posted by davidt on Thursday May 21 2009, @02:00PM
oranjpekoe writes:
Visit; Zee Avi's full CD is part of the listening party. Her cover of SPM's "First of the Gang to Die" (track 9) can be heard in its entirety.
Craig also sends a link to his feature on Zee Avi which also has the track and a video of a live in-store performance in Long Beach, CA (May 19):

Zee Avi Takes On Morrissey In "Gang" Fight & Wins - "The New Now", Yahoo! Music
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  • ...I don't think so! It's mediocre, at best!
    It's missing the spunk of the original that only Morrissey can provide.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @03:47PM (#331758)
  • I don't like this style of singing. She needs to get that yawn out and wake up already.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 21 2009, @04:57PM (#331761)
  • ...of the gang to die of boredom! How drab/lame. Do people justify covers only by the fact that they memorized the lyrics? Again, I am reminded of that butcher-job that the one bedroom band did of "I Won't Share You."
    fuckfase -- Thursday May 21 2009, @06:18PM (#331773)
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  • Does any one really care?
    FANTASTIC BIRD -- Thursday May 21 2009, @09:52PM (#331799)
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  • she kind of missed the mood of the song.. I mean she sings the very sharp and acidic lyrics of the song as if they were written by James taylor..
    but it is kind of charming that she wanted to make this song a part of her self titled cd.
    devinmcnally -- Thursday May 21 2009, @10:12PM (#331803)
    (User #9967 Info)
  • Just for her voice alone...Brilliant!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 22 2009, @01:38PM (#331908)
  • .....not very good.

    Neavelle Vague do this style of intepretation a lot better (like it or not!)

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 24 2009, @07:24PM (#332427)

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