posted by davidt on Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:00AM
Krisv writes:
Just received a mail from Seetickets that Moz at Brixton Thursday has been postponed.
prettypettythieves writes:
in the o2 academy website they say the 28th of May Thursday show has been cancelled.
Evan also sends the link to the news on Morrissey's MySpace.
ma1979tt sends the news on the official site:

Regrettably Morrissey’s show at London’s O2 Brixton Academy on Thursday 28th May has been cancelled. Morrissey is on continued doctor’s orders not to sing, to ensure a complete recuperation.

Event Organizers would like to apologize to fans for the disappointment. Additional information will be issued as soon as possible, so advise ticket holders to hang on to their tickets.
Update: 05/27 22:43 GMT: Sheridan Whiteside conversation below is a hoax (admission).
Also posted in the forums by Sheridan Whiteside:

*HOAX* Friday and Saturday Brixton Off (according to Boz)
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  • I guess the rest of the tour is off then...I wish that Morrissey would do the decent thing at this stage and just announce that the rest of the tour is postponed instead of playing this waiting game. Still I always enjoy London...
    Domestos Salad -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:07AM (#332682)
    (User #13197 Info)
  • Come on someone tell us if Fri and Sat are off as well. Why not? Why the tenterhooks?

    I've lost a lot of respect to most concerned over this Tour Of Refusal. Really have. I'll still be there but to treat people so shoddily who are paying your wages... that goes out to Moz and his management. I assume the band are not much better informed than us.

    Maybe a career in Westminster beckons?

    Pull the tour, lets hope his voice gets better and hopefully see him in October.

    This has been handled so awfully.
    Allegedly this management team are a professional organisation. Yeh right!!

    50 glorious years says my t-shirt. It don't look like they'll printing one saying 51
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:08AM (#332683)
  • Cancel the tour this is embarrassing. Moz i love you but you must admit your history of canceling shows is significantly higher than most. why is their no official word to what is going on?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:14AM (#332684)
  • The London based Moz fans have certainly taken some blows in the last couple of years. Roundhouse, RAH, Troxy and now Brixton looks like being wiped out. Looks like I'll have to be content with seeing Everton lift the cup on Saturday in what was going to be my dream day out in the sun. Imagine how hard it was getting a ticket for both the cup final and Mozza on the same day? Too good to be true. Come on Boz or somebody connected with the tour, do the decent thing and let us know what's going down, (apart from the Geordies!!!)
    bluemozz -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:17AM (#332686)
    (User #22519 Info)
  • Always in London. Does he not like someone in the goverment? []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:29AM (#332688)
    • Re:Poor London by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 27 2009, @12:58PM
    • Scotland by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 28 2009, @07:18AM
  • Morrissey is probably as sad over this as his fans. The best thing now would be to cancel the tour and just get some really good rest.
    This would be the best for you, Morrissey and for us fans.

    Get well soon! /Henrik
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:36AM (#332690)
  • He won't cancel the tour because he loves playing with people. This has been proven over the last two decades and he's even hinted that he likes playing with people's emotions on numerous occasions. The fact this is becoming controversial too is just adding to his fun. Every day he's getting free press - his name is in every day now with these canceled dates. If he cared more about his fans than he does about getting his name in the papers he would have canceled the whole entire "Tour of Refuse-to-play" along time ago!


    But alas, it's not about potentially saving his fans from swallowing huge amounts of debt via hotel cancellations, etc. If it was, if he did care about his fans in the slightest, he would just cancel the whole tour. But he doesn't care about the effect it's having n us at all. That's quite obvious.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:48AM (#332691)
  • Waste of everybody's cocking time.

    I'll be looking for a refund rather than another date. Not booking any more days off to hear Smiths B sides. Who says he wont cancel the rescheduled date?

    I think it's time he stopped doing long tours and stick to three of four big venues in England. something like O2, Sheffield arena Newcastle arena. Pissing about in Yarmoth, Swindon and Hartepool night after night is fucking pointless to everyone except the 500 hundred who are going.

    The whole music industry hates him and now he's fucking he's fans over. The end is nigh!!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @09:53AM (#332693)
  • This is just really unfortunate for Moz and his tour. But, I wish they would just announce which dates are cancelled in one go - it's not fair to leave so many fans hanging and wasting so much money/time.

    I also found this regarding the last two dates;

    Morrissey's forthcoming shows at the same venue on May 29 and 30 will still go ahead, however, his record company said. []

    To be honest, I just seriously doubt that will happen (surely the record company will care more about his health then getting the last two dates in and him performing poorly?) and I kind of question the articles credability, but I thought some may want to know : )

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @10:07AM (#332694)
  • Their is no way Moz will play Saturday evening. The final of Britain's got talent is on and Dominoes are doing a half price night on all vegetarian pizzas. You cant blame him. Come on Stavros flately.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @10:22AM (#332696)
  • Anyone think he'll play these shows again in October? Surely he can't play all the shows again without getting "ill" all over again?

          3 tickets i got for this tour - RAH, Sailsbury, Brixton (Thursday).

      Oh well.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @10:44AM (#332699)
  • till we all find out its 50/50 i am waiting just hope this all turns out ok get well soon moz and if its all off let us know
    sunney01 -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @10:54AM (#332702)
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  • It's interesting to see how the european fans have changed their views on Morrissey cancellations. When he was in America, european fans seemed to rush to defend Moz cancellations when American fans who spent money on travel arrangements would gripe on this site about the short notice sacking of shows. Now the shoe is on the other foot. How does its feel?

    The way these cancellations have been handled have been apaulling! And the blame squarely fits on Morrissey. He is the person people are buying tickets to see so the responsiblity falls on him to get a professional PR & management group. And it doesn't help if he is out clubbing on nights he was scheduled to perform.

    Sure people get sick and he should cancel if he is not 100% but he knows people follow him. Show some respect & gratitude for your fans and run a professional ship.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @11:16AM (#332705)
    • Actually by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 27 2009, @11:46AM
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      • Moz clubbing? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 28 2009, @07:38AM
    • Re:A change in tune by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 28 2009, @02:53AM
  • Just thinking....if any other artist was to behave in this manner, Britney for example, can you imagine what the press would be saying? They would be having a field day....
    Domestos Salad -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @12:17PM (#332713)
    (User #13197 Info)
  • Your health and voice as far more important than a few cancelled shows.
    And before anybody asks, yes I had tickets for every cancelled show, including RAH and Brum.
    Get well soon Mozzer, may God or somebody bless you.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @12:42PM (#332716)
  • You are all assuming he is in fact being truthful about his voice being the issue. This is ridiculous. Don't assume this anymore or less so than assuming he's just being a sadistic diva, bored with touring. Morrissey has been quoted in the past as saying,

    " I lie a lot, I find it to be very useful",

    so how can we take anything coming from his camp as "fact"? Any man who gleefully states they are compulsive liars shouldn't be believed. Especially when the person at hand claiming a throat infection cancels dates, plays with perfect voice for two days in Manchester, then is magically ill with bad throat again. It just doesn't add up.

    Start thinking what very well may be truth:

    Morrissey is just tired of touring and could care less about his fans and what they're going through as a result, financially or otherwise.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @01:13PM (#332722)
  • Are you for real? Are you serious? Look at what Morrissey is feeling. Stop being so self serving – you doormats, victims.
    And don’t blame management for not filling in the holes regarding his condition, and what he is going through.
    You people are really something else. I’ll tell you.
    Look at you … Most of you, that is. I am not speaking to the true supporters (you know who you are). How do you handle Morrissey? Are you only nice to him on his birthday … you thought we didn’t notice. Did you.
    I don’t know much – but I do know one thing. This is because of you. You have yourselves to blame. That’s right. Not management. You’re lucky that they even through you sitting ducks any crumbs.
    You things say that I should take me medications. You people “Need” medication. But, it’s amazing. Morrissey is feeling soooo sick and crappy. But that being said and all – what a way to go “fans”. Worrying about your stupid money.

    Sooo many of you are so ungrateful, truly. On his 50th birthday – he chose to spend it with you – that’s right. You. Does that mean anything to you. On your birthdays – think about who you would choose to celebrate your birthdays with. Why are you so weirded out about all of this. Why aren’t you concerned … Morrissey has no obligation to tell you anything. Why? I’ll tell you why … because it’s none of your business.
    “You” fans – the ones who are whining and crying on these boards, it’s a damn shame. Everyone is too busy to listen, about Morrissey’s problems.

    I didn’t get my money back from my flights that he cancelled on the 28th of February, re.. Boca. Did I care? Hells no. Then I forgot my own drivers license going to see him in Michigan. I had a lot on my mind. So again, I lost money. And on top of that, I spent nearly a thousand dollars on another particular occasion to see him for only a couple of songs because, because I was at that casino in Mashantucket at eight, I had no idea he would be going on at eight. So I got to the doors at nine. I didn’t get mad about the “money”. Money is just pieces of paper.

    Remember something people. Money is freedom. It doesn’t make you happy. Quit concentrating on money. Or if you do, then don’t utilize your money on the concerts. Hang on to it, and save it for a “rainy day”. I mean, after seeing you things this tour at the concert, you things looking all depressed, ignorant, and on your way to almost dying, I think you really do need to save your money for your senior citizen homes.

    What a way to go people.
    Kate2828 -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @01:16PM (#332723)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • I despise you all, i love money, ill cancel just to hurt you, twats
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @02:58PM (#332742)
    • Re:Suckers by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 27 2009, @03:36PM
  • The sensible call at this stage would be cancel all Brixton gigs- Poor Mozzer is obviously still ill- at least that way I can make other plans for Friday night.
    The 1000s of fans should be put out of their misery right now...
    Re-schedule the gigs in the future when all is well..
    Get well soon Mozz...We still luv you ...only slightly less...
    tallpaddy -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @03:34PM (#332757)
    (User #16766 Info)
  • Ok people, time to wind your neck's in and have a humour injection....

    Now, I don't know if you spotted it, but I was fortunate to be at the birthday gig on Friday 22nd May at the Apollo, yet the NME claim that Morrissey played the Apollo on Friday the 24th May, his 50th birthday :-s

    His royal highness has 2 birthdays!!!!!!!!
    grampnic -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @03:44PM (#332763)
    (User #17857 Info)
  • As some of you may know, I very rarely post comments, (partly due to forgetting my username and password lol), but sometimes I just feel I must have my say.
    This is a fan site, where fans can come and discuss things and make comments, but recently you would be hard pressed to believe this. This tour, I was lucky enough to get tickets for Morrissey's birthday gig, but I couldn't get tickets for Birmingham (I live in Wolverhampton, a 20 minute drive away), and yes I was disapointed, then I hear that the albert hall and birmingham gigs were cancelled. My immediate thought was "what about the apollo???", only later did I think that I could have been a ticket holder for birmingham, and I can imagine how all of you who have tickets for the cancelled gigs feel. As promised, those gigs have been rescheduled for October. Not much use to all those of you who booked hotels, made travel arrangements etc, but...... I and many others on here don't have tickets to see him in october, and unless more gigs are announced, then we're unlikely to get any either.

    So who is right and who is wrong, I cannot say...

    Over recent years, there have been a lot of cancellations, due to health, and I agree that there should be some official statement acknowledging the fans and keeping them informed. But if the health issues can change on a daily basis, then I can appreciate that this can't be kept on top of, but at the very least inform fans of what is wrong, and what the doctors have actually said regarding rest, then we as fans can at least double check with venues if the concert is to go ahead or not before leaving.

    Remember, that the venues of the cancelled gigs will still want their money for the booking, so not only are the fans hurting, but so are Morrissey's purse strings.

    I, personally, wish Moz well, and I hope he sorts himself out soon.

    To all of you out there who have tickets for cancelled gigs, try not to take it personal, and look forward to october (easier said than done, I know), when hopefully he will be in a lot better shape, and be in a position to give fans what they deserve.

    grampnic -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @04:18PM (#332766)
    (User #17857 Info)
  • Hey all, sorry for your troubles with the gigs, yuck. Hope Moz gets well soon for all you guys.

    I just wanted to add, for whatever it's worth:
    Sheridan Whiteside has usually seemed a nice, normal guy. SO...

    I think Sheridan Whiteside THOUGHT he WAS talking to Boz, like, really and truly, on facebook. That being said, when he figured it out it was a hoax he had egg on his face, and, as it were, decided he would say he had made up as a laugh just to save face.

    Just my thoughts...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @04:35PM (#332768)
  • I know this is really off topic, but does Morrissey still live in L.A. when he's not touring?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @06:46PM (#332779)
  • Hi morrissey-solo readers,

    If Morrissey is well enough, his doctor will give him the OK to do his shows. That's all we need to know. If the show goes ahead, he's well enough. If it doesn't, he's not.

    As for hoping the rest of the London shows are announced as postponed/cancelled so that fans (namely those who have travelled) don't have to wait to find out, seems an odd and selfish concept to me. I don't uderstand why someone would wish that the rest of the shows are also off just because the first few are off.

    It's almost like saying (I know this isn't what you are saying here BTW), 'I hope Morriseey is Still Ill' and why would anyone wish that? I don't see how it would be the 'decent' thing to do (as Morriseey would indeed be Still Ill and even more fans would be disappointed). I understand that some fans have travelled (travel costs, hotel etc) and that they may have tickets to more than one of the concerts but others might only have a Fri or Sat ticket. I'm sure these people will want to see Morrissey too.

    Does anyone actually believe that Morrissey/Moz Management is being deliberate in any of this? I don't think it's fair to say that Morrissey is involving us in a 'waiting game'. I'm sure that Morrissey, the band, management, crew, venues and fans alike would much rather have the shows go ahead.

    He is simply unwell.

    I have a question to ask. Has anyone who has a lovely singing voice (or the many of us who don't, for that matter) ever tried to sing for two hours when they are sick?

    I also think that seeing a few London shows go ahead would be great because I am sure that by the time the rescheduled and new UK dates come round in October, the Tour of Refusal will have evolved just like past tours did and that fans attending future dates will have a different setlist to look forward to. Also, it means that you get to see Morrissey at two different times in the same year. Obviously, that is if you have a ticket to a rescheduled/new date and you have been fortunate enough to have seen an original May show.

    I hope everyone is ultimately satisfied with their Tour of Refusal experience but I sympathise with any fan who misses out completely.

    Get well soon Morrissey

    crawleyrocket -- Thursday May 28 2009, @01:06AM (#332789)
    (User #16493 Info)
  • Forever (Score:2, Funny)

    Listen everybody lets face it this tour will still be going on way after his next 2 albums lol.
    Carlyy <[email protected]> -- Thursday May 28 2009, @04:19AM (#332817)
    (User #22056 Info |
  • Just had a look on brixton o2 wesite Friday and Saturday cancelled, not happy!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 28 2009, @07:08AM (#332826)
  • Brixton just rang me, Friday is cancelled now. Just like at Roundhouse, am gutted (again)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 28 2009, @08:15AM (#332840)
  • Hi all.. Im just letting u guys know I have 2 tickets for sale to c morrissey @ the O2 Brixton Academy 21st July 09.. The tickets r dated May 29th which was Morrisseys initial date to play there but as u all know, was cancelled and has been rescheduled for mentioned date. They're worth £39.38 per ticket but Im willing to sell them @ face value @ a price of £35.00. The reason for the sale is simply because for May dates I travelled from Dublin to London and Im not around for the month of July. If any of u guys know anyone interested do let I know.
    Many Thanks
    Louvre -- Wednesday June 03 2009, @02:28PM (#333497)
    (User #22462 Info)
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