duet with Siouxsie Sioux, ‘Interlude’, and non-album singles ’Boxers’ and ’Sunny’, which indicated the direction he would take on his next album, Southpaw Grammar. B-sides include a live version of ‘Suedehead’, the gorgeous ‘Used To Be A Sweet Boy’, Moz’s exploration of London’s underbelly, ‘Have-A-Go Merchant’ and ‘Black-Eyed Susan’, and an affecting version of ‘Moonriver’.

Both box sets are housed in lift-off-lid boxes, with a cover-image taken from a photograph by Anton Corbijn. The singles’ artwork, all of which were lovingly conceived and controlled by Morrissey himself, will be faithfully reproduced for each sleeve and the singles themselves will be on heavyweight vinyl for improved sound quality.

THE 7” SINGLES ’88 – ’91’ will be released on 12th October. THE HMV/PARLOPHONE SINGLES ’91 – ’95 will be released 2nd November.
Raskolnikov also sends the link / tracklist:

Morrissey solo singles vinyl box sets announced -
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  • I know the ususal reissue/ repackage stuff will be said, but I'd like to know how much this baby will cost? I'd like to frame the lot, that would make an impact in my music room!
    Johnny Guitar -- Friday August 07 2009, @12:21PM (#337728)
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  • These are the same as the CD boxes (but obviously without some of the CD B-sides)?
    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @12:39PM (#337730)
  • Nice idea but don't think many people will buy these. Unless you're a diehard completist. Hands up who still plays vinyl singles these days?
    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @12:50PM (#337731)
  • Pretty sure the originals ones will cost cheeper than this reissue
    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @12:57PM (#337732)
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  • Hopefully just the beginning of Moz's solo catalog to be reissued on beautiful vinyl! Bring on the full-lengths!
    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @01:18PM (#337735)
  • But I have long marveled at how pointless life is without a vinyl version of Morrissey's That's Entertainment ready at my fingertips on a lonely Saturday afternoon
    moho -- Friday August 07 2009, @01:45PM (#337738)
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  • I've no problem with another round of re-issues. Just because they come out, you're not obligated to buy, but I wish they'd sod off with vinyl already.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Friday August 07 2009, @03:27PM (#337741)
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  • Seriously this is beyond me. What's with all these fuckin REISSUES? Not just Moz but, a shit load of other bands, Oasis just had a deluxe vinyl box set REISSUE. Stone Roses have that debut cd reissue. All these record company's figure most of us are getting our music for FREE by file sharing, so in other to make up the lost loot, stick it to the REAL fans who will be ANYTHING with the bands name...Someone needs to put a stop to this, I'm going broke...$120 here, $205 there, $90here....we're in a RECESSION!!!!
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Friday August 07 2009, @05:23PM (#337747)
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    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • I'm afraid I am a bit of "spur of the moment" consumerist and tend to go for these boxsets....The clash singles, The Smiths singles, etc.

    But more often than not they are just collecting dust on my shelves. Nice to look at but I very rarely play them.

    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @11:54PM (#337754)
  • Why? (Score:1, Funny)

    Probably the most beautiful, magnificent, expensive.. ..bookends you could ever buy.
    AllSea -- Saturday August 08 2009, @01:47AM (#337756)
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    • Reading inbetween lines by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 08 2009, @05:42AM
      • mike joyce (Score:3, Insightful)

        can morrissey's money still be going to Mike Joyce? first there are surely no royalties payable direct to him from moz's solo recordings. second, has morrissey still not paid his settlement? i find this hard to believe. as i understand it in 1996 the court supported joyce's claim of 25% of smiths recording income, including around £1 million in back-dated royalties payable by morrissey and marr. i think marr has paid joyce his part of the sum owed. which leaves morrissey owing around £500,000 from 1996. record advances and publishing income aside moz must have earnt several million from touring in the last ten years. his currently onsale Alexandra Palace show stands to gross over £200,000. i don't know what moz charges for a show but i would conservatively guess it's at least 25%.

        the above is speculation, and i'm not taking moz or joyce's side. but i just assume moz must have been well able to pay joyce off by now, and be rid of him.
        methadone -- Saturday August 08 2009, @04:38PM (#337812)
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        • Re:mike joyce (Score:2, Informative)

          having written the above, and now after reading moz's message asking people not to buy the box sets, i feel i should put the link here (helpfully posted by anonymous in the comments to that message) to moz's 2005 statement on joyce's claims on his money:

          reading the 2005 statement it seems that moz's failure to settle with joyce as fast as marr did cost him a lot of money. i only hope it's not still a millstone round his neck.
          methadone -- Saturday August 08 2009, @05:09PM (#337813)
          (User #12826 Info)
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          • Re:mike joyce by methadone (Score:1) Sunday August 09 2009, @06:09AM
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  • Phew! For a minute there I thought I was getting screwed again but I actually bought all these singles years ago on 12" Vinyl and then when VINYL BECAME OLD HAT I bought the CD box set. Having been duped into buying the Smiths singles boxset on vinyl I only wish I had the strength of will to take the stand I have with Morrissey/The Smiths as I already have with U2 and Depeche Mode who I will NEVER buy anything by again. I'm with GIN'N'TONIC Gill on this 100%. I mean if everytime some Langer sings a Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley song on the X-Factor does that mean we have the buy their Greatest Hits AGAIN!!!
    MozzerAnt -- Saturday August 08 2009, @08:04AM (#337769)
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  • ...and don't anyone get me started on iTunes Bogus Tracks!!!
    MozzerAnt -- Saturday August 08 2009, @08:16AM (#337770)
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