posted by davidt on Wednesday February 18 2009, @10:30AM
shoey writes:
Morrissey will be on the arts programme 'Front Row' on BBC Radio 4 at 7 15pm Wednesday 18th Feb.

Kewpie also sends the link to the thread posted by Prison Planet in the forums. User BBC posted in the thread:
I'm the producer of Radio 4's Front Row interview with Morrissey which does indeed go out at 7.15 tonight. It's a 30-minute interview recorded on Monday in which he talks about his childhood and how he loved to go to the record shop in Moss Side aged 6; how his life was changed by his awareness of abattoirs; writing with Johnny Marr; whether the Smiths will get back together... and turning 50. Enjoy. And you can listen again on the Radio 4 website for 7 days after broadcast.
From the Radio 4 site:

Wednesday In a rare interview, the former Smiths singer Morrissey talks candidly about poetry, music, the life-changing influence of the abattoir, and whether we'll ever see The Smiths re-form...
Update: 02/19 07:50 GMT:
An anonymous person posted in the comments a link to download the audio provided by Claudia2006 in the forums (original post).

Download available locally here (32.6 MB zip).
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  • Good interview. But it doesn't make me happy that Morrissey is complaining about the tax system in the UK (much like Bono if memory serves right, not that I much care for U2 records). No one likes to be taxed, but important things can not be done without it.

    It's terrible that rich people are taxed so high. In America it is so much better, especially that we don't have to deal with universal health care or a transit system that works. It's also nice that you have to go deep into debt to get a job anymore.

    Perhaps Morrissey should stop throwing his Gucci shirts out into the crowd during concerts and contribute more of his money to social causes (either than animal rights or saving the Salford Lads Club).
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 18 2009, @12:49PM (#321653)
    • transport... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday February 18 2009, @01:10PM
    • Re:interview by boredhousewife (Score:1) Wednesday February 18 2009, @01:44PM
    • Gucci shirts by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday February 18 2009, @03:49PM
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  • EASILY the best interview he's done here on the YOR trip.

    John Wilson (who Ive never heard before) was very concise and to the point and got far better responses than all the others.

    He must have covered about 15 subjects in 30 minutes.

    A great listen and far more credible questions than the usual old pap.

    5 outta 5 from the jury in New Eltham.
    devout -- Wednesday February 18 2009, @12:50PM (#321654)
    (User #6172 Info)
  • Great interview .I think Morrissey was sticking up for the working classes of Britain who get taxed taxed on everything.Just look at the news today in Britain. You've got a greedy greedy MP claiming over £100,000 on a second home .Like she needs the money .One law for them and another for hard working class people of Britain who get taxed to the hilt.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 18 2009, @02:13PM (#321666)
  • I'm one of those who can't access BBC 'listen again' but would love to hear it please if anyone went to the trouble of copying it.
    goinghome -- Wednesday February 18 2009, @03:07PM (#321674)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Very good interview, conducted by an intelligent interviewer. I guess releasing audio interviews on record is a thing of the past but it'd make a nice b-side on one format of the upcoming singles.

    king leer -- Wednesday February 18 2009, @08:33PM (#321695)
    (User #80 Info)
  • Hadn't heard. My goodness. Thank heaven this and every other interviewer in the universe mentioned it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 18 2009, @11:04PM (#321703)
  • I like Morrissey but hearing him complaining about speed cameras as "taxation" set my teeth on edge, and it makes me suspicious of other things he says. Literally thousands of people die in the UK every year because - not exclusively because - people drive at stupid speeds. I know that speed cameras are not put there to "tax" people. Really, I know. Morrissey, if you want to know the truth come and spend a day at work with me.
    Tingle -- Thursday February 19 2009, @03:21AM (#321709)
    (User #5731 Info)
  • Front Row - "a rare interview with Morrissey"
    Zane Low MTV2- "a rare interview with Morrissey"
    Filter Magazine - "a rare interview with Morrissey"
    One Show - "an exclusive and rare interview with Morrissey"
    Stuart MacConie Radio 2 - "a rare interview with the former Smiths' Frontman".
    Noel Edmonds HQ - "a very rare interview with the reclusive Moz"

    Morrissey on Front Row - "I don't like to be photographed and I very rarely appear on the front of Music magazines" ....WTF?

    Yes Mr Morrissey, that's right Mr Morrissey, you're so elusive...

    Anonymous -- Thursday February 19 2009, @04:00AM (#321711)
  • Morrissey didn't wear the NHS specs/hearing aid combo on his first TOTP appearance.

    Sorry, I'm the third most pedantic person I know.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 19 2009, @04:08AM (#321713)

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