posted by davidt on Monday May 25 2009, @09:00AM
ma1979tt writes:
Sick Morrissey cancels show -

It was inevitable I guess, SJM have confirmed that Tuesdays Gig at the Troxy has been cancelled.
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  • time this sort of thing was stopped
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:07AM (#332489)
  • The more time he has off the better as far as I'm concerned - cancel the other London dates and be done with it - forget Europe - see a specialist have some rest some good food and rest.
    take care my love
    orlando -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:08AM (#332490)
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  • Thursday Brixton cancelled. He will just do Friday and Saturday...

    or... ... he will do Thurs and Friday but Saturday will be cancelled.

    Then again, with Royal Albert Hall AND Troxy gone, how many London dates can he afford ro reschedule?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:13AM (#332492)
    • Well Guessed! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 27 2009, @06:20AM
  • He can't just cancel one then play the troxy
    thats why i knew when albert hall went up the shitter
    Birmingham was going to be off too
    I think he should just leave the Brixton dates
    play them all in October.
    Sorry to those going
    Shit happens unfortunately x
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:35AM (#332494)
  • Yet another Morrissey gig cancelled then. This is the second time it's happened to me regarding Moz gigs in London - money wasted on cancelled hotel rooms, train tickets from Northern England. Think Moz should look at doing shorter tours, look after his health. I doubt very much whether I'll spend money on his gigs again. What a shame. Gutted, sorry & angry.
    Miss Sam -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:36AM (#332495)
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        • Red Square by Argyris_Kravaritis (Score:1) Tuesday May 26 2009, @01:29PM
    • I Hear You by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 25 2009, @10:10AM
  • .... to still be slightly hopeful?
    Just phoned see tickets they know nothing, and also still nothing on the doll and the kicks myspace. could it be that this is all conjecture by these news sites????? please say it is
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:41AM (#332498)
  • He looked to be in the best shape I have seen him in for years on Saturday night, in Manchester. It was just like watching him in the mid 1990's. Very lean, also in good spirits.

    The show was also one of the best I have seen him do, with 'Best friend on the payroll', 'I'm ok by myself', and 'The Loop' being real standouts.

    Jacknife Johnny -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:58AM (#332501)
    (User #12307 Info)
  • Is Morrissey up to doing residencies or regular & intense gigs anymore? Lets consider the evidence.

    There was a small proportion of cancellations compared to completed gigs on his triumphant Quarry & Ringleader Tours. His voice was great & he was enthusiastic throughout.

    The attitude was again evident on his 07 US tour where he completed Pasadena (3/3 gigs), Sparks (2/2), San Francisco Fillmore (4/4)& NY Hammerstein Ballroom (5/5). It was a phenominal 07 US tour & lets remember he completed 8/10 at the LA Hollywood Palladium. There was a small proportion of cancellations compared to the completed shows.

    In 08 we start to notice things not going right. 3 out of 6 gigs completed at the London Roundhouse. Who can forget those 3 jokers embarassingly try to calm the fans down. People were saying that Moz was in decline - I did not believe it then.

    A year later gigs at RAH, Birmingham, Salisbury & now the Troxy are cancelled! Absolutely disasterous for Moz & especially his adoring fans! The signs were not good at Liverpool or this past weekend in Manchester. Is it a case of bad luck or that it has come to the point where Morrissey & the organisers have to think look lets do less shows a week instead of cramming them in to give Moz's health & voice to recover.

    At the end of the day an unfit Moz is not fair on him & especially his fans who have saved & travelled despite the credit crunch.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @10:06AM (#332502)
    • In a Word... by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 29 2009, @02:21PM
  • Roundhouse last year now Troxy, he takes on far too many dates, the Manchester reviews didn't lead me to believe he was ill again

    Don't think I'll bother next time - if there is one. Now gotta see if my eBay seller will refund me.
    chall5 -- Monday May 25 2009, @10:09AM (#332505)
    (User #17270 Info)
  • This is the 4th London show cancelled on me. I predict that the Saturday gig at Brixton will go ahead because that is the only night of the London shows I didn't get tickets to! Hopefully Morrissey will rest up and be stronger than ever for the rescheduled gigs in October, with maybe some new material? Get well soon Moz.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @10:17AM (#332508)
  • If he could have gone on with the shows he would have.
    This hurts him more than it hurts us.
    Get a fucking grip people, this is our idol, our hero, the man who means more to us than any artist out there...
    Get well soon Moz, hope you're not feeling too bad about this, shit happens.
    He'll be back better and healthier if not this month or this year then maybe next year.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @10:21AM (#332510)
  • And before anyone tells me, yes I know it's in Mile End, London.
    My point is, why did he announce a gig there in the first place?
    I've no sympathy for anyone travelling from elsewhere in England by the way. He's done plenty of dates in the North & they weren't all sell-outs like Manchester.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Monday May 25 2009, @10:27AM (#332511)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • I find it really irritating that so many people are attributing these cancellations to the fact that Moz is now an old man. This has got nothing to do with age whatsoever. Let's face it, he has been cancelling gigs left, right and centre throughout his career. Playing truant is second nature to him. If you haven't had to endure at least one Moz cancellation in your life, then you're simply not a true fan.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @10:31AM (#332512)
  • My third Morrissey cancellation in a fortnight. Ho hum...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @11:11AM (#332520)
  • What would people prefer, an alternate date, or to turn up when he is not on top form, and then spend ages moaning and complaining that it was a crap gig on here?
    If he is poorly, then surely he would not want to perform knowing he is not giving his best.
    He can't win can he?
    Give him a break,and stop being so bloody selfish!!
    jinny <[email protected]> -- Monday May 25 2009, @11:50AM (#332526)
    (User #15873 Info)
  • He is obviously going for some kind of sick record - is any one keeping count of how many gigs this man has cancelled? The phrase biting off more than you can chew comes to mind. But I am sure too the thought of playing huge venues like the O2 Arena makes him want to slit his wrists. Maybe it really is time to retire...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @12:15PM (#332528)
  • that putting 2 gigs directly after his 50th Birthday one was nuts. I've only just got over Friday today myself (combo of too much booze and driving to Manchester and back to SE London half bloody killed me!), so I do think it was especially niave to book Salisbury on a Sunday!

    That said I hope his throat problems are not a long term problem that has affected singers in the past, as the joy his gigs give me is fantastic.

    I do hope Troxy is rescheduled for October as it's gobbing distance for me!

    Now onto Brixton Friday, that's if the Malady can linger on. . . .The ones who are whining can get f*cked. Get a life eh.
    devout -- Monday May 25 2009, @12:23PM (#332532)
    (User #6172 Info)
  • Roll on October (Score:3, Insightful)

    Was in Manchester on Friday and it was brilliant. Was really looking forward to the Traxy as I live in the next road and it would be superb.
    However, I would rather have him reschedule and be in top form than try his best and do half a job.

    Roll on the Troxy (fingures crossed!!!!)
    satine -- Monday May 25 2009, @12:40PM (#332533)
    (User #22609 Info)
  • Time he appeared ang gave an apology i recon. RAH now Troxy...Cheers.....say something to us you loon...a recorded message will be fine....cmon you northern puff, speak to the ones you are leaving behind !!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @12:52PM (#332536)
  • 2 quality gigs, and i was only in the crowd, i've been in bed since, shattered, he will probably add the dates to the october gigs, so dont stress...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @01:11PM (#332538)
  • I would like to know if there are any tour promoters left who are willing to fund his next tour? Just a thought.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @01:15PM (#332539)
  • i guess the odds of actually seeing the man on this tour is statistically somewhere around 50/50 at this point... don't blame him, i'm sure he'd play if he could, but i feel bad for those who travelled far to see him and got cancelled on (been there), but hell, london is always a good time, with or without moz.
    mywar -- Monday May 25 2009, @02:12PM (#332546)
    (User #16603 Info)
  • I wonder... (Score:2, Insightful)

    If he's developed cysts on his vocal cords and needs them removed? It's possible and would explain all of the cancelled shows. I know cancelled shows is nothing new, close together like this I'm a little worried, I guess.
    hand in glove -- Monday May 25 2009, @02:20PM (#332550)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
    • I understand what you are saying. And it is actually not unusual, not unusual at all for people to get sick. Nope. Believe me. Soooo we need to understand and accept that Morrissey has a full blown crisis at this time. And it is very very serious.
      So these things who are camping out to see whether he is going to play this, or play that, ... and the next coming concerts -- well they are just going to have to just sit there, like sitting ducks. Because, because -- you never know.

      All that matters is that Morrissey is a really good singer, well he is the most brilliant, talented singer. His voice keeps getting better. So, Morrissey shouldn’t waste a single minute contemplating straining his beautiful voice.
      I had time to think and I know one thing -- we don’t have to worry about this, this minute. Regarding him making it up to you things.

      Morrissey is definitely not himself, and like I said, you could hear it when he is Speaking on youtube on the 22nd. I repeat, his voice sounded extraordinary and by the way whoever put up those youtube videos, excellent job. Whoever you are. Best quality I’ve heard so far ...

      I have to admit ... Morrissey yor the Best!
      Kate2828 -- Monday May 25 2009, @02:51PM (#332556)
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    • What Quack Doctor by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 26 2009, @10:11AM
    • Re:I wonder... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 26 2009, @02:24PM
  • Why oh why? (Score:1, Interesting)

    I really really like Morrissey but his career has always been like a car crash. Problems with record labels, managers coming and going, law suits, NME, bad press, rubbish singles, cancelled gigs, etc.

    It was all looking so promising in 2004 after "You are the quarry". It was fantastic to have Morrissey "back".

    But right now, does he need a new manager? A new band? Or is Morrissey simply just the most difficult person on this planet to work with? Is he really ill (getting ill DOES happen, you know) or is he bored?

    OK, Morrissey is a true original who has always wanted to do things HIS way. As a result his career has never been plain sailing.

    But NOW I am worried...this doesn't look good.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @04:26PM (#332564)
  • Not another one. []
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @09:16PM (#332576)
  • My 1st thoughts yesterday were that my week off would be spoilt,which was very selfish as morrissey is obviously very ill.all i can say now is its morrissey we should be thinking of not ourselves.My heart goes out to you Moz!
        I am lucky enough to have 3 brixton tickets so there is a chance.Luve to everyone who feels down at the mo and especially to you morrissey X

    bonehead -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @01:58AM (#332586)
    (User #22001 Info)
  • I have to admit that I am really disappointed...RAH and now the Troxy. I would have loved to have been able to go to Manchester, but my boyfriend has health issues, which stops us travelling far afield. I am worried that this is the start of a serious health problem for Moz. It doesn't bear thinking about. That puts a few cancelled dates and my disappointment into perspective. I am lucky enough to have tickets for all the Brixton gigs, but would be happy with seeing him just once, health permitting.
    Get well soon, Moz.
    The Queen's Tattoo -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @03:19AM (#332589)
    (User #22610 Info)
  • this is going to be a pain. im travelling all the way down to Brixton from Burnley for Saturday...just to maybe found out hes postponed. its cost me loads in money just for hotel and travel...on the upside, and off topic...Burnleys in the premiership next season.
    BurnleyBoys -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @03:42AM (#332593)
    (User #22612 Info)
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  • Morrissey’s throat gives out again, what’s new, it’s not like this hasn’t happen before. I’d much rather see a fully functional Mozz than watch him croaking his way through the set until he reaches the point where he is inaudible and is reduced to acting out the songs through the medium of interpretive dance. For all those who were travelling down to London and have wasted money on trains and hotels etc, sorry but life sucks, get used to it. I’m approaching 50 myself and if I have learnt anything it is that nothing is guaranteed, anything can go wrong and invariably will. I’m afraid this will be the pattern for the rest of your life, expect disappointment.

    I do think he’s taking too much on and obviously needs to rest more. Sadly I’m working nights throughout the remainder of the London dates so I’ll have to wait till October. Someone asked where the Troxy was; it’s in Limehouse and it’s where Nick Cave played last year and Jarvis Cocker will be in June, about the same size as the Roundhouse and consequently a fantastic place to see anyone. It will be fantastic night, when/if it happens.
    Dagenham Max -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @04:02AM (#332594)
    (User #20751 Info)
  • I sent mozzer a get well gift.

    A new pair of fluffy slippers and a vibrator.

    He may already have some slippers, but if he don't like them then he can go f*ck himself!!

    Boom Boom!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @04:49AM (#332601)
  • Dear God please help him, please please please let him get he wants, the lazy sunbather he wants the one he can't have, life is a pigsty and that joke isn't funny anymore, pregnant for the last time let me kiss you, the last of the famous international playboys.

    P. S.- What difference does it make? One day goodbye will be farewell, these things take time. Mexico, just come to Mexico!.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @08:01AM (#332612)
  • I see so many posts with people speaking authoritatively about things they know nothing about.

    Seriously people.. stop stating your opinions as facts.
    bored -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @01:22PM (#332629)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Morrissey, it is becoming increasingly apparent that something is wrong. Please take care of your voice and don't worry about any of the shit people can dish out, taking it as an excuse to criticize your age and personal life. We know that your voice is your livelihood as well as your calling, raison d'etre, wife, mistress, etc., and hope that in the end, it is OK.

    It would be understandable if you wanted to keep things private, but (however) it would be very kind if you'd tell your people more about how you're doing. A lot of the anger comes from worry.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @01:31PM (#332632)
  • In 2004 he canceled four nights on Kilbourn due to "throat problems". He canceled Pepsi Smash and he canceled his slot at a huge concert with other '80's icons, including Siouxsie Sioux.

    He canceled a total of 11 dates in '07 too, due to "throat Problems", including 6 nights at the London Roundhouse.

    This year, he canceled a HUGE host of dates in the United States and Britain, due to "throat problems".

    Yet, when he wants to sing... he sings perfectly. I saw the youtube videos of his singing in Manchester... he sounded perfect... not a hint of a sore throat.

    So what's REALLY going on here? I think he's just too old and too rundown to perform so often. I think he knows this too, but I think he's greedy and he's trying to pocket as much of our money as he can, before he retires.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 26 2009, @06:29PM (#332642)
  • just got this from see tickets:

    We're writing to inform you that MORRISSEY at O2 Academy Brixton
    on 28/05/2009 has been postponed.

    Once the new date is confirmed you will be informed and your tickets will
    remain valid.

    If you have any queries please contact us on 0871 2200260
    methadone -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @03:39AM (#332660)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @04:17AM (#332662)
  • Just checked O2 Brixton Academy and Morrissey and this date has been cancelled due to illness.

    the bigmouth -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @05:13AM (#332666)
    (User #22504 Info)
    • Re: I wonder? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 28 2009, @02:15AM
  • Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers, who suffered a spasm on stage yesterday said this:

    "This made it virtually impossible for me to move, let alone jump. I desperately want to carry on the tour but it will mean a combination of standing still, sitting down on stage, back braces and painkillers.

    "As you know standing still is utterly alien to me on stage I don’t want any sympathy but hopefully this will explain my lack of movement and general mood. Thank you for your understanding."

    But he WILL continue playing. Morrissey, on the other hand, gets a tickle in his throat and fucks off for a few weeks. Pathetic.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @06:50AM (#332673)
  • I firmly believe the farce that the Tour of refusal has turned into is in due no small part to his MANAGEMENT. The clue is in the word.

    If he has nodules on his voice and has been told to completely recuperate why hasn't the tour been pulled? Instead of this drip drip drip of info and cancellations. Manchester should have gone ahead for obvious reasons and all other dates should have been postponed. This has been going on since the beginning of the English dates, its a complete f---ing shambles

    To have a rumour on the forums not even acknowledged which has now turned out to be true (ie Brixton to be postponed) is just shoddy and pathetic.

    Morrissey may feel the need to complete the shows but his management should have put a stop to this. That is their job. To protect their artists interests. Which they patently are not

    Instead we get the "suspense" of not knowing and due to his fanbase not being the usual artist fanbase (ie we will travel) we have to book holidays, make travel arrangements, book hotels etc. They know this.

    Truly disappointed and angry

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 27 2009, @07:57AM (#332676)
  • should i hang onto my tix or try to get a refund from my ebay seller???
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 31 2009, @01:43PM (#333133)
  • damn, then there will be a 3 day dely as we wait for him to rise again! Moz is my Jesus.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @11:53AM (#332527)
  • Then, by all that is holy, lend him some of your prescription meds for that! Help a brotha out!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 25 2009, @12:46PM (#332535)
    • Re:itchy by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 25 2009, @01:17PM
      • Re:itchy by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 29 2009, @03:23PM
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