posted by davidt on Sunday March 08 2009, @11:30PM
Andrew Lee writes:
The show for Monday night is cancelled according to the website of the venue.

Morrissey's tour has informed us that his show, scheduled for March 9th, has been cancelled. Please check back on Monday, the 9th, for refund options.

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  • Boycott Morrissey... What a total Mess...
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 08 2009, @11:40PM (#323694)
  • I knew this was coming.
    Listen, I understand he's sick, but from previous tours, it seems that it takes him awhile to get better, as most people do when they get older. UNDERSTOOD, BUT ...instead of cancelling before each show, cancel a handful of them, get better and come back. It would save people's money and patience.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 08 2009, @11:50PM (#323697)
  • wishing u the best of health MOZ.
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 08 2009, @11:58PM (#323700)
  • Morrissey, I wish you lots of health, don't put any attention to the trolls around here, because your loyal fans love you, whatever happens! Viva Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @12:11AM (#323705)
  • well he better cancel his complete USA tour and he would be in a good health to go on...all the best...
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @05:28AM (#323716)
  • Please?
    abby somebody -- Monday March 09 2009, @05:28AM (#323717)
    (User #20288 Info)
  • Seriously, I think this more than anything points to retirement. After singing for 20+ years, anyone would have their share of vocal problems. While many singers just go out there and sound crappy, Morrissey really does care what he sounds like.

    I think the end is near.

    moho -- Monday March 09 2009, @05:31AM (#323718)
    (User #10663 Info)
  • Why the day-by-day cancellations?

    Surely the man himself or all of his doctors can predict how long he won't be able to perform.

    It's not rocketscience you know.

    Morrissey doesn't give a toss about his fans. Lately it has just been about money. Come on, 2 CD singles for Paris, both with one b-side?

    Moz has become a money grabbing whore. A WHORE, I say!

    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @05:33AM (#323720)
    • Re:Wtf? by Morrissey the 23rd (Score:0) Monday March 09 2009, @05:48AM
      • Re:Wtf? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday March 09 2009, @06:42AM
        • Re:Wtf? by Sumonessweetie (Score:1) Monday March 09 2009, @06:46PM
  • No major acts cancel as often as M does. I know he doesn't feel he owes anyone anything but most professional touring acts cancel only a handful of shows a decade (if any at all)! Get in shape, Moz.

    I too wish you good health but get on board with preventive care of some kind. This throat thing goes back a long way. Maybe this is why many acts tour in the spring and summer only. I feel for the Asheville crowd--the show was Sold Out too. We were bummed here in ATL...
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @05:45AM (#323723)
  • From the Forum: (Score:1, Informative)

    Heads up all you so-LOW-ers. Morrisseys next stage shall be Durham. Only hopes we can survive days off in Durham. We just had an outstanding three days off in Asheville. Many apologies the tour will not commence in asheville, nc as planned. The boss's ailment has hit a keynote as anyone in attendance at Myrtle Beach, SC should know:
    Morrisseys voice during how soon is now
    Morrisseys nose running out snot horrible through the whole entire set.

    Morrissey is very ill. Hopes that you will take such news in to regard and know we want to be with you every stage, every song. hold tight we are coming.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @06:20AM (#323732)
  • maybe I should wait and see.
    robiskeen -- Monday March 09 2009, @06:37AM (#323734)
    (User #17581 Info)
  • People saying negative things about Morrissey's cancellations--outside of the natural disappointment at not being able to see him live--need to take long, hard look in the mirror at themselves.

    What type of person could badmouth someone for being sick?

    What does Morrissey's illness have to do with his release of a single with one b-side?

    And what about his age? He's soon what? Sickness-bugs don't age discriminate, and each human being is different in their rate of recovery. Those who are implying that because he's "getting older" that perhaps he shouldn't tour anymore are exposing themselves as being very ignorant people.

    He's sick. He has an illness that effects his voice. He is a singer by trade.

    Applying the logic a lot of you are using to another industry, how would it sound if a basketball fan said: "Fuck this Kobe Bryant! I don't care if his right wrist is sprained! I bought tickets to the Lakers game tonight, and I've been a huge fan of his for years! What the fuck, Kobe? You know, he is almost 30 years old, now, perhaps he should retire to avoid these injuries. I say we boycott the Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers because Kobe can't play tonight!"

    Juvenile. Selfish. Idiotic. Fair-weather.
    dewdrop -- Monday March 09 2009, @07:12AM (#323739)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • 50 cancellations since 2002.

    Recently toured: Robert Smith, 49.
    About to tour: Dave Gahan, 46.
    On tour: Bruce Springsteen, 59.
    Always touring: Mick Jagger, 66.
    Not one sick day in 6 1/2 years: Me, 39.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday March 09 2009, @07:20AM (#323740)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • Durham tix for Wednesday still available:
    torr <[email protected]> -- Monday March 09 2009, @08:04AM (#323754)
    (User #227 Info |
  • it's so simple (Score:2, Interesting)

    he was past month in about 10 shows, on hot lamps,sweaty to the dressroom, but not Moz, just with a towel a long coat getting into the waiting car, to avoid fan time

    so it's from very hot, in a season wwhich was cold, count all travelling...

    and indeed as someone wrote he's becomig 50,he
    had to do those shows for promotion,his record label failed as always

    [Grand Rapids-Your Arsenal was the best Morrissey
    ever got, now it's the shows who want him]
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Monday March 09 2009, @08:11AM (#323755)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • There must be some Rich Old Rockstar virus going around
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @08:36AM (#323761)
  • I can relate to the disappointment of fans who've had their hometown shows cancelled as my 3 Florida concerts were. My family and I had to scramble and move heaven and earth to attend in SC. But it was worth it. He is only human and tried and was successful at a wonderful performance, given the circumstances. If I could relate anything to him it would be eternal gratitude for performing despite his illness. Thank you, Moz.
    Sloudydoud -- Monday March 09 2009, @08:37AM (#323762)
    (User #22102 Info)
  • have a hamburger and get some meat on yer bones!

    a little protein does the body good!
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @08:59AM (#323766)
  • I did the whole vegetarian thing for several years, and during that time I was sick more often than not. When I would get sick it'd take weeks to recover. The animal proteins missing from my diet had dampened the functioning of my immune system terribly.

    Once I switched back to a regular diet including some meats I quickly returned to health and HAVEN'T been sick since!

    Morrissey needs a good filet mignon once in a while to help out his immune system!!
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @09:28AM (#323772)
  • he is having much difficulty realising that his neglect of his instrument (voice) is haunting him...see my comments per the sc show i was at
    Sumonessweetie -- Monday March 09 2009, @10:08AM (#323782)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • I was at a sunny concert some days ago by Malian singers Maryam and Amadou. The guest slot beforehand was filled by Ronan O' Snodaigh, Kila, and Liam O' Maonlaí. The latter finished a TV documentary in Mali recently and, some will recall, was lead singer in the band Hot House Flowers that brought out the popular and highly acclaimed album 'People' in the late '80s.

    As far as I remember the single 'Don't Go' was addressed to a friend who was sick, which is what justifies my referencing it here - []

    Good eh?

    Best wishes for Morrissey's recovery and return soon.

    goinghome -- Monday March 09 2009, @10:39AM (#323789)
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  • i mean she plans her whole life around a morrissey tour and he cancels all the time.
    rooneyred -- Monday March 09 2009, @11:54AM (#323802)
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  • Will you all please just stop and wait and see what happens. For goodness sake, the man's ill. Leave him alone and stop all these awful comments.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @12:00PM (#323804)
  • He is sick. Everyone saw that post on youtube singing ITMAAP. It was dreadful. He would make a fool of himself. And on top of that there is a terrible cold/flu attacking people all over the states. I was sick for almost 2 weeks. So please, be easy on him. And the asshole who said boycott should go to hell.
    mozzz79 -- Monday March 09 2009, @12:27PM (#323810)
    (User #13221 Info)
  • I've created an account just to post this.

    I first heard The Smiths when I was still at school, The Queen is Dead was released the same time I was taking my O levels, and I remember Moz's nephew appeared on the Tube (and there's a blast from the past). I've been listening to Morrissey since before my first job, and now I listen with my kids.

    I once queued all day to get into the free concert in Wolverhampton in the winter, 1988; In fact I am 4 visible pixels on the Hulmerist video.

    Etc, etc, etc, every man with a story to tell, I know.

    So now we live in the states, and my wife bought tickets for my fortieth birthday to go and see Moz, to celebrate my mid-life crisis in style. I can't quite squeeze into my Hatful of Hollow teeshirt anymore, but we had the Babysitter standing by, the GPS is programmed...

    - For this shambles. Again.

    So YOR is 'recommended' in People magazine (not mine, I hastily add), he has a quarter-page box-out in the same mag, well received tv appearances, sell-out dates... and then these antics and woeful PR communication.

    I would have thought that the people who buy the tracks, the tickets, the tee-shirts - you know, the fanbase that line the pockets (as I think it is safe to say now that Moz is never going to fly up the VH1 charts) - would have been appreciated and respected a little more. Fortunately, we would have had only 80 miles or so to Asheville; I feel sorry for those that have travelled and spent further.

    Much as it pains me to say, but maybe "I keep mine hidden" would be better replaced with the other b-side from that 12" -

    Work Is A Four-Letter Word.
    Rubber Thing -- Monday March 09 2009, @12:29PM (#323811)
    (User #22106 Info)
  • Okay, now I'm really getting nervous. My show is in 8 days and so far it doesn't look good. I think the worst part is the waiting, not knowing for sure either way. My heart goes out to those of you who have been cancelled already, but let's give Morrissey a break. His songs aren't exactly the type that you can just get up there and yell out like a lot of other group's are. I respect him for wanting to put on a good show and if you're sick, you're sick. He isn't a spring chicken anymore after all. That being said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, play in Pittsburgh this time!!!!! took time off of work (which is difficult enough for me!), got good seats, and have listened to the new cd a thousand times to get ready. Please don't let us down here in Pittsburgh again!!!! Of course, our show is on St Patrick's day so maybe that will work in our favor!!! :)
    fan in pittsburgh -- Monday March 09 2009, @01:27PM (#323815)
    (User #22107 Info)
  • That is all.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @01:43PM (#323818)
  • strep? (Score:1, Informative)

    When my husband stood in line in Atlanta on Saturday morning, he couldn't believe his luck being the very first person at the venue. In disbelief he walked around the Variety Playhouse looking for someone. He soon discovered that the show was canceled. An employee of the theatre told him that Moz had been seen by a doctor the night before. Allegedly he was diagnosed with strep throat and was told not to sing for 10 days.

    I don't know how correct this information is, but that's supposedly the news the Variety Playhouse got from the camp.
    sing-me-to-sleep -- Monday March 09 2009, @01:43PM (#323819)
    (User #20404 Info)
    • Re:strep? by fan in pittsburgh (Score:1) Monday March 09 2009, @01:46PM
      • Re:strep? by fan in pittsburgh (Score:1) Monday March 09 2009, @01:48PM
        • Re:strep? by sing-me-to-sleep (Score:0) Monday March 09 2009, @01:55PM
    • Re:strep? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday March 09 2009, @06:31PM
  • "I'm still ill?"
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @02:24PM (#323828)
  • Story above mentioned the Atlanta venue saying Morrissey has Strep Troat and would not be able to sing for 10 days.

    The symptoms seem very nasty and would suggest that.
  • From the Asheville Citizen-Times:

    The club received a text message at 11:30 p.m. Sunday notifying them of the cancelation, Whalen said.

    “We are all very disappointed,” she said. “It’s very unfortunate for the fans.” The Orange Peel is also taking a financial hit, with 20-25 employees suddenly finding themselves with an unpaid night off. “If a show is canceled due to illness, then the artist is not obligated to pay back expenses” that have already been made for the show, she said.


    Canceling by text? What a douchebag move.

    And he's not liable for any expenses. Ha! I am not holding out for Richmond.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @09:08PM (#323868)
  • Would be ironic if he added this one to the set list!!
    LoB -- Tuesday March 10 2009, @02:19PM (#323944)
    (User #19296 Info)
  • The opposition speaks. Enough said.
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @10:44AM (#323791)
    • Re:cancel.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday March 09 2009, @12:19PM
  • I am pissed he won't play Toronto..but let's face it..90% of people at the Buffalo show will be from Ontario!
    Anonymous -- Monday March 09 2009, @10:51AM (#323792)
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