posted by davidt on Wednesday July 15 2009, @09:00AM
Simon Goddard writes:
Mozipedia - The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and The Smiths is published next week in hardback in the UK by Ebury Press: the official street date is Thursday 23 July, internet pre-orders should ship before then.

To quote from the official press release: “Steven Patrick Morrissey is one of the most original, fanatically adored and controversial voices in the history of pop. Mozipedia is the first in-depth encyclopedia of the man, the myth and the music. With over 500 pages and 700 entries, it covers every song, every album, every collaborator, his personal heroes and secret influences. From The Queen Is Dead to Suedehead, from Cilla Black to the Sex Pistols, his ‘absurd passion’ for Farley’s Rusks and the ‘undiscussable’ Band Aid, it’s all here - in one epic and devilishly handsome book.”

Mozipedia will be Borders (UK) Music Book Of The Month August 2009 and is available on Amazon UK and most other places for much less than the full retail price of £25.

Finally, as an extra for Morrissey-solo users, I have compiled a special Mozipedia Spotify playlist. Those of you already on Spotify, use this link…


… for your free 20 track playlist which (adverts permitting) acts as a complementary/vaguely alphabetical soundtrack to some of the entries/songs by other artists mentioned throughout the book. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading/listening.

Buy at
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  • Nice (Score:1, Insightful)

    Looks good Simon - preordered a copy already cant wait for it! Good work!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @09:45AM (#336303)
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  • I really hope it doesn't dissapoint, especially with an RRP like that!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @09:45AM (#336304)
  • why bother reading a book written by somebody who says Morrisseys solo career isnt a patch on the smiths... Yet another middleaged fat male longing for a time when he had hair.. POINTLESS
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @10:19AM (#336307)
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  • why not post this on a Smiths site?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @10:37AM (#336311)
  • Goddard doesn't even like Morrissey SOLO
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @11:50AM (#336318)
  • Should have plumped with "Morrissey Caught Up In Pickle Scandal" instead.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @11:59AM (#336319)
  • I've got a better name 4 this.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @12:20PM (#336321)
  • This site is starting to resemble the Youtube comments section. It seems that the new generation of functional illiterates with low set moods enjoys displaying their lack of intelligence in as few words as possible.

    If Goddard has been uncomplimentary to certain aspects of Morrissey's solo career, then it's because he knows what he's talking about. He's a true fan. He wouldn't be the first person to critique Morrissey's solo career, and he certainly has been far more complimentary than he needs to be. Although, it does seem odd that Goddard's work is suddenly receiving this kind of shallow backlash on the frontpage. I do wonder.

    I'm still amused that an artist whose entire career has been built upon his literary approach to songwriting, attracts so many poorly educated individuals.

    If balanced, thoughtful critique of Morrissey's artistic output offends you, then my I suggest that you begin a determined search for clinics in your area.

    Nick The Name -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @01:41PM (#336327)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • Before I clicked on the comments I thought it would be funny to write 'What sort of a news story is this? A beautiful new book? How does that give me the opportunity to slag anyone off and say this site is shit, Goddard is shit, and Morrissey is shit,huh? Boo! For shame!'

    But then I clicked to see the comments and that is exactly what people have done for real.

    SOME people using this site.... it beggars belief.

    Nice one, Simon Goddard, by the way. I'm sure it's an excellent book and will do really well.

  • Looks good :D

    But can Goddard be impartial enough?
    dicartwright -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @03:07PM (#336341)
    (User #19108 Info)
    • Re:no subject by dicartwright (Score:1) Sunday July 19 2009, @03:46PM
  • How anyone would want to waste £25 on this drivel is beyond me. Put a list together of all his work and add some glossy pics with a few stories on the life of Mozz...

    Total pants--utter shite...
    tallpaddy -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @03:46PM (#336343)
    (User #16766 Info)
  • looks like
    moho -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @04:37PM (#336345)
    (User #10663 Info)
  • Reissue. Repackage. Re-evaluate the songs. Double pack with a Spotify Playlist.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @04:43PM (#336346)
  • If Goddard's past work is any testament, then this book should be a fairly sincere, and honest assessment of the material. Considering that most Morrissey and The Smiths books are usually redundant editorials on the author's relationship to the music, Goddard's research is vital.

    Rogan's books have been inaccurate, and verbose, which makes reading them in their entirety a tedious affair. He simply doesn't have enough understanding of music composition to speak any more deeply than through convoluted, purple prose dressed up as thoughtful analysis. Goddard was able to develop a much more comfortable relationship with the people that he interviewed, since the primary goal was not to dig up gossip, but to try and understand the inspiration for the songs.

    Goddard's previous book "The Songs That Saved Your Life" is the best resource for the songs of The Smiths. It was a joy to read, and it included some of the more insightful discussions about how many of the songs were composed.

    Of course, the new wave of Morrissey fans who seem to be cropping up around here probably have little idea, if any, of the actual contents. To these "Moz fundamentalists" Goddard probably comes across as some evil interloper who is simply trying to hurt Morrissey's feelings, and make some cash while doing it. Of course, these critics haven't even read the book, and probably won't read the book under any circumstances.

    I'm not sure when this aggressive attitude toward Goddard became fashionable in Morrissey circles, but it's certainly not the way that Goddard was widely perceived a few years ago. It's actually difficult to understand where this sudden disgust comes from, besides assuming that it's just more flippant negativity directed toward anyone who attempts to evaluate Morrissey's work.

    Nick The Name -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @08:15PM (#336357)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • cookiecool made me laugh
    i am like totally going to buy a Mozipedia as a gift for someone, unless i get a really good reason not to...
    se repenti fort <[email protected]> -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @08:36PM (#336363)
    (User #15856 Info)
  • im from indonesian and its so far from UK...can i have one the book...please
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 15 2009, @10:35PM (#336370)
  • Ha! I was given a birthday present yesterday and told to wait until the weekend. Well I couldn't wait. I often find I'm disappointed with birthday presents and thought I'd not bother with the suspence, but this time I got this book. Hurray; at last something I'd covet but never actually buy. I'm really rather pleased. Now, feeling guilty I haven't dared start to read it. I put it back in the wrapper. Thank you Ebury Press.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 16 2009, @04:21AM (#336389)
    • Re:Got it! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 16 2009, @04:46AM
  • where to buy the book including the extra for
    Morrissey-solo users

    I can't say on Amazon I'm CELIBATE CRY from Morrissey-solo?

    further why the hatery
    his book, the songs that saved your life is
    populaur and advised by everyone into The Smiths/Morrissey

    maybe it's becaus too many books have being released with at least something to do with
    The Smiths/Morrissey, even if it's only a song title

    well , than I;m happy with Goddard's new, its
    the one most on topic about Morrissey since
    the ice age
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Thursday July 16 2009, @07:21AM (#336395)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • Just got mine in HMV Manchester, they're doing it for a fiver off. Nice cover and pics. But it's going to take me about a year to read. It's seriously big!
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 16 2009, @07:46AM (#336401)
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  • I'll buy it, nice photos and all...but I won't believe "it's all there" until Morrissey writes his autobiography. Only then will I believe what I read.

    hand in glove -- Thursday July 16 2009, @08:11AM (#336404)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • will definitely be buying this. Songs That Saved Your Life is an excellent, well researched and informative book. If Goddard can dedicate himself in the same way over 500+ pages, then it should be a must.
    mozmal -- Thursday July 16 2009, @11:13AM (#336410)
    (User #17231 Info)
    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • Has anyone else noticed the marvelous in-joke on page 237? Brilliant!
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 16 2009, @11:23AM (#336411)
    • Re:Ha Ha by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 17 2009, @01:47AM
  • Can someone just remind me what two keys you press to put a bunch of text in alphabetical order?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 16 2009, @12:11PM (#336412)
  • I'm soo over, a having "NEW" Morrissey/Smiths books pop up every 6mos it seems. Give it a rest already. They all say the exact same thing is soo many different words. Bottom line its all a complete rehash of every book out there. THERE'S NOTHING NEW in them, besides the covers. We can blame the record comp's for painting a vulgar picture but, its appearing as if some of Moz' fans are jumping on that "quick buck of other fans" bandwagon as well. I'm seriously starting to pass on most of these "new" books.
    If Morrissey/Marr are not contributors exclusively to these books, what's the fuckin point?
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Thursday July 16 2009, @12:17PM (#336414)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • Maybe we need another seven year gap which results in a stronger album and a solid tour. At the moment he is insisting on throwing in up to six tracks from an album that seems to appear weaker by the listen and 'Let me kiss you' for probably the 300th time.

    I definitely think he needs a rethink after this tour as 'Ringleader' and 'Years Of Refusal' have not been that exciting have they? The shows have still been very good, but the singles struggle to chart now and the set list is stale.

    Add to this the fact that more and more people are losing faith in Morrissey's attitude and you get the feeling that the next album could even bury him.

    It just does not seem like Morrissey anymore, apart from the interview on MTV a few months ago when he ripped apart that arse kissing prick, Zane Lowe, for trying to kiss his arse. But even that was predictable in its own way because I knew exactly how Lowe would slobber over Morrissey in a Phil 'yes boss' Neal sort of way and that Morrissey would rightly embarrass him for doing so.

    It is not all doom and gloom but the future does not look bright. How many of us are actually chomping at the bit for the next Morrissey album?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 16 2009, @12:38PM (#336418)
  • Agree with Nick the Name earlier that Goddard’s book is worth investigating. Maybe it’s the increasing number of Morrissey/Smiths books that’s causing negativity. Goddard, like Rogan, actually gets off his rear and interviews people, rather than simply rehashes (well at least he did with ‘Songs’). This book’s more a compendium, and that’s a different challenge. Rogan’s interviewed more people involved with Morrissey and the Smiths than any other writer by far. And he’s researched the widest too. He added yet more with his last book, when he could have got away with not doing so and he clearly admires the solo work; not many of his contemporaries ever championed Maladjusted. And where would the later books be without ‘The Severed Alliance’ as a source? What I’m saying is Rogan and Goddard don’t skimp, clearly appreciate the music too, and both have certainly enhanced my appreciation and understanding of it all in different ways. Good luck to them. Now let’s talk about Mick Middles!
    miss anna -- Thursday July 16 2009, @05:15PM (#336442)
    (User #22298 Info)
  • Would anybody in the UK with access to said playlist be so kind as to type it out for those in other countries that can't access it? I'm curious as to what made the cut.
    PlunderingDesire -- Thursday July 16 2009, @06:32PM (#336445)
    (User #19551 Info)
  • There is no reason not to expect great things from his new book. Goddard's "Songs That Saved Your Life" might as well have been the Bible when it comes to Smiths sessionography. It was an amazingly well-researched and useful piece of work, and let's remember the whole band (sans Moz) saw fit to contribute to it. Do I understand that this new one will cover Moz's solo work too? I, for one, can't wait!
    This Charming Ben -- Thursday July 16 2009, @06:34PM (#336446)
    (User #12174 Info |
    So bona to vada...
  • I must mention the LASID website for a brilliant interperatation of all of the Smiths and Morrissey lyrics. It's at If you can't find it from the above, just do a search under LASID. You won't be disappointed! Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Friday July 17 2009, @12:37AM (#336464)
  • Mine arrived this morning, and a quick flick through - it's absolutely stunning. You name it, it's in there, up to and including the most recent releases. Those who thought there's nothing new in there are massively off the mark. it's a fantastic piece of work, arranged to dip in and out of when you want. If you haven't ordered a copy, go and do it - you won't regret it.
    uncleskinny -- Friday July 17 2009, @02:00AM (#336469)
    (User #7815 Info)
    And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
  • Can someone please tell me what's in the book more precisely? I know it an encyclopedia. But can you find tour dates, setlists etc. in it also? Anyone ringleaders already got it, please respond, thanks!

    Anonymous -- Friday July 17 2009, @05:38AM (#336474)
    • Re:what's by AnthonyGlamour (Score:1) Saturday July 18 2009, @12:34PM

  • Did Mr Goddard's good mate Mike Joyce write another flattering foreword to this one?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 17 2009, @03:13PM (#336492)
    • Re:Mike Joyce by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 17 2009, @03:19PM
  • Am I the only one who thinks putting a list of who was involved, where things were recorded, what pedals were used etc, into alphabetical order is somewhat of a superficial way of looking at things?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 17 2009, @03:44PM (#336495)
  • ... about this? (And not in a good way.) Who wrote the 'official press release' from which Goddard quotes, I wonder? And whence the sudden flurry of 'anonymous' compliments? Keep your tissues by the bed, Simon.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 18 2009, @02:13PM (#336528)
  • Bought this in HMV in Windsor on Wednesday and what a fantastic tome. Congrats to Simon, great snippets of crucial and not so crucial info and a lot less muso than Songs That Saved Your Life.

    Would go as far to say that this is the definitive Moz book so far, even more than The Severed Alliance; does praise get any higher than that?

    My fav bits so far are the NME entry- a tragicomedy all of its own :-) and the entry for this very website... Too true, too true!

    Although I disagree wih certain critiques and observations this book is essential for any self respecting Moz fan

    One question; how do I get the playlist as advertised in the blurb above?


    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @06:52AM (#337721)
  • For some unintentional hilarity, take a look at Simon's entry for "don't make fun of daddy's voice." That had me in stitches. I wonder if he's serious.

    Anonymous -- Friday August 07 2009, @09:40AM (#337726)
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