posted by davidt on Sunday July 12 2009, @09:30AM
Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by Je Suis Julie (via Morrissey reddit):

Just confirmed on MySpace:

Velvet, Rimini Concerts Postponed
The Morrissey concerts at Velvet, Rimini on July 13 and 14 are unfortunately postponed due to currently un-resolvable reasons.

Ticket holders are asked to hold on to their tickets for further announcements. Refunds will be available at point of purchase. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Morrissey concerts in London (July 18, 19, 21 and 22) will take place as scheduled.
Davide also writes:
A friend of mine just called me. He phone Velvet (, the venue where Moz should have played tomorrow and Tuesday. They said they were informed minutes ago by Morrissey's management that the two Rimini gigs are cancelled. The news will be on Velvet's website soon. I called the venue and they confirmed it to me, too. Still I don't want to believe it.
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  • I posted the cancellation rumours half a hour ago, but was not published here.
    Why was I feeling this?
    Why is Moz doing this all the time?
    Why why why?
    I am the real stupid who took two days off from work and booked two nights in a hotel in Riccione and now had to pay a penalty for not going (240 euros, dear Moz).
    Let's see what the excuse is, this time.
    Davide -- Sunday July 12 2009, @09:36AM (#335925)
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  • I heard that Al Pacino is severely disappointed.

    Hey, let me buy you a pack of gum. I'll show you how to chew it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 12 2009, @10:20AM (#335933)
  • What do these 2 add up to,a dozen or so cancelled shows so far...THIS YEAR?
    Same setlist for the past 5 months,
    and completely unoriginal excuses...
    even M.Jackson didn't cancel until he died.
    I dig you Moz but "the dog ate my homework" is just so lame!
    KEVSTER -- Sunday July 12 2009, @10:36AM (#335937)
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  • un-resolvable reasons.´´

    Ha! Gotta´ love the kid.
    Hello Indie -- Sunday July 12 2009, @11:17AM (#335944)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • tour (Score:1, Funny)

    They should call it the tour of refusal to turn up tour

    Or tour of utter contempt for your fans tour

    These shows have been booked for months how can there be un resolvable issues now?
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 12 2009, @01:23PM (#335953)
  • I think that it is very very smart and admirable that Morrissey has planned to cancel these concerts. I think Morrissey, my baby, is entitled, yep ... that he is entitled to do what he wants, when he wants, if he wants. Because, you see. My baby is just doing the right thing.

    If yor not happy with the Morrissey and his carefully thought out, justly, well informed reasons, revisions -- then -- don’t buy his tickets. But then, don’t go to the shows. He doesn’t want you there anyway if you have this attitude. And by the way yor attitudes are undelightful and ungrateful.

    I have no objection to this new cancellation, cancellations. Believe me, it’s no joke. I don’t got time for this nonsense. Morrissey is entitled to do this, especially when these things have interrupted his intentions. Either that or it’s just -- it’s just that you are very very bitter. Conversation ended.
    Kate2828 -- Sunday July 12 2009, @02:05PM (#335961)
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  • Drunk (Score:2, Funny)

    I heard he got drunk in Vienna and then decided he couldn't be bothered.

    I must phone in sick to work next week and say "Sorry I can't come in because of unresolvable reasons.

    That should free up my time to travel a bit more.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 12 2009, @02:46PM (#335962)
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  • Piss poor (Score:1, Interesting)

    This is now piss poor. I stood up for him when he was sick but this is now fucking bad. It is so lame, disrespectful and dull. Yes I agree he has a right to cancel but we also have a right to stop buying the CDs and tickets anymore.

    This arogant joke is not funny any more. Years and years of support brings what?

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 12 2009, @02:55PM (#335964)
  • You lot are crazy.

    No, really... crackers.

    Until you hear the full details, why not just wait and hold your criticism?

    If indeed Morrissey has postponed/cancelled this concert due to a rather lame excuse, then feel free to hurl the abuse.

    But until then, give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

    I know the internet is full of over-reactionaries, but please, think before you speak/type.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 12 2009, @03:45PM (#335975)
  • Well the swine flu is doing the rounds...
    Boxers71 -- Sunday July 12 2009, @04:00PM (#335977)
    (User #20608 Info)
  • Just come back to Wien after 1.300 km A/R
    I'm from Italy and of course I'm so sorry about this bad news.. Nevermind
    Waiting for new dates in Italy, I only just to say, whatever happens I love you Morrissey.
    BWM -- Sunday July 12 2009, @04:31PM (#335981)
    (User #22658 Info)
  • The man has been touring like a mad man since 2002 with few breaks. Also, he's one of the few people that get up on stage and work their asses off to give one hell of a show. Sadly, he's no spring chicken anymore. I know it's unfortunate, for the people that had tickets, but let's not start whining and pissing.
    TheevesHours -- Sunday July 12 2009, @07:17PM (#335989)
    (User #19449 Info)
  • poor

    There are countless performers touring right now with triple plus the dates, yet Morrissey is cancelling alot of what these other performers would call a mini tour.

    It's quite shocking this is going on. The only acceptable reason would be a serious illness. I hope to god he's ok, but if this were any other line of work, Morrissey would have had the pink slip by now. So like I said...Morrissey's work ethic is poor.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 12 2009, @07:34PM (#335990)
  • He should take better care of himself, or someone should.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @01:51AM (#336011)
  • ...when it was announced that Michael Jackson , at the grand ole age of 50, would be committing to an INCREDIBLE 50 shows over a 9 -12 month period.How ridiculous for a man of that age to commit to such a massive undertaking.

    Well, our Mozz may not moonwalk but he sure as hell sings a lot more in a show than michael jackson,especially now.And he has done it regularly for many years.

    I wouldnt want our Mozz to suffer the pressures poor Jackson faced,and I'm very glad he'll get off when the going gets tough, cause I dont want anyone risking their health just so I can have a night out.Fuck that.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @03:39AM (#336018)
  • mannagghia
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @06:48AM (#336025)
  • This has been a fact of the land since the very first tour in 91. Buying a ticket to see Morrissey perform only increases your chances of seeing him slightly.

    Riots, Temper Tantrums, Illness, Unresolvable issues.. It's all more of the same.

    If you are a true fan, you know that until he grabs the microphone and sings, nothing is guaranteed. Even then, you still have no idea how long the show will last for.

    This is the unspoken contract you enter into when you purchase a Morrissey ticket.

    To spend extra money to travel, buy better seats, etc.. involves a great deal of non-refundable risk. It has and always will be this way.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @08:10AM (#336028)
  • Willie Nelson is 77yrs old and on the road over 150 days a year and has NEVER cancelled a date. I'm going to see him july 21st and know he'll be onstage. Love Moz, but that love is'nt returned enough for him to bother to care about his fans. Maybe he should start smoking weed. It works for Willie!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @10:19AM (#336033)
  • Please may I ask if anyone knows the whereabouts of Morrissey now?
    Many thanks,
    Adelphi -- Monday July 13 2009, @11:14AM (#336036)
    (User #22701 Info)
  • Dear Moz,
    The 25th of January 2008 at the Roundhouse you did ONLY 3 songs, then disappeared without a real excuse (The artis is not feeling good??? What does that mean?)
    Could you calculate the price of flights, hotels, ticket etc? It was A LOT.
    Then the same happened today: you can imagine I am really pissed, not only for all the money I've spent to not-see you for 2 times, but also because as a fan I feel really foolish.
    I will send to you my bank account and I hope you will surprise me this time!!!
    Fra -- Monday July 13 2009, @11:25AM (#336037)
    (User #22761 Info)
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  • All London shows have standing tickets available for next week on See.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @11:43AM (#336039)
  • However he is not the only one, I mean that greedy cow Madonna charged her fans over £100 plus a ticket & turned a hour late with no explanation. Imagine the travel chaos after the her show.

    You the fans make these people & you are the ones who can bring them down by not buying & attending their sham of shows.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @11:51AM (#336041)
  • Let's recall a few things:
    - Smiths played only one show here in Italy (May 85 in Rome, too young to get there...) and they appeared last time as a band at Sanremo Tv festival (not the real meaning of the word festival...)
    - He should have been on tour with David Bowie in 95 for the first time solo in Italy, but they fell off with each other and we had to wait until...
    -... 1999, November! This time He appeared, but Alcatraz venue (Milan) was only 2/3 full, and He didn't like it...
    - Then He disappeared for everybody, but in 2004, when everything was perfect for a great comeback, where his management decided to let him play? At a crap festival in Bologna headlined by boooombastic Muse... Thousands of adolescents waiting for them and asking him to stop playing...
    - 2006. He stayed some time in Rome, been happy, Italy just won World Cup only with a lot of culo, and The Perfect Morrissey Show of my life finally come, in the wonderful Roman Theatre of Ostia (sold out). Compared to that, a just very good gig at Villa Arconati near Milan seemed underwhelming. But I thought that finally Morrissey management understood how to get dates in Italy for him.
    - Nop. SOME GENIUS thought that was a smart idea to plan not 1 but 2 dates in Rimini... I don't know how many gigs a year the Velvet club can afford to sold out: they have a local indie credibility, but Rimini it's a small provincial place, full of people on summertime, but 98% of that people are: 70+ old couples, families with babies, adolescents trying to shag as much as they can... Sure, a few dozens of you, Morrissey fans from all over the world, could find funny to see Morrissey gigs and being ina holyday place. But you don't sell out two dates.
    So, here's what's happened again: poor ticket sales, He doesn't want to face a half empty audience IN ITALY, and you can all go home until the next time... maybe somewhere near L'Aquila?
    (just to give you an example, tonight in Milan there are concerts by James Taylor, Mercury Rev, Ivano Fossati (one of the best Italian songwriters) and they are all sold out... I don't understand why managers don't just pick up dates in Milan and Rome...)
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @02:24PM (#336048)
  • Is a tiny club as I remember from 1994.
    Of course he canceled.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @04:26PM (#336052)
  • What a disappointment. If the shows are not being postponed, they are never rescheduled. And what a pathetic excuse: "for unresolvable reasons". This entire tour is utterly, truly pathetic.
    dearlight21 -- Monday July 13 2009, @04:44PM (#336054)
    (User #22640 Info)
  • "Rimini postponed :( Announcement soon. Pls hold on to tix. If u need refund pls obtain @ point of purchase. London shows going ahead."
    6:31 PM Jul 12th from web
    goinghome -- Monday July 13 2009, @05:19PM (#336058)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • moz is a very successful music industry veteran with a career spanning almost 30 years. one can't have that staying power without having a nose for business matters (in spite of the delicate and aloof front he may put on).

    these cancellations are all about the money kids.

    You can always tell when the cancellations are due to illness -- those are the gigs that get rescheduled in short order.
    ANOTHER GUEST -- Monday July 13 2009, @05:54PM (#336059)
    (User #19541 Info)
  • To those of you that travelled from far away for the the show my heart goes out to you, truly it does. With that said, the sad fact is the only people that have a real right to be angry are those that are local. When my band plays LA we play for people in LA and the surrounding areas, I don't think "Gee, I sure hope a few folks from Ohio show up" It is very sad that he can't seem to make it 4 shows without calling in sick but, he doesn't owe the travelers a thing.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 13 2009, @06:00PM (#336061)
  • may (Score:0, Redundant)

    I heard he got drunk in Vienna and then decided he couldn't be bothered.
    cookiecool -- Monday July 13 2009, @07:31PM (#336064)
    (User #22763 Info)
    • Re:may by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 14 2009, @07:20AM
  • delusi dallo scoprire, ancora una volta, che l'uomo e il poeta sono persone distinte. e che l'uomo ci ha ennesimamente ( ma ormai tutti lo temevamo) agghiacciati.
    un concerto non è solo un concerto.
    telefonate, organizzazioni, alberghi, treni, ferie e permessi.
    e soprattutto aspettative.
    truly truly. la parola che completa la frase la sappiamo tutti.
    sylvietricot -- Tuesday July 14 2009, @02:04AM (#336071)
    (User #19078 Info)
  • In molti si sono scatenati nelle più varie e fantasiose accuse a Morrissey per la cancellazione dei concerti di Rimini.
    Credo si possa dire solo una cosa. Ci sono le persone a cui piace Morrissey e comprano il biglietto e magari si spostano dalla propria città per vederlo e poi ci sono i veri fan di Morrissey che son pronti a fare enormi sacrifici solo ed esclusivamente perchè per loro non si pone nemmeno il problema del "sacrificio".
    Per noi è impensabile essere arrabbiati con Lui o solo pensare che chissà quali nefandezze ci siano dietro la cancellazione dei concerti. Di certo c'è stato un impedimento e solo speriamo che non riguardi il Suo stato di salute. Certo, siamo dispiaciuti di non poterLo vedere ed è comprensibile la delusione, ma sappiamo che quando le date saranno ripristinate noi ci saremo.
    BWM -- Tuesday July 14 2009, @03:13AM (#336073)
    (User #22658 Info)
  • "With your standards so high
    And your spirits so low"

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 14 2009, @05:43AM (#336078)
  • me and my bike up'n'down rimini hill and ... back home. my life is a long succession of ...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 14 2009, @06:00AM (#336079)
  • Rimborso biglietti tour italiano di

    Grinding Halt Concerti & DNA Concerti
      annunciano che i biglietti acquistati in prevendita relativi ai concerti italiani di Morrissey del 13 e 14 Luglio 2009 al Velvet di Rimini saranno rimborsati, e non potranno essere utilizzati per i futuri concerti dell'artista in Italia, come da vigente normativa nazionale.

    Le modalità e tempistiche di rimborso dei biglietti sono relative al canale di prevendita utilizzato.
    I rimborsi sono già attivi.

    Le prevendite utilizzate per la vendita di biglietti per il concerto di Morrissey sono:
    Ticketone - - tel.- 892 101
    Greenticket - - tel.199.199.111
    Vivaticket - - tel. 899.666.805

    Grinding Halt Concerti, DNA Concerti ed il management di Morrissey si scusano per l'inconveniente.
    Le nuove date del tour italiano di Morrissey saranno presto recuperate in data e luogo da destinarsi.

    Il rinvio del tour italiano di Morrissey è stato deciso dal management dell'artista.
    Grinding Halt Concerti, DNA concerti e il Velvet di Rimini non sono responsabili del rinvio dei concerti.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 17 2009, @12:38PM (#336485)
  • I feel sorry for your obvious 3rd grade education,basic writing prose please.
    I bet the people who complain about the people that complain still live a narrow minded life.I am a money spending,ticket buying,Moz lover,but it getting just so old..."unresolvable reasons",
    that i have never heard before.I guess it beats the same lame "i have the sniffels" or the my fave,"the plumbing don't work".
    Can a normal person explain to me why i would even want to take a chance on future shows,in my hometown or not.Most importantly,why can't he ever,i mean ever,tell the truth?
    KEVSTER -- Sunday July 12 2009, @10:46AM (#335941)
    (User #18942 Info)
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