posted by davidt on Saturday April 18 2009, @10:00AM
An anonymous person writes:
I just got news from a good source that Morrissey is sick and the Oakland show is canceled...Oh boy... Somehow I had that feeling!
Also confirmed in the tour forum.
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  • Coachella; was it possibly that bad ? Some say it was great but i have a feeling those who are saying that are those who hardly go to shows thus dont know when moz is really "into" it or not. Im really sadden by the news but this isnt the first or last time and i understand why morrissey would want to for coachella i hope he never gets involved in such events. Oakland was supposed to be a great show. Thanks coachella!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @10:09AM (#328105)
  • Are you kidding???
    kykeeper -- Saturday April 18 2009, @10:18AM (#328108)
    (User #21583 Info)
  • I always believe you when you say you are ill, unlike some in this forum, but I drove quite a distance to see your only solo West Coast show -much less your scheduled reunion with Kristeen Young, a thing I anticipated eagerly and thought I'd never see again- and I want to ask you to please stop scheduling such heavy touring if your health cannot handle it.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @10:21AM (#328109)
  • After wasting money on FL twice and now NorCal. I'm done.

    That Miserable "Liar" isn't getting any more money from me.

    What Goes Around, Comes Around!

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @10:29AM (#328114)
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  • paramount (Score:2, Informative)

    I really don't think he is sick, if you look at ticketmaster the venue is not even close to being full. Playing at the Paramount for a surprise show is really just bad managment. The paramount is too big(3000) and making tickets $100 at an obscure venue is not the best idea. There are plenty of better venues in the bay area that would suit him more.(the fillmore, warfield, the fox,etc...) And he really should of waited a day seening as it's a 10 hour drive from Coachella to Oakland. Sorry for the rant, im just still in shock.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @10:47AM (#328116)
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  • Geez...I waas this close to buying tix to fly to the west coast. Unreliable...sorry folks i'm feeling ya.
    SpanishBloodUKHeart -- Saturday April 18 2009, @10:51AM (#328118)
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  • Yep, it's official (Score:2, Informative)

    Just got a call from Ticketmaster. Cancelled and refunded.
    GurgleJerk -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:30AM (#328128)
    (User #492 Info)
    GurgleJerk of the in-limbo Rush To Danger
  • If he can't handle a busy tour schedule, then don't book one in the first place. What's the point of scheduling dates and consistently cancelling them? All it does is further piss off fans to the point of no return.

    Either tour or don't. If you can't keep up, stay home.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:33AM (#328131)
  • Hrm... I send my best wishes, beast washes, and good juju.

    This throat situation may not be a joke. Look at what happened to Julie Andrews? (And she was a workhorse just like Morrissey.) Poor dear can't sing a note now.

    On the plus side, we could get a lot of great spoken-word bile about Northern Leeches.
    Adam_Atl <{adam} {at} {}> -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:35AM (#328132)
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    So suddenly meaningless...
  • moz, get well soon and come to Europe now. We're waiting you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:38AM (#328133)
  • He cancelled because he decided, after all, that he DIDN'T WANT TO REUNITE WITH KRISTEEN ON STAGE.
    He would've seemed like a hypocrite.
    I feel him. It also had to do with everything else that was stated and the fact that he felt nauseated at Coachella last night.
    The man needs a fuckin break, he's been touring like a workhorse and just didn't feel like doing it.
    I love you Moz.
    Good on your decision. Sorry for the disappointed fans, though.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:47AM (#328136)
  • I'm getting to the point now that I'm surprised if a show goes on....rather than get cancelled...but stupid me will keep on going!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:49AM (#328137)
  • Oh the irony... (Score:1, Informative)

    The US tour ends the same way that it began. So very unprofessional. I'm glad I didn't by tickets for Coachella and Oakland, after getting burned in FL and ATL. Oh yeah and also getting burned in Miami '07 at the last show of that tour.

    Morrissey is the little boy who cried wolf with his constant cancellations from "illness" I don't think anyone believes his excuses anymore.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:49AM (#328138)

    Reference: Cancelled Show

    Hello, this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert for your upcoming event. Morrissey, scheduled at Paramount Theatre on Saturday, April 18th, 2009, at 8PM, has been cancelled.

    Your credit card will automatically be credited the ticket price and convenience charges, and should post to your account within 7 to 10 business days. Please note, the $3.20 per order processing fee and any ticketFast or UPS delivery charges are non-refundable.

    If you have any questions, please contact us online at:
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:51AM (#328140)
  • Fuckers, stop whining and crying like bitches just because he canceled... if he is ill, he can't perform, period.

    You assholes would be bitching just as much, if not more, if he were to go on stage sick and cut the show short. Get your money back and go rent a hooker or something that will make your pathetic lives a little less dull and STFU.

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @12:01PM (#328146)
  • Flax, when you use the exact same wording you used saying this on the forum, you're not an "anonymouse source."
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @12:06PM (#328148)
    • Re: airhead by Kewpie (Score:1) Saturday April 18 2009, @12:13PM
  • i got there around the time the tour buses drove off. we talked to tour/venue security and tourcrew members, they told us that morrissey lost his voice last night.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @12:09PM (#328149)
  • I just have publicly lament. Nothing new to add. Same story. Very upset, feel nauseous, hopes shattered etc. The irony is this is the THIRD time he's done this to the Bay Area (that I have held a ticket for as well).
    I'm going on strike for a while. Mozzer's in the doghouse.
    dodgy -- Saturday April 18 2009, @12:43PM (#328158)
    (User #5544 Info)
  • Some of the commenters are real haters. I finally had an epiphany last Saturday, head in the clouds and a mouthful of lamb, when I decided I couldn't eat meat anymore. Too bad it was at someone's house - rather awkward to explain.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:05PM (#328161)
  • Jeeze first Atlanta, now Oakland, a double kick in the ass for me....
    skintorpedo -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:11PM (#328162)
    (User #20318 Info)
  • Hello all,

    I am really sorry to hear, as you are, that the Oakland show is cancelled. I was looking forward to the show and hope that Moz is well.

    I just want to take a poll on this idea since there are so many out of town Moz/Smiths fans in SF.

    If This Charming Band can put on a last minute show in Oakland or SF, would you guys be up for it?

    For all of the people from out of town, we would do our best to give you a place where we could all sing and dance to the music we love so much.


    If you think this is in bad taste, then we won't try to put together this last minute show.


    orlandissey -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:21PM (#328165)
    (User #14989 Info |
  • It's only been a month and a half since he was so very sick in the Carolinas. It's a little worrying...I wish him the best and I hope he feels better soon.

    hand in glove -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:23PM (#328166)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • what am I going to do with my fake setlist now??!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:29PM (#328169)
  • Great news, for those of us who know what a kickass performer Kristeen is, here is their change of venue information.

    Since the M show, in Oakland, has been cancelled, KRISTEENYOUNG will now play at:

    The DNA Lounge (375 11th St., San Francisco) at 10:30. Be there on time because it will be a short set.

    If you say you are there to see KRISTEENYOUNG, you'll get $5 off admission. The party is being thrown by the Vau de Vire society and looks to be very colourful.

    kykeeper -- Saturday April 18 2009, @01:50PM (#328175)
    (User #21583 Info)
  • I don't think, despite its name, that there are many trees in Oakland, even if it is supposed to have the most temperate climate in the USA.

    Ireland actually was like one big ole oak forest a few centuries ago. It may live up to its name - Ire-land - if Morrissey hides from us in over a week's time! Seriously though, having watched some footage of Coachella from last night (thanks to Mozillow and co), while he looked ever so fit and fetching, he actually could be caught coughing and spluttering a few times. Hope he and all the broken hearts due to the cancellation recover very soon.
    goinghome -- Saturday April 18 2009, @03:50PM (#328190)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • This is so so SO! sad for all of those that traveled once again from so far to come and see Morrissey.

    I, even feel so AWFULLY embarrassed for some crazy reason. The wonderful fans that come from so far.

    Goes to show that we should by far not be so fanatically inclined to follow a mere man. Or women!

    I wonder how Mr Morrissey feels about this?
    I truly hope he says something about this.. Anything, from I was ill to I have a terrible hangover! Anything is better then nothing.

    I heard Depeche Mode is having a free concert soon..

    Wow, Gas, Food, Hotels,some have taken time off of work.Some have bought clothes for the occasion Bought Mr Morrissey gifts to show their appreciation.
    You know this is really , Truly Disappointing.

    I shall not travel anywhere for a human again...
    hmmm. Lesson learned.
    Which I had already said that I was not going to go to Oakland.

    Now Coachella would have been cool.I love going to Coachella no matter what. I would have loved to have been there.

    Oh Morrissey Morrissey me oh my.... =O :(
    I just had to say it.

    I'd like to drop my trousers to the world!**
    (of humans)
    In other words this truly is bullshit.

    I do not understand..Yet I will always love the voice.=/
    Marisela -- Saturday April 18 2009, @04:46PM (#328197)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • hes simply not feeling america...
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @05:04PM (#328199)
  • I searched and found a nice little Irish pub in San Francisco for us to play. Blackthorn Tavern located at:
    834 Irving St
    San Francisco, CA 94122
    (415) 564-6627

    No cover!!! To all of you stranded with no place to go, we invite you to come and sing the songs that saved your life!!

    This Charming Band will go on at 10pm!!!!


    orlandissey -- Saturday April 18 2009, @05:12PM (#328201)
    (User #14989 Info |
  • If his voice is gone, then there is nothing we can do. But if he's able to stand and sing, he should be a professional and go through with the performance. Based on the number of times he's cancelled already, I think there is a lack of professionalism.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @05:14PM (#328202)
  • Albuquerque (Score:1, Funny)

    I never thought I'd say "Boy, I'm glad I went to Albuquerque!"

    It was between Albuquerque and Oakland...glad I picked the craphole! =D

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @05:28PM (#328204)
  • I think he got sick when he saw photos of himself in that shirt he wore for Coachella. He should invest in an oxygen chamber for the tour bus or consider palliative care during his lengthy tours. I love the old guy, but if most of us called in sick so much we'd be fired...
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @05:41PM (#328207)
  • Many of these convoluted theories on why Morrissey canceled are cute, but they miss the obvious: Morrissey has never established the proper mental, and physical endurance to avoid absenteeism over a long period of time.

    He just isn't feeling "well" in the way that Morrissey commonly doesn't feel well.

    Morrissey is aware of his lack of vocal endurance, yet he continues to book full tours. It makes me wonder if he expects to cancel so many shows ahead of time. Either way, it's ridiculously unprofessional, and I'm sure that everyone associated with him jokes about it behind his back.

    It would certainly fit his character. Morrissey's only in it for Morrissey.

    So, there you have it. The secret to Morrissey is reveled. He can't develop meaningful relationships because he knows better than anyone that he will eventually flake out, and disappoint.

    It's the only aspect of Morrissey's life that I consider truly sad.
    Nick The Name -- Saturday April 18 2009, @06:13PM (#328221)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • there goes those black cloud comments. all that thought out the window...much like moz's voice...yet it's seemingly out the window when he throws it out....odd that it's when a venue doesn't sell well. what did he expect...100 for a show, when Coachsmella was 120 for a list of bands! mostly crap except Leonard Cohen and a few mediocre others. I remember a manager (or someone of equal level status) at the palladium during the residency and saying that if he would have performed, they would have lost money when you add the promotion and venue minus the ticket sales...however if the promoters and everyone involved break even then it goes on...much like this 'illness.'
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @06:50PM (#328229)
  • i was so close to flying there from los angeles...i'm glad i didn't attend coachella and even happier that i didn't spend money for oakland. see you all in october when morrissey comes back to LA :)
    YourArseAnAll -- Saturday April 18 2009, @09:35PM (#328251)
    (User #21850 Info)
    • Re:whew! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 18 2009, @09:58PM
    • Re:whew! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 18 2009, @10:28PM
  • ...that he actually may have been sick.

    If the smell of the grilled meats really does bother Morrissey that much, I can understand him getting sick. The smell at Coachella might have sickened him psychologically and even given him a headache and such. Top that with a long drive to Oakland, possibly not being able to sleep....

    So, ok he may very well have been sick,

    BUT, Morrissey should know the conditions at these festivals. He is not new to them or even Coachella. I think that he should not play those type of venues if he is sensitive to the environment there.

    I don't know if it is fact, but people have commented in the past that he has it contracted in, where he can, that a venue shall not sell meat items when he is to perform there. If that is the case, why play venues like Coachella where the air is filled with the smell of hot dogs, hamburgers and steak sandwiches?

    Is it the $$$ payed to play there?

    If so,

    "I'd hate to be like

    certain people I know...

    They'd sacrifice all

    of their principles for

    anything cashable

    I do believe it's terrible"

    someraincoatedlovers -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:06PM (#328259)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Hi everyone,

    This is Paige, the gal who posted the new wolverhampton pix [] a few months back. Can't find my password, so excuse the post showing up as anonymous.

    just saw a tweet a few minutes from @commanda []: "Morrissey is here at DNA Lounge. He was offended when the bouncer carded him."

    Also confirmed by tweets from @reyka666, @digitalgoth, @medfly70,

    Sick enough to not perform, but well enough to go clubbing, eh?

    I've got a full write-up and video of his walking off stage @ Coachella last night and coverage of the Oakland cancellation: >> Morrissey cancels Oakland show []

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:14PM (#328260)
  • I’m telling you right now, Morrissey is sick. He’s sick. OK. He feels it. He does. I do. Give me a break. You, you “fans” -- you you say such horrible things, and what you are doing -- is completely unfair. I’m having blackouts. MmmmHmmm
    Morrissey -- it’s ok - still, I know how Morrissey feels . Still. Still Ill

    Morrissey is sick, and he is trying to cope with getting better. I am worried about him. I know for a fact. Nicky, Nicky over there with your information going in the wrong direction again, you don’t know which end is which. yep -- I think, I think are you a -- Moose?
    Nickie, stop freaking out. And to the other so called fans, I, I love Morrissey. I love him. You know what that’s like. He’s sick, and you things messed up. Again. Don’t you dare say that about my baby and all these other terrible things. You say such terrible things.

    Mmmm - I don’t know how to get them to stop. I am worried. Me and you. And these things, they just sit here and when they attended the concerts - they were just standing there up front, in the front rows, -- and they look like, they looked like they are almost dying. Morrissey checked out on the Oakland show. I know Morrissey. I do. This is not his fault. But you things at the concerts who look like you are almost dying, have no right, no right at all to be freaking out like this. Don’t you get it ... No, no -- you don’t get anything because I’ve seen what goes on at the concerts. Do you people even know the lyrics to the miracle, the masterpiece YOR.
    Anyways, you don’t. If you love him, you wouldn’t be doing this, you would be trying to minimize his stress while he is sick. OK, signing off for now.
    I keep having blackouts.

    Please keep in mind -- that Morrissey, well , he is just trying to cope with getting better. You things are wrong and you have, you all have messed up -- again.
    Kate2828 -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:19PM (#328261)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Almost bought a plane ticket to Oakland yesterday. Crikey. Sir Paul who's pushing 70, can pound out 2 and a half hours and all we ever get from our man is 60-70 minutes and THAT's when he feels like it!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:38PM (#328263)
  • I guess Moz has a crappy immune system.

    I feel awful for those who were expecting to see him. I only live 25-30 min. away and I decided not to go. I'm always hesitant to buy a ticket to a Moz show now :(
    Mrs. Lovett -- Saturday April 18 2009, @11:45PM (#328264)
    (User #20654 Info)
    "Who, being loved, is poor?"
    • Re:Ridiculous by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 19 2009, @09:39AM
  • odd... but... true
    Raffael79 -- Sunday April 19 2009, @12:17AM (#328268)
    (User #17513 Info)
  • If I really stop and think how much went into making this trip I can help but feel like crap. Pulling up to a darkened theatre was surreal and disappointing to say the least. Buying a ticket from a third party to get a better seat may prove to be an expensive lesson. To a true Morrissey fan there really isn't much that compares to a live performance. For the past few years I have given away tickets, hotel rooms, bought many drinks to help contribute to the experience. My initial thought was one of understanding, although I'll probably be out $500 for the effort. I am amazed at how many shows he does make during his tours, travel alone can be exhausting for anyone. Still you can't be all things to all people no matter how hard you try. If Morrissey canceled and wanted to hang out at DNA, I'm cool. I have meant some amazing people and had some incredible experiences at shows in the past few years. If someone wants to reply and tell me I am an idiot I might understand that as well. The music is a daily part of my life and has been for many years. Corporate/Government scams, rigged professional sports, I have to believe the guy gives a sh_t and there is legitimacy in the cancelation! From someone who is as cynical / realistic as it gets.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 19 2009, @01:40AM (#328281)
  • Not sure if rest and relaxation is a good thing for his voice, but I went to DNA in SF myself tonight and saw Morrissey hanging out with and watching Kristeen Young perform ...; I guess you gotta give the guy the benefit of the doubt re: his voice, though, since only he knows the truth about his condition
    hank -- Sunday April 19 2009, @02:36AM (#328286)
    (User #22405 Info)
  • Hi all- freshly back from the show that This Charming band put on for us destroyed and /or stranded fans. IT was AMAZING. I feel so much better now.

    Anywoot- I met a dude there that was allegedly on the venue security detail for Morrissey. (Not sure if it was just this show or what. For that matter not sure if this is the truth either because he was a dude in a bar, trying to be a little fresh with me so...?)He said when the crew and band got to Paramount they realized it was going to be a "logistical nightmare". Not because the show didn't sell well either but because the amount of gear and set up given the limitations of the venue (which are what??) was so much that they would not feasibly be able to set up and strike it in time for the plane to the UK Sunday.

    In short, it was never wise for them to book this show and expect to get everything and everyone on the plane in time. Again~ this is what this security guy told me. And that's the skinny.
    dodgy -- Sunday April 19 2009, @03:50AM (#328293)
    (User #5544 Info)
  • he had a bit enough of touring in the USA

    and his best gigs, and sold tickets/and his records are in the UK and the mainlanf of Europe

    no bashing, but I think you have to be a fan to know he's in Oakland
    Yes Cali and some westcoast cities are sold out soon, but his 10 time in a row past time,also
    a few were canceled to get 75% full venue

    again He's poorly managed, in every town, a month before and 2 weeks befoe his label has
    to print a full size page in the the ciies most read paper

    you don't have to wear gucci suits and look bling, to arange PR for a tour

    if this site wasn't around, i don't think how
    I would know if he comes in the Netherlands ,
    cause Morrissey has his own agency, and big promotors like MOJO here in the Netherlands, dunno if they known in more countries, doesn't
    make PR, he has and is SJM promotion, which he has to reorgananize very soon, or work with BIG
    PR agencies, his label does nothing, never did.
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Sunday April 19 2009, @07:13AM (#328321)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re:i think by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 20 2009, @11:08AM
  • Bye, bye Americans, hello Europeans.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 19 2009, @08:59AM (#328342)
  • I prefer seeing him cancelling his shows than offering his audience a bad performance because he doesn't feel well matter what the reason is. The voice is also a fragile instrument(I know what I'm talking about) and he's a real person not a robot ...I can understand the disappointment you might feel but you have to be understanding .Forgive and forget especially the ones you appreciate the most .Come back to Europe soon Morrisey,we love you and we're waiting for you !!!
    Almalilas -- Sunday April 19 2009, @01:26PM (#328410)
    (User #22095 Info)
  • ...when I got the call from Ticketmaster. Seemed liked a cruel prank...but then reality set in. Oh Moz, you wound me! I can only console myself with the thought that I know you'll be back in California sometime soon.
    took my bow -- Monday April 20 2009, @09:38AM (#328521)
    (User #21922 Info)
    But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you....
  • I have read some comments about his cancel of the Oakland show to be, "no big deal", "leave him alone" etc etc. My response to that is you people obviously had no tickets to the show, and don't really understand where a true MOZ fan might be coming from. I planned for 3 months to go to the concert with my older brother, and we love MOZ and have followed him from the start. Now keep in mind that I only go to MOZ concerts when he is in the Bay Area, and I don't go to other concerts, I have just grown up with the Smiths and MOZ and he is by far my favorite singer. His canceling the show, and me thinking he was sick was VERY dissapointing, however, I thought to myself, if he is sick, then he is sick, I would have to forgive him and get over it... But when I heard that he was out and about in SF that night, it honestly broke my heart. How could he do something like that to long time fans that spend a lot of money (300 a ticket for our great seats!) and had driven 2 hours to come see the man, how could he..... I honestly will never not love his voice or the music, it is the best I have ever heard and I love all music, but I will never pay to see him again, and if I could talk with him personally I would, say, f-you you man, f-you.... How could you dissapoint such loving fans to go f-in hang out..... What it says to me is that the fans matter not AT ALL to Morrissey, if they did, he would have never done that, never..... I will never plan or pay for anything Morrissey again, the worst of it all is that he dosen't need the money ya know..... but what he could lose is the faith and love from him fans... F-you MOZ..... and now deep in the cell of my heart, I will be glad when you go.......
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 22 2009, @05:51PM (#328755)

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