posted by davidt on Monday June 15 2009, @11:00AM
dbowie writes:
Just posted on Facebook - Doll & the kicks:

Morrissey gave Janice Long a copy of the cover of Throwing My Arms around Paris we did for him for his birthday and she played it on her show on Radio 2 early this morning!! Thanks Moz :) .....

If you want to listen to it here is the link .... it's about 30mins in..... live and unplugged!
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  • This was played in Manchester. It's a good effort.
    Hello Indie -- Monday June 15 2009, @11:04AM (#334303)
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  • Why does Moz like these fuckers?
    Really really bad cover
    Really really bad band.
    Utter shit.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 15 2009, @12:23PM (#334315)
  • Doll & The Kicks (Score:0, Insightful)

    Morrissey's support acts have always been dreadful - with 1 or 2 exceptions. Doll & The Kicks are a dull "university" band....the singer just tries too hard to be theatrical and "interesting". Very very boring stuff. They'll be forgotten by next year...
    Anonymous -- Monday June 15 2009, @12:55PM (#334320)
  • The music's gorgeous, but the dual vocal on the chorus almost ruins it.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 15 2009, @03:26PM (#334350)
    • Re:Pretty good by Don'tOweYouAnything (Score:1) Tuesday June 16 2009, @08:57AM
  • this song here or anywhere? Would like to listen to it, but unfortunately I canĀ“t find it :-(
    GANGLORD06 -- Monday June 15 2009, @10:46PM (#334368)
    (User #20658 Info)
  • Was the original not good enough for them? I don't get it, really. This whole circus is sicker than I thought it is. Why on earth would somebody give another person a cover version of his own song as a birthday present? If they had at least given him a song of their own as present. But no, they used one of his, then mention this cover everywhere and even get it played on the radio. What is their intention? They are downright audacious. I am with Paul Van Dyck in all this. Not surprising that Morrissey gets depressed if he continously harms himself and even puts this song on before his concert and lets it being given to the radio. Being supportive and thankul can go a bit too far, it has definitly in this case. Does he want to sell his own music or that of others? The original was perfect as it was! Keep your hands off it! Jesus, help him, please.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 16 2009, @01:10AM (#334381)
  • Here it is... (Score:2, Informative)

    ...if you want it.

    I kinda like it. Enjoy.
    herge65 -- Wednesday June 17 2009, @01:33AM (#334468)
    (User #21805 Info)
    • Re:Paris by goinghome (Score:1) Wednesday June 17 2009, @02:16PM
  • Justin Timerblake is the song on before "Paris"
    How very funny...
    Anonymous -- Friday June 19 2009, @02:22AM (#334636)

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