posted by davidt on Monday May 11 2009, @08:00AM
Peenusks writes:
After reports here that Moz's voice was failing him somewhat in Liverpool yesterday, the venue has confirmed that tonight's gig in London will not go ahead.
factotum sends:
We're writing to inform you that MORRISSEY at Royal Albert Hall
on 11/05/2009 has been postponed. Once the new date is confirmed you will
be informed.

Tickets will remain valid for the new date or if you prefer, face value
refunds are available if the tickets are returned to us. Refunds can be
claimed up to a week before the rescheduled date.
nickthev writes:
Just spoke to the Royal Albert Hall box office - the concert tonight is "canceled due to illness".
Mozzalini Is Me sends the link:
Morrissey Cancels Royal Albert Hall Show Due To Illness - Gigwise
Lee O'Callaghan sends the link:
Morrissey cancels London Royal Albert Hall gig (May 11) -
From others - similar news also on Morrissey's official site, Myspace and Facebook:
Due to illness tonight’s show at London Royal Albert Hall has been cancelled.

Event Organizers would like to apologize to Morrissey's fans for the disappointment but he is unable to perform and on doctor’s orders has been told to rest.

Ticket holders are advised to hold on to their tickets and await more information shortly regarding a possible rescheduled date.
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  • I thought it sounded good at Liverpool. He did say something about antibiotics though.

    Good job I didn't board that train to London :-)

    Off home and early to bed then ready for Brum on Wed!. I hope that one doesn't get canned too...
    Missing Link -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:10AM (#330348)
    (User #3503 Info)
  • blame (Score:0, Flamebait)

    i can't say i blame him cancelling. He's probably bored stiff singing infront of a shit backing group, playing dire songs, to a hall full of gulable tossers who swallow any old shit he throws out.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:15AM (#330352)
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  • Why would any one that is so down on Morrissey be on this site? []
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:21AM (#330354)
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  • Now you will see the power of our fully operational... uh, never mind. (Tiptoes away from the Mancunian Mafia who have ventured as far as London.)
    Adam_Atl <{adam} {at} {}> -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:25AM (#330356)
    (User #12724 Info |
    So suddenly meaningless...
  • Lucky that I was looking for posts to see what time Moz has been coming on stage during this tour and stumbled upon the cancellation story.

    It's 17.25 and still no SMS or email confirming cancellation, so I imagine lots of people will now be travelling to the RAH unawares, at great cost to themselves when a text message a few hours ago from seetickets or whoever else could have spared them.

    After my Roundhouse experience at the abandoned show and then the subsequent cancelled and not re-scheduled shows, my enthusiasm for Morrissey is waning...the gloss is peeling off.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:35AM (#330363)
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  • Ignorant Remarks (Score:1, Insightful)

    Tell me.... do people really have that much time on thier hands, to write negative, nasty and untue comments about Morrisey?

    Maybe they got to the wrong website, I guess the are Britney Spears fans that got lost on the internet thingy...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:35AM (#330364)
  • I had stopped to look at the gravestone of Emily[ne] Pankhurst in Brompton Cemetary when I received a text informing me of the cancellation!

    We got in a tour of the Royal Albert Hall where the guide was sympathetic, having herself been looking forward to the sold-out show. It's a magnificent hall, and the roof was built in, and then transported from, Manchester nearly 140 years ago! So when he does the make-up show, he should feel quite at home there. : )
    goinghome -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:42AM (#330366)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Whew, glad I didn't embark on a trip to London now.
    I can imagine the gut-wrenching disappointment everyone must be feeling, and my heart goes out to you.
    It's a busy tour schedule they've got, but I do hope those ticket-holders will be treated to a replacement gig.
    I wonder whether Morrissey will be heading out for a few drinks at the Met Bar or Groucho tonight instead?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:44AM (#330368)
  • I think Moz needs to realize he's no spring chicken any longer. At his age, he should not be taking on long rigorous tours. He should do what some of the other dino-rockers do and play fewer shows but at bigger venues. Although, nothing beats Moz at a small venue, and I believe he prefers it too, he just can't do it any longer at 50. He could probably do 2 hour plus shows if he did one every weekend or so. But playing every night is causing him to perform badly on a consistent basis now. Just my two cents.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:47AM (#330370)
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    • Leonard Cohen by sinbad (Score:1) Monday May 11 2009, @06:22PM
  • By the look of things, Michael Jackson seems to be in better shape.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:53AM (#330374)
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  • i wonder if hes going out clubbing instead?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @09:03AM (#330377)
    • Re:hmm by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 11 2009, @07:04PM
  • he should have had a longer break between the US and UK legs.

    I bet its an ear/throat combo thing. That's what I've been battling for about 5 months, as have many others I know. Its a real lingering aliment that improves 85% with a course of antibiotics but comes back if you fly.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @09:05AM (#330378)
  • Liverpool was shit by reading the consensus on here, the rah gig in 2002 lacked something imho. And birmingham is all seater too. Like football Morrissey gigs are better with standing
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @09:30AM (#330382)
  • ...which gig/club he'll be at tonight then?

    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @09:43AM (#330385)
  • When I heard the news this morning I was devastated but not really surprised - This has been the most unbelievably crap day.
    What to do now?
    If there is a question mark over Later with Jools Holland what hope is there for Birmingham?
    And as for the rescheduling of the Albert Hall - well I'm not going to hold my breath.
    Let's face it the combination of early spring and flying do not suit his health. So why go on a grand tour? Will no one look after this man?

    orlando -- Monday May 11 2009, @09:53AM (#330387)
    (User #18669 Info)
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  • Too old? (Score:2, Insightful)

    People are saying Moz is too old to tour as he does.
    Nonsense...Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode is only 3 years younger and Depeche Mode's tour schedule is as vigorous as Moz' and Dave performance surpasses what Moz does in terms of physical exertion.
    There is some other reason our Mozza is "still ill".
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday May 11 2009, @09:53AM (#330388)
    (User #10290 Info)
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  • Yarmouth AWAITS.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:00AM (#330391)
  • Moz cancel whatever you want but please, just provide to be in shape for Helsinki, June 27!!! ^_^
    Macsim -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:03AM (#330393)
    (User #17094 Info)
  • []

    Alternatively you can call the Box Office on 0121 780 3333 to enquire.
    Missing Link -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:20AM (#330396)
    (User #3503 Info)
  • Gutted...I was really looking forward to this a legendary London landmark venue, Morrissey's first London gig since Hyde Park 2008?

    Anyway, it's selfish to "want want want"...if Mozzy is sick so then be it. Simple as.

    But over the years Mozzer has had more sick-days than I have! Maybe it's the time to concentrate on "high profile" shows only, ie. recidencies in places like London Palladium, Blackpool Empress Ballroom, Manchester Opera Hall, etc.

    As a travelling artist he is open to all sorts of germs: lack of sleep, germs and humidity of sweaty concert venues, shaking people's hands, flying on planes, etc. No wonder he wants to have fresh vegetarian food available at all times.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:21AM (#330397)
  • What a f***in bore! If he can no longer hack it then stop touring!
    Songs for the evening...
    'Sorry Doesn't Help'
    'You Were good in your time'
    'Still Ill'
    'Death Of A Disco Dancer'

    pissed off (for the 3rd time) ex fan ... but will probably love you again by the end of the week!
    boyracer34 -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:31AM (#330399)
    (User #20839 Info)
  • I was telling my sister about tonights cancellation when my daughter piped up "Does tour of refusal mean him refusing to turn up?" Had to laugh..
    Domestos Salad -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:34AM (#330401)
    (User #13197 Info)
  • They got a doctor's note for this one...would have been nice for Oakland, instead of hearing that he was out & about having fun? Oh well, hope he's better soon and good luck to all who have tickets to future concerts...
    Kill Uncle Fan -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:49AM (#330405)
    (User #465 Info)
  • not gonna happen.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @11:00AM (#330410)
  • Maybe he is bored himself and just can't see the point in doing his 1000th tour?

    Just an idea.

    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @11:37AM (#330419)
  • Wow. Has this tour been the one with the most cancellations so far? I realize it's not even over yet...yikes.

    Royal Albert Hall ticket holders, my heart goes out to you: I was one of the many unfortunate Oakland fans.
    took my bow -- Monday May 11 2009, @01:00PM (#330424)
    (User #21922 Info)
    But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you....
  • I've got tickets to see Moz in London - the last show I saw ( Roundhouse) died three songs in leading to comedy moments of abuse thrown at poor Brand/Ross. I will just expect that the show is cancelled and if it does go ahead it will just be a bonus.

      Moz should really cut down dates with his well known health record
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @01:32PM (#330433)
  • cancelled cancelled cancelled.

    Anyone remember a really excellent Morrissey London show??

    Ally Pally in 2006 was OK but the venue was like a great big greenhouse.....

    Give it to us Mozza!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @01:45PM (#330441)
  • Yes that's right Morrissey, my little lovely.
    You rest your ingenious be-quiffed head for the Manchester 23rd gig.

    He won't cancel in his own home town will he?!!
    I haven't felt this on edge since my mum raced home to discover my cigarettes, and that was when I was 14!!!

    P.S - Commiserations to those tonight.
    Hello Indie -- Monday May 11 2009, @02:01PM (#330444)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Like most of Moz's fans, I am disappointed that the concert tonight was cancelled. It can't be helped if Moz is ill. Perhaps the solution for Moz is to spread his gigs out a bit giving him time to stay fit & healthy.

    I have noticed that SJM has issued the apology on behalf of Morrissey. However I think it would be appropriate if Morrissey personally issued an apology on his website to his fans. I've noticed that that there was no apology from his last cancellation at the Roundhouse last year. Is Morrissey aware that a lot of his fans are from abroad & have paid for flights, booked hotels, & also have travel & food expenses meaning they have spent a lot of money. It would be nice of Morrissey to acknowledge this.

    Like many other fans, this is the 2nd time I have encountered a cancellation in London. The silence is deafening from Morrissey & I am beginning to wonder if he really does respect or care about his fans.

    Over to you Morrissey & get well soon mate.
    the bigmouth -- Monday May 11 2009, @02:01PM (#330445)
    (User #22504 Info)
  • Just got back after my pointless 8-hour round trip to my front door via The Royal Albert Hall.

    Still - that's nowhere near as bad as a couple who had flown in from Italy to see him. Their return flight leaves tomorrow so no chance of them seeing him in Brum (if he plays there). Can you imagine? Poor people. The woman said, "I hope he has swine 'flu."

    EVEN WORSE... were two friends who had come from America. They were obviously culture vultures - over here to see museums and galleries but they had planned their trip around Morrissey's Albert Hall gig. I felt so sorry for them - they had spent the afternoon wondering what might be on his set list.

    If he's playing Brum, I shall go there, if I can get a ticket - only 40 minutes from my door, but hey, where would rather see him? RAH or Brum? Hmmm? Tricky one, huh? and it was a 40th birthday treat. Blast and botheration

    I certainly don't hold him being ill against him - if the guy's ill, there's not a lot to be done about it. However - an email/text earlier in the day would have spared me all that driving.

    Right - time to kick the cat.
    kissmyshades -- Monday May 11 2009, @02:17PM (#330449)
    (User #12542 Info)
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  • I have something to say. My baby is sick, and I would just like to say that I hope he gets that much much needed, justified R & R. When we are over forty, like me, it gets harder. I can’t pretend it gets easier. He’s been touring for months. I couldn’t do it. It’s something that I always admired about Morrissey. One of the very few things that I couldn’t say mmmm … I, well, what I mean is, I want to have that energy, strength, mind set to travel like that, but I can’t. Maybe when I was in Oneonta, I could. Anyway, I always found that trait very admirable and hero-istic about him. But let’s face it, no one can be a carbon copy of another. No, yes, no. Yes. I want to.

    And also, shaking people’s hands. Now, Morrissey, I didn’t care that I got his germs, DNA, whatever on numerous occasions. Soooo, I love his germs, I need them, I want them. They're mine. But I don’t love anybody else’s germs. I don’t like anyone else.

    Still, I know how you feel and it’s awful. Like for me, something is squeezing my skull, something I can barely describe. And I’m not even kidding. And at midnight, I, I can’t get you out of my head.

    Avoid their germs, you could use Dial anti bacterial soap right after the songs and scrub your hands with burning hot water. Better still, don’t shake or hold on hands. Hold on to yor friends. Yor health is more important. Even if it seems rude. Because, let’s face it, you are not rude. Sooo who cares what anyone else thinks.
    And to the so called “fans” – give my baby a break. Young man – one day – you will be old. Then like Me. Not 750. 1975. Dial a cliché. MmmmHmmm … and you need to realize stress makes everything worse. Dial a cliché. So, let me be as perfectly clear here as you can possibly understand it, my baby is very sick. He doesn’t lie.

    So, have some compassion. I’m talking to the good people. I know, I know there are a few on here.
    *looking around*. Respond.

    Well, OK, before we meet again. Also, BrummieBoy, aka Einstein-if you are on here, or having your friend, friends, or secretary reading this, I would just like to say I miss you and I hope to hear from you. You understand Einstein?. Mmmmm.

    And, and I know you’ll say a little prayer that Morrissey is taking the proper right medications, the right companies, and that he doesn’t have to get the bad side effects of the bad medications, companies. We know you can make him feel better. I cannot reach you anymore. Even now, in the final hour, of my life …, I’m falling in love … again.
    Kate2828 -- Monday May 11 2009, @02:47PM (#330457)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • The Morrissey sucker train continues to roll on. Seeing Morrissey live is probably the most physical activity that his remaining fanbase will get all decade.

    There are few things that are worse than continuing to peddle uninspired material that is only meant to pad the pocket, and that's not being able to finish a standard tour without a series of cancellations.

    Not only has Morrissey been unable to make it all the way through yet another tour, but he might be setting some records with this one.

    I never imagined that Morrissey's career would become such a clumsy, and embarrassing affair. Someone needs to stop him before he hammers the final nail in the coffin. He clearly is not sensible enough to make his own decisions about touring, and God knows what else. He needs a handler, like his mum, but someone who is not afraid to speak to him like an adult.

    I know. It's not going to happen, but I'm just trying to help.

    Nick The Name -- Monday May 11 2009, @03:44PM (#330475)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • I've got tickets for birmingham!!

    Please, please, please let me get what i want!

    God knows it would be the first time!

    *fingers crossed*
    sonofward -- Monday May 11 2009, @03:46PM (#330476)
    (User #4901 Info)
    " Life is very long when you're lonely... "
  • Make-up Sex (Score:2, Interesting)

    People are referring to Morrissey like he's just knocked seven shades of shit out of your ninety-five year old grandma, or like he's suddenly developed Alzheimers.
    Ok, maybe it's another cancellation too far but some of the responses on here are brutal.

    I knocked Morrissey when I saw the picture of him at the Kristeen Young concert, and quite rightly too! But so far I haven't seen a photo of him slumming it with the oldies down at Mecca bingo so I'm taking this situation at face value.
    The Royal Albert was a sell out so I can't see any reason to postpone it due to 'lack of ticket sales', not that he's ever admitted such a thing!

    Who knows with Morrissey. The man is a walking, talking mystery. But yes, a lovable mystery.

    Perhaps 'illness' or perhaps he just wants to curl up in bed and watch Ken ask for 'make-up sex' with Deirdre like the rest of us.
    Hello Indie -- Monday May 11 2009, @04:34PM (#330485)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
  • Morrissey has been sick for two months. Obviously he has an illness that requires him to rest, but he can't, not properly, because of the tour. All this talk about how he's nearly 50 and needs to slow down is silly. He is, when well, quite fit. It's not the age. He may not be happy about turning 50, but I don't think it's slowing him down. Morrissey has ALWAYS been one to get sick. This is something we know and should be used to by now.

    It's truly a gamble to be a Morrissey fan. I feel bad for all of you who were looking forward to the show because I know how you feel. But, he'll be back and he'll deliver...he always does.

    And to the person who said the woman from Italy said she hopes he has swine flu...well, I hope she knows Karma is hell.
    hand in glove -- Monday May 11 2009, @06:31PM (#330504)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
    • Re:So... by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 15 2009, @04:07PM
  • What??? Morrissey cancelling a show??? You have to be kidding!!! That so unlike him. Yeah least he sort of gave a reason this time. I bet some of you will run into him at a bar there!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @06:59PM (#330507)
    • Re:Illness by elly (Score:1) Wednesday May 13 2009, @09:57AM
  • A friend of mine who saw Moz with me on this tour commented on how sickly he looked and sounded. He said, "Damn, he looks like an AIDS patient." At first, I scoffed. Now I'm wondering if there's any merit to that notion.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @07:23PM (#330509)
  • eveery fan has been going through this, some
    a bit harder, as on the day or like now, or like
    95 when he stepped out touring with bowie, so al
    eurofans could sel their ticket, or go to see only Bowie [not me]

    I he takes a 10 day rest, and return on his birtday gig, and the other shows can be rescheduled in june/july

    but I sense something more awfull, dunno how they
    call them in medical terms, it's those thing in yer throat that makes yer voice, maybe they are
    damaged, lets hope not, cause an operation and at least half year rest will spoil this 50 year

    get well Morrissey
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:49PM (#330518)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I lovingly trudged to the RAH last night not knowing that all was off, and was bitterly disappointed. I waited around until about half past nine as one of the RAH workers said Morrissey was turning up to collect some of his personal belongings. Low and behold three minutes past ten there he was, pissed as a fart and wielding what looked like some sort of frankfurter in a bun, shouting obscenities at all and sundry and urinating in the street. I can't tell you how appalled i was. I cried and cried and cried....I was so upset...Although i must admit i didnt have my glasses on and it was dusk, so it could have been Ledley King....I went to the wimpy to cheer myself up and had a milkshake....which was nice!

    Yours Sincerely
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @12:26AM (#330528)
  • I'm not sure when the "Later" programme with Jools Holland is supposed to be recorded, but it's listed for airing on Tuesday 12th and Morrissey AND the New York Dolls are due on. So was the programme recorded last week or Monday 11th? Surely Morrissey would kill to appear on the same show. Might even cancel a gig in order to make it happen.
    Tingle -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @01:38AM (#330543)
    (User #5731 Info)
  • Booking offices in Charing Cross were/are selling Moz tickets for £20!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @01:53AM (#330545)
    • Re:tickets... by Hello Indie (Score:1) Tuesday May 12 2009, @03:24AM
  • Here we go again. I had two free tickets fro last night but had decided earlier not to go as I had predicted he would cancel it. Morrissey is not ill. If he feels like it he cancels gigs. He's shit live now anyway. The band is shit and have you heard how they murder the Smiths back catalogue? he could get half a dozedn better musicians off you tube.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @02:24AM (#330547)
  • Tour of refusal to turn up
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @02:38AM (#330548)
    • Re:New title by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 12 2009, @03:55AM
  • I am very sorry for all involved in this one,it absolutely sucks!I don't even want to think about if he is or is not sick,but this show had to be full,right?I wasn't going,no particular reason,but i would ask one thing.Please re-sked in order of previously "cancelled/postponed" gigs.I don't think i am asking too much,just some recent years.Start with,but not limited to..
    1. All 4 florida shows,may change order if needed
    2. The last,what 4,5,6 of the Palladium shows
    3. Madison Square Garden !
    4. Miami,Roadhouse,Oakland /really sick?/
    5. Shit,i know there is more....
    Anyways,as you can see,i have slightly mysterious bruises as well.Besides cancer or something really serious,what is worse than the high you get,going to see a great live show,and then BOOM? Too rub it all in,some good folks actually find out AT THE VENUE,a punch in the face!Good luck all on getting these shows back,i wish you all a speedy recovery.
    KEVSTER -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @04:48AM (#330568)
    (User #18942 Info)
  • Birmingham is definitely off guys. Sorry.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @05:23AM (#330576)

  • got the call 5 mins ago. cancelled, new tickets will still be valid for a new date , a letter going out to all who booked.

    please note i booked throuh Sym Hall and not See or TM. I suspect everybody will get a call soon though.

    BJD -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @05:34AM (#330577)
    (User #22512 Info)
  • The BSH website says 13th is cancelled. Cheers Moz you half-weight, now I ve gotta try and get an extortionate amount of money back from some low life ebay tout. Time to hang up your pen - only wanted to hear your stuff written 10 -20 years back. What a loser you are! Hope your illness is nothing trivial!!
    groovy -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @05:40AM (#330579)
    (User #22508 Info)
  • It's official. I work here at Symphony Hall. Morrissey has cancelled tomorrow night's gig at Birmingham. They're trying to reschedule something for Autumn.
    Until a date is decided, it's best to keep hold of your tickets.
    Thought it best to tell you all asap.

    Absolutely gutted.
    Much love xx
    grogsplot -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @05:45AM (#330581)
    (User #22509 Info |
  • I know that we are all disappointed. I, myself have had Moz cancel on me numerous times, all at the last minute, and the cancellations about broke my heart after months of anticipation. But, instead of spouting mean spirited posts, let's think about this. Morrissey is almost 50 and his material is very demanding. Maybe we should all be mad at the folks who scheduled this tour, with shows night after night, with little break in between. Just a thought!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @12:24PM (#330671)
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