posted by davidt on Thursday May 21 2009, @05:00PM
Celebrations around the world for Morrissey's 50th have begun. Leave your messages in the comments and also at

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  • first to wish you "best wishes"

    See you later today....

    Hope you're as excited as we all are

    Viva Moz

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:08PM (#331763)
  • []

    and you weren't first. I was!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:11PM (#331765)
  • Happy 50th!!!
    We're all here to help you celebrate...
    do you realize the queue started at 8am on
    the 21st??
    To be loved by so many...
    Palare69 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:24PM (#331766)
    (User #14095 Info)
  • Thank You for all these wonderful years.
    Thank You for being so honest and so true to us and to music.
    My life wouldn´t be the same without your songs/words.
    Love and More!
    LIO -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:34PM (#331767)
    (User #22566 Info)
  • Why does the birthday of a pop singer hit me harder and leave me more reflective than my own.

    God dam it i hate being 19 in 2009, fuck the internet age, fuck the easy life with little of the uncertenty and worries of old - i just want to have been old enough to follow THIS man from day one.

    It is a little bit like the whole Elvis thing isnt it...

    Good health and best wishes to the birthday boy.
    bm20950 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:44PM (#331768)
    (User #15573 Info)
  • Cheers from Moz Angeles (but will be hopping on a plane tonight and celebrating with fellow Moz Fans in Baltimore, Maryland tomorrow on your B-Day) !! ;^)

    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • You're still hipper than all those singers who wear "shiny black shoes!"
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @05:52PM (#331770)
  • 6 years ago you changed my life completely. Thank for your influence.
    Here's to the next 50 years! :)
    maynardmorrissey -- Thursday May 21 2009, @06:04PM (#331772)
    (User #21173 Info)
    To be finished would be a relief.
  • Thank you - and I love everything that you have given to us! Happy Birthday! Wow. I can't believe you were nearly my age when I started following you - I need to catch up!
    fuckfase -- Thursday May 21 2009, @06:22PM (#331774)
    (User #4299 Info)
  • Morrissey-
    Happy 50th and many more! You are an amazing artist. Thanks for your music --it gets better with age and so do you.
    Best of luck with the rest of the tour!
    chermar72 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @07:12PM (#331775)
    (User #21194 Info)
  • Happy 50th Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful B-day and many more to come!
    Kill Uncle Fan -- Thursday May 21 2009, @07:24PM (#331777)
    (User #465 Info)

  • may all your wishes come true.

    palare -- Thursday May 21 2009, @07:26PM (#331778)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • Morrissey may you live to see 100. We love you, you are truly a god amongst rockstars. Thanks for being you.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @07:28PM (#331779)
  • Much love from Whittier, California. Happy Birthday, Morrissey! You've touched my life with your music and lyrics. Thank you!

    p.s. You're exactly twice my age.

    took my bow -- Thursday May 21 2009, @07:29PM (#331780)
    (User #21922 Info)
    But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you....
  • Happy Birthday, Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:00PM (#331781)
  • ha my dad turns 50 next month. comparatively thats kinda fucked up. happy birthday morrissey you old bat!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:15PM (#331782)
  • Wishing you an excellent day, thanks for all the wonderful years you have brung & still bring to us...a great BIG HUG... ;)

    Viva Moz forever...

    - Luis Daniel Caldero
    Industrialization69 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:16PM (#331783)
    (User #21092 Info)
  • Morrissey, I hope this day is special and wonderful.
    I hope that today you feel the way that your music has made me feel for the last 25 years of my life.
    It has truly the soundtrack of my life.
    Thank you for the amazing concerts this year, you are the epitome of the statement "getting better with age."
    much love,
    Rockabilleigh -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:18PM (#331784)
    (User #1007 Info)
  • Happy Birthday M, the greatest songwriter ever!
    LCG -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:23PM (#331785)
    (User #22456 Info)
  • Morrissey.
    I thank god and your momma for bringing you to this unhappy planet. With all the carnivores and distructors on it.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:23PM (#331786)
  • Dearest Morrissey,

    You have been the most influential figure in my life. You have all the qualities of a true worldly icon- genius, beauty, style, intelligence, grace, humility, well timed agressive delivery, recognition of past influences, brilliance, poet, savior, voice, etc.... Your life is yours and rightly only yours, but has positively impacted so many, including my own. 50 years is infancy for you. Your meaning and words and life do and will always stand as immortal. Thank you for all you have given to my mind, body, soul and emotional being. Words will never due justice of your worth to humanity. Those who have yet to be graced by your godliness, may they soon see the light. Here's to you and the hope of seeing you again soon, even if only from standing room only floor space. I hold my glass up high and cheers in your honor!

    May your best wishes be fulfilled,

    -little bastard
    San Diego, CA
    5/21/2009 - 5/22/2009
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:32PM (#331787)
  • When I turned 40, I wanted to hide, and well, now, 50 seems so natural. Like it’s not a big deal. After it hit me, the big 4-0.
    But you, Morrissey, my baby, well I’d like to say 50 - Mmmmm. You don’t look it. By no means. No way. No how. Nope, as a matter of fact, you look like you are in your thirties.

    Because the world we live in, it’s sooo shallow, superficial, which is why I mention it. Isn’t it ... But to me, and I’m not speaking for the world, which is so shallow. To me ... I love you no matter what yor age, or what you look like. Whether yor 50, 68, 75, 52, 99. Because I love "you", the whole package.

    The fact that yor beautiful and skinny at 50. Well, these are just the facts. You are, yep. But, even if you looked old, like soooo many other singers in their 40s and 50s, then I’d say it. But you don't -- you look drop dead gorgeous. Because, I am a no nonsense type of a person. I say the truth. I keep it real.

    But you have to understand something, you, you ... Well, when I first encountered The Smiths in college in the mid to late 80s and then when my first bf who gave me Louder Than Bombs, and then my first supervisor at my first job who I told I loved Girlfriend in a Coma to, well he made me his own compilation with Girlfriend in a Coma. I never even knew what you looked like, not really, ya know. So this was years that I loved you, before, BEFORE I knew what you "really" looked like (in specifications). So, if I saw you in the streets in the 80s, I wouldn’t have known “that’s Morrissey “. Or Johnny Marr for that matter. I loved you before I knew what you looked like. Bottom line.
    I don’t know why after all these years, I started to see you in a different light. Rewind -- actually, I do. And in a different way, ways. And then, at PA, NJ, ... and most importantly ... that casino in Mashantucket. Foxwoods. Oh - My - God.

    I have something else to say. “I”, I did mean all of those syrupy, sentimental, things, that, I said... Mmmmm Hmmmm all of my messages from around 2000. And ... Yesterrrrdaaaay. Isn’t it.
    And after all these years, I still do. That’s right, and it’ll continue. I keep my word.

    Thanks for always being there for me. I’ll always be here for you. Every little surprise you gave me, well I want you to know ... none of them were unnoticed. They meant everything to me, and they still do. This also shall continue. I have this feeling, I can’t explain it, the “connection”.

    Happy Birthday Baaaay--Beeee. I Love You Sooooo Much.
    Kate2828 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:36PM (#331788)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Def holding up better then most 50 year olds. Happy Birthday Sir. []
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:38PM (#331789)
  • Dear Morrissey,

    I love reading every year all your b-day posts. It's really nice to see that you're adored by so many.

    Keep young and beautiful as you've always been.
    Lots of love, kisses and hugs from
    - Gaby
    Sunny78 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:46PM (#331790)
    (User #5151 Info |
  • Dear Moz, you are loved and always will be. Thank you for your beautiful words and voice. In a world where many of us seem strange and awkward, your music makes us feel like the coolest, most graceful kids in the room. At least, that's how it makes me feel. Have a blast at your birthday gig. I wish I was there!
    With Love,
    Moz Angeles, CA
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @08:49PM (#331791)
  • Really sad (Score:1, Insightful)

    What a pathetic lot we all are to think that Morrissey actually spends any time reading our nonsense. He spends more time farting from all the veggie burgers than sacrifice a thought to any of us.

    Either way, he is 50 and God knows, he's miserable now.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @09:01PM (#331793)
  • happy birthday,thank you for everthing you've meant to me since i first saw you in brixton in '83.i could say a lot more,but you get the general idea.
    fluke22 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @09:41PM (#331796)
    (User #21992 Info)
    the future is around me i see it,i seize,i use it,i throw it away
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet and tender Moz!!! *huge hug* i hope to meet you again... we will meet again!!!
    love u and your music too!

    Greetings from Mexico

    PS enjoy the tonight concert
    Raffael79 -- Thursday May 21 2009, @09:42PM (#331797)
    (User #17513 Info)
  • may 22 (Score:2, Insightful)

    also born on may 22nd:
    a few of my other favorite people

    Arthur Conan Doyle, Laurence Olivier, Sun Ra,
    If I am reincarnated i hope i will be born on this sainted day..
    As much as I love Laurece Olivier's Richard the third and Sherlock Holmes... and listening to 'Space is the place' - Morrissey takes the cake
    devinmcnally -- Thursday May 21 2009, @09:53PM (#331800)
    (User #9967 Info)
    • Re:may 22 by JohnnyMunro (Score:1) Friday May 22 2009, @04:32AM
    • Re:may 22 by Anaesthesine (Score:1) Friday May 22 2009, @06:12AM
  • Wow 50. Okay I'm over it. Fifty short years. Must be doing something right.
    redpathetic -- Thursday May 21 2009, @09:55PM (#331801)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • Hello people!

    Here is a small tribute to our beloved hero that i posted on my blog

    OK, it's in greek, and I borrowed h.e.a.v.i.l.y. from this site, but I think that perhaps you'll find something interesting.

    Have a great Moz B'day!
    mozzergr -- Thursday May 21 2009, @10:11PM (#331802)
    (User #8321 Info)
  • and only 14 hours to go approximately.

    COME ON MORRISSEY!!!! aw I'm so excited! Hope I can sleep (I am in work!)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @10:13PM (#331804)
  • Enjoy your day!
    Many hugs and kisses from me ;-)

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @10:28PM (#331805)
  • Let's all have a blast tonight in Mozchester.
    Happy Birthday.
    Lorimoz x
    lozzamozza -- Thursday May 21 2009, @10:57PM (#331806)
    (User #11343 Info)
    There is a better world. Well, there must be.
  • 50th birthday (Score:2, Interesting)

    Will follow you till your 100th birthday!
    Argyris_Kravaritis -- Thursday May 21 2009, @11:12PM (#331807)
    (User #3786 Info |
    The only thing that I know is that I don't know anything...Socrates
  • Many Happy Returns Morrissey.

    Your wisdom is beyond your years.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @11:12PM (#331808)
  • Happy 50th Morrissey. It feels like a national holiday. I intend to listen to you as much as I can today. I've already listened to YATQ on my way to work, and I started recording the Breakfast Show as I left my flat. I'll be keeping my eyes open for any other mentions in the media throughout the day. Love Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @11:22PM (#331809)
  • Happy Birthday, Morrissey!
    Thank you for your influence and all you have done!
    Best wishes x
    Shippers -- Thursday May 21 2009, @11:28PM (#331811)
    (User #22564 Info)
  • We'll be there to celebrate in style with you tonight, today i could say may be the best day of my life haha. Happy Birthday Morrissey!!!!
    DrWolfenstein -- Thursday May 21 2009, @11:53PM (#331812)
    (User #21667 Info)
  • As someone who hit the big 50 myself a few years ago.....well I still have the mind of a 20 year old, its just a shame I dont have the body.

    Morrissey......Very Happy Birthday and cant wait to see you tonight and tomorrow.

    Enjoy your day and all I ask is that you carry on being you.

    Titchy -- Thursday May 21 2009, @11:58PM (#331813)
    (User #12366 Info)
  • Have a look about 5 mins 20 seconds in here - [] - for someone else' refusal manifesto!

    Also a poem,
      - TRUE TO ME

    More is he sounding true
    Than all the rest that
    Have been tried and tested.

    When he comes riding through town,
    Wide open are flung doors and windows,
    And a bee-line is cut to his shows.

    He scurries on stage: it’s Himself,
    His vibes washing over our grime.
    We swing with him, royal and divine.

    In between, time weighs, mud is slung,
    But memories embraced rock mundanity,
    And rout daily gilt-edged chicanery. -

    Isn't it nice to be someone that, even when it's not your birthday anymore, all those sickly sentimental things said are not so quickly forgotten.

    Congratulations and celebrations!
    goinghome -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:04AM (#331814)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • As the cliche states its only a number.
    Happy Birthday and God Bless You
    With All Of My Love
    orlando -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:23AM (#331815)
    (User #18669 Info)
  • Happy Birthday Morrissey!
    All the best:)
    See you tonight...
    Kristina -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:24AM (#331816)
    (User #13941 Info)
  • Or as they say in Holland, 'wooden shoe like some cake?'

    Breithla shona duit, mo chara go-jazzy agus samhailteach!

    In the absinthe of your love, I will drink to your health and happiness,

    anonomuirgheasa -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:31AM (#331817)
    (User #17346 Info)
  • that'll go unnoticed.
    Yet I still feel I *must*:

    Happy 50th Birthday, my beloved Morrissey!

    ~ from Alexandra (with luurve).

    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:33AM (#331818)
  • all the best, have a great day and gig tonight, i'm coming to the 2 manchester gigs, a big thankyou for the music and lyrics which have been a very big part of my life for the last 25 years, through all that time, friends and close relationships have come and gone, but your still here, cause all i need is you x
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:41AM (#331819)
  • And thank you. The world of pop music would have been close to a desert without you.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:51AM (#331820)
  • You're the best, Happy Birthday, You help me through the hard times and your always there in the good times, every day, every night, always. Have a great day, see you tomorrow in Mamchester. X X X. Love you forever. X X X.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @12:52AM (#331821)
    • Re:Morrissey. by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 22 2009, @12:55AM
  • Thankyou Moz (Score:1, Insightful)

    20 years ago I heard a song, it stuck in my head and stayed in my head..... 20 years later he will probably open with it tonight and i will probably cry! thanks Moz you changed my life!

    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @01:05AM (#331823)
  • Your music brought me and my sister closer together when she bought me my first Smiths cassette in 1986. You brought me and my friends together in high school. You brought me and my husband together in college. You soothed my babies to sleep in the wee hours of the morning while I rocked them. And just a few weeks ago, the morning after my 36th birthday, my son jumped on my bed singing "It's Not Your Birthday Anymore" so there was no need to be nice to me! I am laughing and living and I will always hear your voice in my head...and well... you know the rest! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    ThinkOfMeKindlyLV -- Friday May 22 2009, @01:12AM (#331824)
    (User #18284 Info |
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