posted by davidt on Tuesday June 23 2009, @12:00PM
An anonymous person writes:

Jon Paul Fiorentino, Morrissey fan and writer, curates videos of a Morrissey fan with a special gift:

“Je Suis Morrissey” - Jon Paul Fiorentino


Fran is a 51 year old woman from Germantown, Maryland. I accidentally stumbled upon her Morrissey covers when I was looking for guitar tabs. On her YouTube profile, you will find 9 or so acoustic covers of Morrissey and Smiths songs, as well as various fan clips of Morrissey and a few clips of her cat playing with a toy mouse. I assumed that her versions of “Suedehead” and “Please, Please, Please…” would be excrutiatingly bad. And they are excrutiating, but in a completely different sense. These are very emotive, heart-wrenching clips. They exhibit the acute intensity of fandom coupled with genuine musical talent. Her voice is strong and her guitar playing is fairly good.
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  • One of life's good people.

    uncleskinny -- Tuesday June 23 2009, @12:10PM (#334846)
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    And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
  • I very much agree. It was only a matter of time that she was spotted.

          Inbuilt Guilt

    Hello Indie -- Tuesday June 23 2009, @12:52PM (#334850)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Pretty awesome writer:
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 23 2009, @01:11PM (#334852)
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  • Yeah for Fran! (Score:2, Insightful)

    I agree with the positive reviews. She has a lovely singing voice and a lot of heartfelt charisma when she performs. I am glad she has shared this with us on youtube, she is pretty good people, really.

    Way to go Fran, you badass!!! You've been discovered on MOZ SOLO!!! Hell yes! Don't know if that is necessarily a good thing, but with his spare time, (I'm sure...) Moz probably sits on here and reads every thread to each post...probably chuckles at the insanity of Kate 2828, (nut, but you gotta love those posts!) loathes Nick the Name, respects Uncle Skinny, Goinghome, Cashews, maybe Meltorment, he's gotta laugh when it comes to Brummie Boy, we are all his followers!

    I bet it won't be long before you get to be his opener Fran!!! Wouldn't that be awesome?

    Very nice job! Congrats on the recognition.

    Remeber the little people... remember the little people, and not the ones that represent the lollipop kids.

    ~rose ;)
    vile bitch <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 23 2009, @10:26PM (#334879)
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    Uniformed Whore
  • that woman who was 2nd in some kinda talent show
    in england?

    [yeah I know I'm not that starshow international informed]
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 23 2009, @10:37PM (#334881)
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    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re:is this by Hello Indie (Score:1) Wednesday June 24 2009, @03:15AM
  • I have met Fran many times and she is a wonderful person. Her voice is lovely and her emotional style is genuine. Good for you Fran. You go girl.
    CE -- Wednesday June 24 2009, @03:03PM (#334933)
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    Yes, you made yourself very plain.
  • Mesmerizing indeed. God bless her! Who knew Morrissey could be "folk"?
    MainstreamMelancholy -- Wednesday June 24 2009, @10:02PM (#334952)
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  • Fran, you so rock! :)
    romeogirl -- Thursday June 25 2009, @01:51AM (#334962)
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  • This makes me very happy! Thanks everyone! :)
    Franissey (Fran)

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